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How/Why Research? I love to figure out how things work and I have a passion for the improvement of human health, so I know biomedical research is for me. I first got involved in research during high school by participating in the Research Attachment Program with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore. However, it can be overwhelming to look for research opportunities while adjusting to college life. I started by making connections with people with research experience and asking for their advice. I got my current lab position by emailing PIs and getting interviewed and have been working there since my freshman year.

Research Experiences:I joined Campbell Lab (UNC SoM) as a research assistant in the spring of 2019. We study the pH sensing property of Ga protein as part of the GPCR signaling pathway. My main tasks include managing bacterial cell culture, performing PCR mutagenesis, extracting plasmids and purifying Ga proteins. I have also assisted in performing Circular Dichroism experiments, FRET assays and 2-D NMR, which helped in characterizing the amino acid residues responsible for the pH sensing properties of Ga protein. In the summer of 2020, I completed my SURF project remotely to study the stability of Ga proteins using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. In the fall semester, I started an additional lab position with Dr. Eric Klett in the Department of Nutrition in the School of Public Health to study the role of dietary fatty acid metabolism in insulin secretion, which will shed light on the molecular basis of type 2 diabetes.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Αlpha Epsilon Delta, Nutrition Coalition, Student Health Action Coalition.

Random Fun Fact: I can play 5 instruments.