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How/Why Research? I found research to be one of the more daunting aspects of the medical school application process and initially felt that it was not going to be for me. By directly contacting people about positions instead of relying on applications alone, I was hired in my lab through a position that also satisfies my work-study. I have been lucky to have found my path into research to be surprisingly fulfilling. Getting to learn about the various responses of the respiratory system as well as the role this plays in our bodies as an entire system has excited me and has helped to solidify my choice to go to medical school.

Research Experience: The work that I do in the lab involves nasal and other respiratory cells and the effects that different contaminants and pollutants have on the respiratory system, through simple techniques as well as more advanced techniques such as sterile cell culture. When I first began at the lab, I was not confident in my abilities, nor did I think that I was very interested in doing lab work, but the experiments I have gotten to observe and participate in, as well as the knowledge I have gained, have inspired a passion for research and science in me that I truly did not think I had.

Student Organizations/Clubs: C-STEP, Carolina Covenant.

Random Fun Fact: I am a former professional ballet dancer and I make kombucha in my kitchen!