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How/Why Research? As a double major in computer science and sociology, I’m always interested in using technology to help with social-oriented problems. After browsing through undergraduate research opportunities on OUR website, I found an opportunity to join Dr.Ryoo’s lab in the School of Education in Fall 2019 and learned necessary qualitative video analysis skills. By taking several research-intensive courses with Dr.Ryoo, I started my independent research project on how can automated feedback engage middle students in modeling practices. Such experiences provided me with exposure to the entire research process and promoted my interest in future research.

Research Experience: As an undergraduate research assistant at Dr.Ryoo’s lab since Fall 2019, I engaged in an NSF-funded project by transcribing video data of middle school students in modeling practices, assisting in qualitatively coding video transcripts, and conducting a literature review. I received the Summer Award for Research-Intensive Cours (SARIC) in Summer 2020 and conducted an independent research project under Dr.Ryoo. By qualitatively analyzing video data of middle school students, I studied the effects of automated feedback on student’s productive collaborative discourse during modeling activities. I extended the project by co-authoring a conference paper as the first author with Dr. Ryoo and another undergraduate student for the European Association for Research on Learning and Instructions to demonstrate my findings of automated feedback as an effective approach to support linguistically diverse students’ modeling practices. I also received Summer Undergraduate Research Fund for Summer 2021, and I will explore linguistically diverse students’ development of vocabulary during science learning using semantic network.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Yackety Yack Yearbook Club, HackReality Club, UNC Learning Center Peer Tutoring.

Random Fun Fact: I love photography and fountain pens.