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Celebration of Undergraduate Research Poster Program

The poster session for the eighteenth annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research will be held in the Great Hall of the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. Odd-numbered posters will be in poster session 1 (1:15-2:15); even-numbered posters will be in poster session 2 (2:30-3:30).

Please also view the Panel Program or use the Searchable Program of All 2017 Presenters.

Alexis Bigelow (Radiologic Science)
Title: Motherhood versus Womanhood in Iraqi Literature
Track: Diversity & Equity
Advisor: Claudia Yaghoobi (Asian Studies)

Leah Balkoski (English & Comparative Literature)
Title: The Self Reflected: Mirrors in Persian Poetry
Track: Diversity & Equity
Advisor: Claudia Yaghoobi (Asian Studies)

Thomas Savransky (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Imagining Poor People as Black (And What That Means for Poor White People)
Track: Diversity & Equity
Advisor: Kurt Gray (Psychology and Neuroscience)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Thomas Savransky

Sarah Austin (Asian Studies)
Title: American Palestinian Women and Intersectionality
Track: Diversity & Equity
Advisor: Claudia Yaghoobi (Asian Studies)

Kathryn Townsend (Public Policy)
Title: The U Visa, Domestic Violence, and Law Enforcement Reporting
Track: Diversity & Equity
Advisor: Rebecca Kreitzer (Public Policy)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Kathryn Townsend

Logan Gin (Biology)
Title: Implementation and Evaluation of a fishy CURE: Seafood Mislabeling for Biology Majors
Track: Education
Advisor: John Bruno (Biology)

Sweta Karlekar (Computer Science)
Title: Exploring a Flexible Computational Method for Comparing Massive Interaction Data from Science Visualizations
Track: Education
Advisor: Kelly Ryoo (School of Education)

William Carter (Linguistics)
Title: Phonological Activeness Biases in Language Structuring and Acquisition
Track: Education
Advisor: Elliott Moreton (Linguistics)

Kripa Ahuja (Health Policy & Management)
Title: Molecular cloning involving the AAV-CXCL12 gene
Track: Education
Advisor: JingJing Li (Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry)

Sarah Jeffries (English & Comparative Literature)
Title: Mindfulness in Education and Human Development
Track: Education
Advisor: Michele T. Berger (Women and Gender Studies)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Sue Leichliter

Mitchell Young (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: The Sign Problem in Many Body Physics
Track: Education
Advisor: Joaquin Drut (Physics and Astronomy)

Wanyi Chen (Information Science)
Title: Computer Science Education in U.S. and Chinese High Schools
Track: Education
Advisor: Ryan Shaw (School of Information and Library Science)

Jihane Jadi (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Onset and Time Course of Cognate and Repetition Priming in Spanish-English Bilinguals
Track: Education
Advisor: Peter Gordon (Psychology & Neuroscience)

Madison Chandler (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Teachers’ Use of Cognitive Processing Language (CPL) in Mathematics Instruction
Track: Education
Advisor: Peter Ornstein (Psychology & Neuroscience)

Jessie Winfree (Sociology)
Title: Accuracy of Early Head Start Child Care Center Attendance: Parent Reports vs. Teacher Daily Records
Track: Education
Advisor: Richard Faldowski (Allied Health Sciences)

Brandon Jocher (Chemistry)
Title: The Implementation and Characterization of Coaxial EESI on a Thermo ESI Source
Track: Education

Advisor: Gary Glish (Chemistry)

Dylan Dutton (Physics & Astronomy)
Track: Education
Advisor: Dan Reichart (Physics & Astronomy)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: John Martin, Logan Barnes

Mark Molinaro (Computer Science)
Title: Exploring the Efficiency of First-Order Proving Methods
Track: Education
Advisor: David Plaisted (Computer Science)

Elena Kovalik (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Modeling optical properties in few-layer intercalated graphene: a Drude model approach
Track: Environment
Advisor: Scott Warren (Applied Physical Sciences)

Linnea Lieth (Art)
Title: The Waiting and Weeping House: Stories from 250 Years and One Summer
Track: Fine Arts
Advisor: Priscilla Layne (German and Slavic Languages and Literatures)

David Spencer (Mathematics)
Title: Global Existence for a Coupled Wave System related to the Strauss Conjecture
Track: Environment
Advisor: Jason Metcalfe (Mathematics)

Mark Laird (English & Comparative Literature)
Title: Nietzsche, Dionysus, and the Form of Chaos
Track: Fine Arts
Advisor: Gregory Flaxman (English and Comparative Literature )

