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How/Why Research? I got involved in research because I wanted to be able to understand the research process and apply my learning to real-world problems. I first got involved in research in high school. I really enjoyed the experience, so I decided to continue in college. I got involved in my current lab by researching labs on UNC webpages and emailing the primary investigator (PI).

Research Experience: I currently work in the Yeh lab at the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center studying the effects of knocking out cingulin and SPTBN1 proteins on pancreatic cancer cell polarity, subtype and growth. I also worked on programming a robot to plate growth assays of 3d tumor models. I mainly do bench-work – using techniques such as tissue culture of 2d and 3d tumor cell models, immunofluorescence staining and imaging, primer design, creating CRISPR oligos, Cell-Titer Glo growth and drug dose-response assays, site-directed mutagenesis, gateway cloning, bacterial transformations, maxi and minipreps, PCR, restriction enzyme digests, gel electrophoresis and a few others. I have been in the lab since sophomore year and have taken research for course credit as well as for the SURF and Honors Taylor Research Fellowships. I also conducted research at Duke University in high school. In that lab, I was able to successfully validate a predicted binding site of a new MESH1 protein to NADPH and was listed as a coauthor on a paper published in Nature Metabolism.

Student Organizations/Clubs: SHAC Mandarin translating, Birth Beginnings Volunteer Doula Services, CPALS, AASA, CUSA.

Random Fun Fact: I am from Chapel Hill.