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How/Why Research? I was first introduced to research during my senior year of high school during an Honors Research program, through this program we became introduced to different research sectors, and I began to realize how broad this field was. When I came to UNC, I wanted to become involved in research because I wanted to join a community of scientists that aim to explore the unknown. I am most interested in translational research that directly impacts patients in a clinical setting. Research gives me an opportunity to expand my knowledge through hands-on experience, which also provides a fulfilling experience when the project comes to fruition.

Research Experience: During my first research experience, I worked with Dr. Ju at the Brody School of Medicine, on a clinical research project studying lung tumors. I am currently conducting research at the UNC School of Medicine Under Dr. Lewek and Dr. Chelsea Parker. Through this study, we are analyzing the walking cadence of Parkinson’s patients. Since Parkinson’s patients have a smaller range of motion, we are working to increase their walking gait by engaging these patients in sessions where they walk on a treadmill in relation to a metronome. My portion of the study involves equipping the patients with motion sensors throughout their bodies and processing 3D vector data.vIn the Summer of 2022, I worked in the Floyd Lab as an Amgen Scholar at the Duke School of Medicine, where I studied the mechanisms of DNA damage and repair of brain tumors with a focus on how chromatin changes through epigenetic modifiers.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Boxing Club, Arab Student Organization, Muslim Student Association, Carolina Cancer Association

Random Fun Fact: I am a big anime fan.