Samir Patel (Mathematics)
Title: Adapting 3D reconstruction software for coral reef structural complexity analysis
Track: Environment
Advisor: Karl Castillo (Department of Marine Science)

Christopher DeFiglia (Mathematical Decision Science)
Title: Regular Mates of Power Squares
Track: The US & Foreign Relations
Advisor: Carl Mummert (Mathematics)

Ricardo Garcia (Computer Science)
Title: Sclerochronological Analysis of Two Contemporary Continental Shelf Bivalves and its Paleoceanographic Significance
Track: Environment
Advisor: Joel Hudley (Geological Sciences)

Caroline Jasperse (Biology)
Title: Prevalence and Implications of Seafood Mislabeling in Global Seafood Markets
Track: Environment
Advisor: John Bruno (Biology)

Omar Nawaz (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Projection of tropospheric ozone load change from 2010-2040
Track: Environment
Advisor: Jason West (Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering )

Gerardo Perez Goncalves (Chemistry)
Title: Cosolutes and the Stability of a Domain-Swapped Dimer
Track: Environment
Advisor: Gary Pielak (Chemistry)

Francesca Peay (Environmental Studies)
Title: The Effect of Dune Height on Beachfront Property Values
Track: Environment
Advisor: Laura Moore (Geological Sciences)

James Wheeler (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: A Simplistic Analytical Approximation of the Three-Body Contribution to the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Transition Matrix Element in Ge-76 and Se-76
Track: Environment
Advisor: Jonathan Engel (Physics)

Jessica Boulton (Biology)
Title: Coral and associated symbiont physiologies are resilient to changes in pCO2 but are negatively affected by temperature stress
Track: Environment
Advisor: Karl Castillo (Marine Sciences)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Alyssa Knowlton

Maryam Kazemzadeh-Atoufi (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Nanoscale Polystyrene Bead Self Assembly for Hierarchical Ordered Photonic Structures for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Track: Environment
Advisor: Jim Cahoon (Chemistry)

Lily Olmo (Environmental Science)
Title: Multi-decadal growth histories of Siderastrea siderea and Pseudodiploria strigosa throughout the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama
Track: Environment
Advisor: Karl Castillo (Marine Sciences)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Kinsey Fisher

Max Lowman (Chemistry)
Title: Alternative Molecules for Imaging Carbohydrates
Track: Environment
Advisor: Carol Arnosti (Marine Science)

Bryan Nixon (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Developing Fragile Environments in an Undeveloped Healthcare Society
Track: Environment
Advisor: Brian Hogan (Department of Chemistry)

Amanda Lohmann (Biology)
Title: Intraspecific chase dynamics in wild, freely behaving dragonflies
Track: Environment
Advisor: Tyson Hedrick (Biology)

Martina Savage (Biology)
Title: Carbon Usage and Gene Sequencing of Ruegeria pomeroyi
Track: Environment
Advisor: Scott Gifford (Marine Sciences)

Tony Bird (Biology)
Title: Three-dimensional measurement of columnar jointing in the Bishop Tuff, Owens River Gorge, California
Track: Environment
Advisor: Allen Glazner (Geological Sciences)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Katherine Kelker, Elizabeth Brogden

Kevin Ostrowski (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Signal Generation and Data Acquisition Using LabVIEW
Track: Environment
Advisor: Frank Tsui (Physics)

Karylle Abella (Chemistry)
Title: Salinity-structured and particle-associated variations in bacterial communities and enzymatic activities in the coastal North Atlantic
Track: Environment
Advisor: Carol Arnosti (Department of Marine Sciences)

Rachel Quindlen (Environmental Science)
Title: Variations in Intertidal Oyster Reef Composition Across Landscapes and Tidal Gradients
Track: Environment
Advisor: Tony Rodriguez (Marine Sciences)

Kathia Toledo (Environmental Studies)
Title: Analyzing Health and Epigenetic Influences of Refineria Esmeraldas in Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Track: Environment
Advisor: Gabriela Valdivia (Geography )

William Larsen (Geology)
Title: Trace Metal Analysis of Drinking Water in Chapel Hill
Track: Environment
Advisor: Xiaoming Liu (Geology)

Brooke Benson (Environmental Studies)
Title: Apparent timing of Siderastrea siderea density banding in relation to colony growth and physiology
Track: Environment
Advisor: Karl Castillo (Marine Sciences)

Daniela Lopez (Geography)
Title: Making ends meet in Esmeraldas, Ecuador: economic implications of
environmental injustice

Track: Environment
Advisor: Gabriela Valdivia (Geography)

Kylie Lawrence (Chemistry)
Title: Quantifying reversible oxidation of proteins thiols in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Track: Environment
Advisor: Leslie Hicks (Chemistry)

