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How/Why Research? I became involved in research because I wanted a chance to apply what I was learning in the classroom. I enjoyed the classes I was taking, but still needed to opportunity to put it into practice. I became involved in research by identifying first where my interests lied, and second by reaching out to labs I felt would help cultivate this curiosity. I allowed myself flexibility within my research by working concretely in one lab throughout the semester, then searching for summer research opportunities in another field to completely explore my interests. I reached out to multiple labs and highlighted what I had to offer as a researcher, but also emphasized my passion to learn and grow within their lab.

Research Experience: In the Kash Lab at UNC, our main goal has been to understand how fear is mediated in the brain, and it’s relation to alcohol addiction. Through experiments rooted in fear conditioning techniques, I have gained skills in immunohistochemistry, perfusion, behavioral scoring, brain slicing, and brain imaging. In the Bumpus Lab at Johns Hopkins University, our goal was to explore how metabolomic profiles could be used to predict disease in human patients, specifically focusing on COVID-19. Through this research experience, I gained skills in literature searches, statistical analysis, and data presentation.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC Cadence, FEMMES, Chemistry Peer Mentors, Eve Carson Scholars.

Random Fun Fact: I hold the school record for Women’s Discus at my high school!