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How/Why Research? I’ve always been interested in understanding the process of language acquisition, so I knew that I wanted to get involved with research in college ASAP. I approached my linguistics professor (I was taking LING 203) and asked her if she knew of any research opportunities/people to talk to about getting involved in research in the area. After asking me what my research interests were, she referred me to her friend, Dr. Bergelson at Duke University. I then emailed Dr. Bergelson asking to meet with her just to discuss her work and research experience. I went in prepared to ask questions about her research and how she became involved. At the end of that meeting, she recommended I send in my resume and CV, and I’ve been in the BLAB since then!

Research Experience: I collect eye-tracking data as well as naturalistic audio and video data to better understand how a child’s language input influences their word comprehension. This research is important for us to understand how we learn new words through our interactions with the world and each other as infants.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UnderLing, Order of the Bell Tower, Sigma Alpha Iota.

Random Fun Fact: I co-host a podcast — The Penn Pod!