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How/Why Research?I am passionate about research because I enjoy the application of science in analytical and hands-on settings! I first became involved with research when I participated in Amity University’s Biotechnology program. At UNC, I was fortunate to obtain my current research position by emailing the lab manager of my lab. After being called in to interview, I have been a Research Assistant for the Anton Lab since August! Being able to blend fields like neuroscience, biology, and mathematics and apply learnings to real life problems in labs is a rewarding expenditure of knowledge. Whether it’s to do with a mathematical or quantitative piece, or taking objective observations and precise steps in a wet lab setting, I enjoy working to solve complex problems with facts and evidence. I love being able to understand the research process and contribute to a team; advancing the knowledge base of a particular subset of research is an exciting opportunity.

Research Experiences: My research experience consists of a diverse blend of topics relevant to my interests. Currently, I am a Research Assistant at the Anton Lab at UNC which studies developmental mechanisms that guide the emergence of cerebral cortical organization and connectivity. Specifically, we evaluate the effects of RTTN gene mutations on the development of neurological disorders like microcephaly, polymicrogyria, and pachygyria using a BioID methodology to identify interactor proteins. Last summer, I worked as a Research Intern in the PEARLS Lab, where I worked on creating a novel intervention for infants at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders, called the Adapted Responsive Teaching (ART) intervention, to improve cognitive abilities, sensory regulation functions, and adaptive behaviors in infants. My high school propelled me into research by providing laboratory and analytical skills. During this time, I spent a year researching road aggression identifying psychological and personality characteristics, attitudes, and beliefs which cause aggressive driving and road rage. The research study yielded a published paper in the Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC Hospitals, Carolina Center for Public Service, UNC Carolina Health Samaritan Society, Biology program at UNC, Camp Kesem,

Random Fun Fact: The first in-vivo surgery I assisted with was when I was nine years old and helped my mom successfully remove a tumor from my pet goldfish, Goldilocks.