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How/Why Research? I got involved with research because I wanted to better understand and contribute to the creation of knowledge that is foundational to modern society. I was fortunate to meet an Exercise Science professor who was looking for undergraduate assistance on the first trials of his research collaboration with the Psychology department. I expressed interest in becoming an assistant and was able to shadow graduate students in many aspects of the research from the target intervention with human subjects to the data collection and reporting process.

Research Experience: I worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the PACE-Life study in the Penn Lab under Dr. Claudio Battaglini and Dr. David Penn. This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Psychology and Exercise & Sport Science departments to examine the effects of conducting a community-based walking group on the physical and mental health outcomes of individuals living with schizophrenia. This position was my introduction to research, and I was lucky to involve myself in multiple facets of the project. The variety of tasks included observing and conducting in-person interaction with study participants and various levels of data entry. I was also a member of one of 2020’s Undergraduate Research Consultant Teams and through this grant my team of 5 undergraduate students travelled to Brazil with Dr. Battaglini to inaugurate a research collaboration between UNC and the Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB). As undergraduates, each of us had the privilege to conduct a presentation of our experiences with research and academics at UNC to faculty and students at the university and were able to witness the process of developing research from across vastly differing cultures.

Student Organizations/Clubs: CUAB Entertainment Committee, FIMRC Hispanic Community Committee

Random Fun Fact: I used to play the trombone.