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How/Why Research? To be honest, I initially got involved in research out of the need to check off the “pre-health checklist”. I got involved in my lab after searching up certain research topics I was interested in, then cold-emailing my PI.

Research Experience: Learning how to do all sorts of experiments and reading scientific literature pertaining to my lab was hard at first. However, my research mentors really poured into me and encouraged me to take on different projects and get involved in different opportunities, which really helped bolster up not just skill/experience, but also genuine interest in what I do. I now realize how much I actually enjoy the process, and plan to get involved in clinical research post-graduation! I think anyone can enjoy it too, as long as they find the right type and topic that interests them.

Student Organizations/Clubs: NOBCChE, Narratives in Medicine, Christian Ministries on Campus.

Random Fun Fact: I once raised chicks in my garage without my mom finding out until a month later.