Harry Heyworth (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Physical Impact of Cancer Cells on the Extracellular Matrix
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Laurie McNeil (Physics)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Cordell Corbin

Cordell Corbin (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Physical Impact of Cancer Cells on the Extracellular Matrix
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Laurie McNeil (Physics and Astronomy)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Harry Heyworth

Kim Dang (Chemistry)
Title: Fragmentation of Benzyl Pyridinium Salts by Paper Spray Ionization
Track: Environment
Advisor: Gary Glish (Chemistry)

Aihui (Alyssa) Guo (Biology)
Title: CRISPR Screening to Identify DNA Repair Pathways Used During Cancer Therapy
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gaorav Gupta (Radiation Oncology)

Alice Yunzi Yu (Nutrition)
Title: Dietary Trends in Energy, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Sodium and Potassium Intake by Urbanicity Index in Chinese Adolescents from 1991 to 2011
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Barry Popkin (Nutrition)

Deekshita Ramanarayanan (Biology)
Title: Characterization of Hepatocyte-Specific CD73 Knockout Mice
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Natasha Snider (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Deekshita Ramanarayanan

Julia Gallini (Biostatistics)
Title: The Effect of Sport on Concussion Knowledge and Attitude in Youth Coaches
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Johna Register-Mihalik (Exercise and Sport Science)

Morgan Andrejchak(Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The effects of a Symbol Digits Modality Test (SDMT) on jump-landing biomechanics in physically active males and females
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Darin Padua (Exercise and Sport Science)

Adam Aji (Computer Science)
Title: Cooking by the Book: Using Knowledge from the Web to Improve Automatic Video Captioning
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Tamara Berg (Computer Science)

Hannah Inman (Biostatistics)
Title: Maternal Death Analysis: Trend Analysis with Rare Events
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jane Monaco (Biostatistics)

057.Lynde Wangler (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Optogenetic Manipulation of Corticostriatal Pathways in Pavlovian Conditioned Approach
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Donita Robinson (Psychiatry at the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies)

Rachel Uri (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Effects of Autonomic Reactivity on the Relationship Between Racial Discrimination and Anxiety
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jean-Louis Gariepy (Psychology and Neuroscience (Developmental))

Heta Desai (Chemistry)
Title: Development of an Enzyme Sensor for Reactive Oxygen Species
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Eric Brustad (Chemistry)

Manisha Mishra (Biology)
Title: Cytochalasin D Stimulates MAP Kinase Phosphorylation and MMP-13 Release in Normal Human Chondrocytes
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Richard Loeser (Department of Cell Biology (School of Medicine))

Luke Soliman (Chemistry)
Title: The Development and Biodistribution of an antiCD3-F(ab???)2 Radiotracer for PET/CT Imaging
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Matthew Parrott (Radiology)

Moza Hamud (Biology)
Title: Familial ALS Associated Mutations Cause Neurotoxicity in the Motor-Neuron-like Model NSC34
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Mohanish Deshmukh (Department of Cell Biology & Physiology)

Anne Feng (Biology)
Title: Novel mutant-specific siRNAs induce selective mutant KRAS knockdown
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Chad Pecot (Medicine)

Olivia Anderson (Biology)
Title: An Analysis of Limited Sanitation, Health Behavior, and Implementation of Health Education in Villa El Salvador, Peru
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Karin Yeatts (Epidemiology)

Corey Ochs (Romance Languages)
Title: Performance Analysis of National Football League Quarterbacks after Sustaining a Concussion
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Johna Register-Mihalik (Exercise and Sport Science)

Emily Bass (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Client Predictors of the Therapeutic Alliance in Individual Resiliency Training
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: David Penn (Clinical Psychology )

Rachael Kang (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: How blue-light blocking glasses affects recovery from jetlag
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Rachael Kang (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Ian Schlup (Chemistry)
Title: Optimizing Differential Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry based Leukemia Antigen Detection
Track:Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gary Glish (Chemistry)

Sarah Carter Jessup (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Anxiety Sensitivity and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Sexual Assault Survivors
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jon Abramowitz (Psychology)

Aditya Anerao (Chemistry)
Title: Distinguishing Isomeric Hexose Derivatives using Mass Spectrometry
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gary Glish (Chemistry)

Elizabeth Thompson (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Relationship Between Caloric Intake and Body Composition in Shift-working Healthcare Employees
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Abbie E. Smith-Ryan (Exercise and Sport Science)

Gabrielle Smith (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Associations between mechanical loading and femoral cartilage deformation in healthy individuals
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Pietrosimone (Exercise and Sport Science)

