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How/Why Research? I knew I wanted to become involved in research as a freshman but never imagined I would be able to do research in a professional school. I have been interested in dentistry since early high school and reached out to professors at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry about their projects. I was able to interview with a few professors and began participating in research during the summer after freshman year. Since then, I have volunteered with two different professors and received academic credit through BIOL395.

Research Experiences: Throughout college, I have volunteered with two professors at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry on their respective research projects. My first project was an epidemiological study into the effect of water fluoridation on the oral health of children and the second was an orthodontic study into changes in bone density following treatment. Through these projects, I have gained valuable skills such as statistical analysis, 3D modeling, data collection, and the proposal and execution of research studies. In addition to learning these skills, engaging in research has given me the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from mentors in my desired profession.