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How/Why Research? Ever since I was in the high school, I have suffered from the lack of research resources/information. In my tenth grade, I first learned the word “psychology” (not to mention “neuroscience”) while my high school only had one psychology teacher who knew nothing about psychology research at all. After I came to UNC, I was determined to join in a psychology lab to discover more about different researches in psychology, but I got rejected for around 20 times to finally get a job as I didn’t know the right way to reach out and show the passion. The reason I would like to become an Ambassador is that I don’t want more students like me to struggle to seek for any kinds of information about interested researches.

Research Experiences: In order to further figure out my potential interests in psychology/neuroscience, I have been working in 4 different labs in social psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and system neuroscience respectively. I first worked with Dr. Yun Chen to look into the treatment of depression for Chinese international students, and then learned video coding of the positive emotions invoked by couples’ interactions from Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and Jieni Zhou. Right now, I am assisting Dr. Amanda Elton with her college student neuroimaging study of the relationship between impulsivity and alcohol use disorder, taking MRI scans for the participants on my own and writing a review paper together. Last summer, I joined Wang Lab in Duke to help with their pain research on rodents and have been learning  how to observe and train these cute little creatures and use the computational methods to analyze the components and structure of neural circuits since then. These experiences all mean a lot to me and help shape my understanding of the research.

Random Fun Fact: I work on a Chinese Sexuality Education Research Team that is producing the first Human Sexuality online course in China.