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How/Why Research? I got involved in research because studying and exploring open-ended questions (especially in the biomedical sciences) has always been something of interest to me. I got involved my first year in a wet-lab environment, performing experiments, and then through another internship, got involved in computational research. When I transferred here, Dr. Furey was the first professor I reached out to, and he gave me an opportunity to work in his lab, where I have learned a variety of research and technical skills that I’ll use throughout the rest of my research career.

Research Experience: I currently work in Dr. Furey’s lab, performing data analysis on sequencing data to find genomic sites of allelic imbalance in patients with Crohn’s Disease. The results of these studies could potentially be used in gene therapies and further studies in the field. I’ve also had experience studying the biomechanics of neutrophils (cells in the immune response), as well as proteomics of serum samples from patients with a rare autoimmune disease (juvenile dermatomyositis). This year, I will be working on a nine-month project in Dr. Jason Watts’ lab at the NIEHS in Durham, studying transcription pausing, with research implications for developing future gene therapies.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Daily Tar Heel, Beta Beta Beta (Biological Honors Society), ResNet for Carolina Housing.

Random Fun Fact: I love to hike (and am trying to hike at all the state parks before graduating!)`