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Kaathya Kashyap


How/Why Research? It’s always been such an intense passion of mine to become a doctor but I knew very little about research. Upon entering university, I knew I wanted to pursue research and these additional aspects of scientific exploration but … Read more

Hans Oh


How/Why Research? I decided to be involved in research after a high school research experience in organic chemistry. I got involved in research at UNC by reaching out to the professors and PIs whose research I was interested in. Whether it … Read more

Alex Reulbach


How/Why Research? As an avid scuba diver and wildlife enthusiast from a young age, marine research has always been something I was interested in. Marine research became a passion of mine during high school after I conducted marine research on invasive … Read more

Rachael Fisher


How/Why Research? I got involved in research my sophomore year in a Virology lab at UNC School of Medicine through a work study position. Then, after deciding to take a gap year due to coronavirus and reading a very interesting paper … Read more

Sarah Torzone


How/Why Research:I find research to be an exciting way to explore topics you are curious about, and I particularly like to connect pathologies I see in my patients as a paramedic with molecular mechanisms of biology/disease and novel therapeutics that … Read more

Prisca Lim


How/Why Research? My research interests lie in marine ecology and conservation. I am fascinated by the marine environment and desire to understand the factors that drive various ecological patterns. I spent my first semester emailing a number of professors in the … Read more

Evan Jones


Evan Jones works as the graduate assistant at the Office for Undergraduate Research. When he’s not updating web pages, creating social media designs, or engaging with students online he studies abandoned buildings as communication spaces. Evan holds a master’s degree … Read more

Denise Carter


Denise Carter is the Business Manager in the Office for Undergraduate Research.  She has twenty years of expertise in Finance and Administration with Fortune 500 companies. Currently, she is accountable for the administrative, finance, and human resources with the Office for … Read more

Diane Youngstrom


How/Why Research? Research bridges my curiosity and love of science. I was introduced to research at a young age through my dad, who is a bipolar disorder researcher at UNC. In highschool, I had a blast with a couple in-depth, … Read more

Laura Wilder


How/Why Research? I started my journey with research in the liberal arts following my first experience abroad during the summer of 2018. I visited Venice, Italy and discovered the rich culture of Burano, a small island off of Venice, and … Read more