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How/Why Research:I find research to be an exciting way to explore topics you are curious about, and I particularly like to connect pathologies I see in my patients as a paramedic with molecular mechanisms of biology/disease and novel therapeutics that may benefit them in the future. I really love the autonomy you have to investigate your questions through experiments — if you have your own project, you can take it in creative directions and it will challenge you to think in ways you don’t have the freedom to in classes.

Research Experience: I joined the Dowen Lab in January of my freshman year and completed 2 semesters of BIOL395 (and am planning on doing a senior thesis). Here I’ve learned exciting genetic approaches, including CRISPR genome editing! In this lab, I am always encouraged and pushed to take my research to the next level — whether presenting my work in lab meetings, poster symposiums, or even at regional/national conferences. I joined the Bahnson Lab the summer after my sophomore year and have had the opportunity to learn a new, translational side to science where I have been able to apply more of my clinical knowledge to experiments involving mouse work and histology and have gotten to work with exciting techniques such as Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy!

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC Campus EMS (Chief), oSTEM, Buckley Public Service Scholars, National Collegiate EMS Foundation (UNC Representative), Paramedic in Chatham County’s EMS System, Journal of EMS author

Random Fun Fact: I am one of the stereotypical Marylanders who puts Old Bay seasoning on everything.