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How/Why Research? I became interested in research because I viewed it as a way to exercise what I learnt in class in an impactful, meaningful way. Additionally, I saw research as a creative outlet where I could take charge of my own learning process and push myself towards my intellectual limits. I got involved in research my freshman year by reaching out to a grad student in the Gilling’s School after I found her post on the Undergraduate Research Database. I worked mainly as a laboratory assistant dealing with bacteria taken from infected samples. This experience was extremely rewarding for me because it was my first dive into research and solidified my interest in the field.

Research Experience: Currently, I am working on analyzing heart cells and how their interactions are affected by fibrosis using computational simulations. This research could prove to be useful in further understanding how scar tissue affects the heart.
Additionally, I am studying how altering the ECM of a population of cells can affect the cells’ behavior. This research could have several future applications (regenerative medicine, immunology, etc.) and could also lead to a greater understanding of how our body’s cells interact and function.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Emergency Medical Education for the Layperson, Campus EMS, Red Cross.

Random Fun Fact: I like soggy cereal.