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How/Why Research? I knew immediately I wanted to get involved in research when I came to Carolina because I had already been involved in research in high school. I found the OUR database of research opportunities and looked through the various positions available. I then found the position I currently have and emailed the head researcher. After interviewing with Dr. Ryoo she was more than happy to have someone as young as a freshmen on her research team and provided me with the opportunity to begin research immediately.

Research Experiences: My research experience really shaped my first year at UNC. I learned to work with a team of other individuals ranging from other undergraduates to PhD students. I became directly involved in the research project two weeks into my freshmen year. Having a research position allowed me to explore ideas more in depth and improve my data analysis skills. I was able to see the overall significance of the work I had been working on all year over the summer when our research team presented our findings to the teachers’ whose classrooms we collect the data in. I also learned how to manage time more efficiently. My research experience has made me become more passionate about the work I have been doing this past year and want to explore into other corresponding areas in the future.