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How/Why Research? Curiosity. I have always wondered why some populations are more susceptible to neurological disorders and have much more barriers to access/use of healthcare – and why our society hasn’t resolved these root causes. I got involved in research to ask these questions and understand the biological basis and potential environmental and societal factors as causes of various neurodevelopment disorders at UNC School of Medicine and Dr. Fry’s lab at the Gillings. I have been thrilled to research and discover the importance of preventative measures through healthcare management and public health policy-making processes to best serve underserved communities.

Research Experiences:My current research at Dr. Fry’s lab involves cerebral white matter injuries in the ELGAN cohort based on Ultrasound and Placenta-brain axis. The benefits of my research are to contribute to the knowledge on signaling pathways and genes that have high risks with neurodevelopmental disorders for future clinical and research application.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Student Government Executive Branch, RHA, CSS, Carolina Neuroscience Club.

Random Fun Fact: Lived in 3 states, 2 continents.