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How/Why Research? Before I got involved with the Strahl lab, I talked with a lot of older students to learn about their experiences with scientific research at Carolina and attended OUR’s “Getting Involved in Research” workshop in order to determine how my experience could look. After thinking about my research interests and potential career paths, I used the BBSP faculty database to come up with a list of specific labs, and after reading into their research and talking with current undergrads in their labs, I sent the PI an email expressing my interest. I was lucky enough to get an interview and a wonderful mentor. I am excited about research because it’s a way to investigate my own questions and improve the world.

Research Experience: I was lucky enough to start conducting research in high school. I started doing research during my freshman summer in high school, where I worked on an independent research project on gene expression during embryonic development in chickens, and had the opportunity to present my project at various competitions and conferences. During my sophomore summer, I worked on a project investigating the properties of DNA hydrogels and in a computational materials science lab. In my junior year, I participated in a research program that looked at how HFPO-DA stress impacted gene expression in C. elegans. During my first semester, I joined the Strahl lab in the School of Medicine. The Strahl Lab investigates how post-translational histone modifications cause changes in gene regulation, which can lead to the development of human diseases, such as cancer.

Student Organizations/Clubs: American Medical Women’s Association (undergraduates), Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

Random Fun Fact: I really like growing plants. I have a ton of succulents (a few years ago, I learned the life changing fact that you can propagate them from a single leaf), wrote about my peace lily in my Common App essay, and had a few nice pineapple plants going before something ate them last year.