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Research Mentors

Postdoctoral Scholar Mentor Award

The University recognizes that postdoctoral fellows who mentor undergraduates in specific research projects help to promote a vibrant, multifaceted research community at Carolina. Another important role that postdoctoral fellows can play is to provide advice to students who are seeking research experiences, and serve as liaisons to help students identify research opportunities, particularly in professional schools that have no dedicated undergraduate programs.

To provide formal recognition of these valuable activities, we invite postdoctoral fellows to apply for a “Postdoctoral Scholar Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates.” Recipients will receive a letter acknowledging their accomplishments in mentoring from the Provost, and will be recognized at the annual Postdoctoral Scholar Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.

Award Criteria

  1. Create a research opportunity for an undergraduate, and post the opportunity in the Database of Research Opportunities. If you have already identified the undergraduate mentee, this criterion does not apply.
  2. Mentor an undergraduate research project for 2 semesters or 1 summer.
  3. Provide a brief summary (3000 characters) of the undergraduate accomplishments including any presentations and/or publications that resulted from the project.
  4. Provide a brief reflective statement (3000 characters) about your goals as a mentor prior to beginning the project, and what you learned from the experience, including the extent to which your expectations were met.

Application Deadline

Candidates for this award must complete the on-line application by September 15.

Award Process

Award recipients will be notified and invited to attend the Fall Postdoctoral Scholar Awards ceremony.