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How/Why Research?: I knew I wanted to get involved in research right away when I got to campus. I attended multiple information sessions through my major that showed us steps to get involved. I got my research position by scouring the OUR’s oasis of research opportunities. I cold-emailed every opportunity I saw on the website that I was interested in and did this for about three weeks before I found my position. I had a few places I reached out to that got back to me and as I was looking I found the Espalage lab put up their advertisement for the need for undergraduate research assistants. I later went in for an interview and got the position. Attending info sessions helped me get the confidence to reach out to these professors and research assistants.

Research Experience: My experience with research in the RAVE lab has been amazing. I have learned valuable skills concerning how to conduct effective literature reviews, how to engage in qualitative coding, and how to come up with meaningful research questions that are operational. Everything from data collection to eventually writing sections of papers that have been published have provided me skills I would not have gained otherwise. The research we do is very relevant in terms of outlining what types of violence high school aged kids are engaging in at school and how. The research has many implications for policy to intervene on these behaviors such as how to implement an effective tip-line for reporting violence in a school.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Chabad on campus, Greek Life, Student hip-hop org.

Random Fun Fact: The Charlotte Hornets once posted a picture of me on their Instagram.