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How/Why Research? I really wanted to get involved in research through my interest in medical Ophthalmology. I wanted to discover how researchers learn and treat ocular diseases apart from how clinical Ophthalmologists treat. I got involved through scrolling through research sites of professors, finding which projects I was interested in, and emailing them. I throughly enjoy my research and it has become a part of my lifestyle!

Research Experience: Through the Borras Lab in the Ophthalmology department at UNC Medical school, I have researched and learned under Dr. Terete Borras, PhD, to create a plasmid gene sequence coated in AAV virus to inject in mice eyes in the hope to lower interocular pressure and treat many ocular diseases such as Glaucoma. In Bower Lab in the Ophthalmology department at UNC Medical school, I research and study uveal melanoma cells and their treatment and impact on ocular tissue. I’ve benefitted greatly from all my experiences learning practical skills and methodology/familarity with lab techniques to add to my research toolbox including: PCR, western blotting and gels, maxiprep and miniprep for gene sequences, Nanodrop, Autoclaving, and SnapGene software!

Student Organizations/Clubs: Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, Carolina Film Association, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity

Random Fun Fact: I love rollercoasters!