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How/Why Research? After a high school research experience studying how Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects rat brains at ECU, I knew I wanted to get involved with research as much as possible in college. I found the Frohlich Lab at a Psych & Neuro Fest the fall of my freshman year and sent the PI an email detailing my interest in his lab. He contacted me for an interview and then offered me a position. After entering the Nutrition B.S.P.H. program at Gillings, I was set up for an interview with the Hursting Lab by the department since research is a requirement for this major. While this was a less traditional way of getting into a lab, I still sent them an email detailing my interests along with my resume and had an interview before being offered a position.

Research Experiences: At the Frohlich Lab, I’ve worked on a project testing sustained attention using the 5 Choice Serial Reaction Time Task (5CSRTT) and another project testing the ability of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to shift the ferrets’ endogenous frequencies. Currently, I run 5CSRTT experimental sessions with the ferrets, perform weekly post-surgery monitoring procedures, and process video data using EthoVision XT software. I’ve also had the opportunity to complete research for credit here. In the Hursting Lab, I do cell culture work where I test the changes in proliferation of colon cancer cells when grown with different cytokines or adipokines. I’ve learnt a lot about our research topics, the scientific process, and how to push myself out of my comfort zone from my experiences in these labs and with my mentors for which I am very thankful.

Random Fun Fact: I once got a concussion from falling on my butt.