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How/Why Research? Research has always been highly prevalent in my life. I first got involved in research through taking initiative and participating in as many research/ science competitions as I can. I always sought after the help and expertise of my high school teachers in order to guide me to reaching my goals. Similarly, in college, I seeked after the many opportunities that UNC offers in research, and reached out to various research labs and professors for further opportunities and advice! Through this, I realized how UNC is an institute with a wealth of opportunities.

Research Experience: Research experience include: 1) Participation in the creation of a lymphoma mutation database and development of an artificial intelligence system for precision diagnosis of lymphoma subtypes, which allowed me to win the 2017 Siemens Science Competition Award; 2) Investigation of harmful effects of bathroom hand dryers on environmental and public health, which allowed me to win the 2018 Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar; I was able to publish a paper this summer on this topic in the Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health named “Blowing in the wind: Bacteria and fungi are spreading from public restroom hand dryers”; 3) Right now I am in a research lab focusing on studying the transdiagnostic risk factors associated with PTSD development and anxiety-related disorders following sexual assault.

These experiences helped me learn various research skills and become familiar with the research process, shaped me as a critical thinker and problem solver, and enabled me to work collaboratively with others in an effective way.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Globemed, Kappa Phi Lambda, NCPIRG, Musical Empowerment.

Random Fun Fact: I lived in New Orleans for six years!