Turner Wibbelsman (Biology)
Title: Comorbid medical conditions in North Carolina Prostate Cancer Patients
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Ronald Chen (Radiation Oncology)

Shawn Ahuja (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Characterization of bariatric surgery patients: evaluation of body composition and metabolism
Track:Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Abbie Smith-Ryan (Exercise and Sports Science)

Shrey Patel (Chemistry)
Title: Signaling effects of PI3K and MEK inhibitors in mutated PIK3CA gliomas
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: C. Ryan Miller (Graduate Program in Pathobiology and Translational Sciences)

Katlyn McKay (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Neural Correlates of Stress Predict Future Crack/Cocaine Use
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Stacey Daughters (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Amelia Bruce (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Association Between Lower Extremity Muscle Mass and Muscle Tissue Loading
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Darin Padua (Exercise and Sport Science)

Archita Chandra (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Predicts Future Infant Sleep Quality and Emotional Reactivity to Stress
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Cathi Propper (Psychology and Neuroscience)

079. Claire Storey (Biology)
Title: Determining tropism of recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors in vivo.
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Dan McKay (Biology)

Anne Worth (Chemistry)
Title: Effect of Solvent Choice on Pyrolized Cellulose Analysis Using Coaxial EESI-MS
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gary Glish (Analytical Chemistry)

Noah Crees (Biology)
Title: Mechanism of Trypanosoma brucei Movement across the Blood-Brain Barrier
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Keith Burridge (Cell Biology and Physiology)

Joshua Simpson (Chemistry)
Title: Antioxidant Activity of Novel Probiotics
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jason Arnold (Medicine)

Colleen Watson (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Neural Signatures of Affective Processing in PTSD
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Aysenil Belger (Psychiatry)

Hannah Shoaf (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Noninvasive Monitoring of Blood Glucose Levels
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Sean Washburn (Physics & Astronomy)

Hasan Mustafic (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Suppressing Sympathetic Nervous System Activity and Appraisals of Stress: Implications for Depression
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Keely Muscatell (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Destinee Grove (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Athlete Perceptions of the Concussion Assessment Battery
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Johna Register-Mihalik (Exercise and Sports Science )

Melissa Nance (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: How Well Do Cognitive and Metacognitive Models Predict Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms?
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jonathan Abramowitz (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Lin Cao (Biology)
Title: Purification and structural characterization of a novel bacterial LMF1 homolog
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Saskia Neher (Biochemistry and Biophysics)

Karthika Kandala (Biology)
Title: The Effect of an miRNA Sponge on miR-124 Target Tumor Suppressors
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Greg Matera (Biology )

090. Rachel Lerner (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: The Impact of Infant Sleep Location and Mother Bed-Sharing Intent at 3 Months on Infant Still-Face Paradigm Responses at 6 Months
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Cathi Propper (Psychology)

Ashish Khanchandani (Biology)
Title: Effects of Physiological Loading on the Achilles Tendon Moment Arm
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jason Franz (Biomedical Engineering)

Hunter Byrd (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Association Between Body Composition and Lower Extremity Biomechanics in College Aged Female Athletes
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Darin Padua (EXSS)

Terri Long (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Depression Treatment Interventions among African Americans Living with HIV: A Systematic Review
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Donaldson Conserve (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Public Health (Health Behaviors))
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Allison Heather Gray; Matthew Louis Gilleskie

Sophia Rowland (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Relations Among Maternal Distress, Bedtime Practices, and Infant Sleep Quality
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Cathi Propper (Center for Developmental Science )

Reagan Page (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Role of Sport and Location of Impact on Initial Concussion Presentation for Adolescent Student-Athletes Reporting to a Family Practice Clinic
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Johna K. Register-Mihalik (EXSS)

Kyle Wallace (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Infrapatellar Fat Pad Volume and Osteoarthritic Symptoms Following ACL Reconstruction
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Pietrosimone (EXSS)

Addie Humphrey (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: An Investigation of Changes in Eating Behaviors before Alcohol Consumption in College Students
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Melissa Munn-Chernoff (Psychiatry)

Emilie Kadhim (Geography)
Title: Adolescent Demographics and Geographic Location Associated with Depression: Which adolescents are most likely to be depressed?
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Tamera Coyne-Beasley (Pediatrics- School of Medicine )

Rand Khasawneh (Nutrition)
Title: The effect of estrogen levels on antibody response to the flu vaccine in obese and non-obese post-menopausal women
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor:Melinda Beck (Nutrition – Gillings School of Global Public Health)

Leslie Sierra-Arévalo (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Ultrasonography assessment of femoral cartilage thickness deformation acutely following drop landings
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Pietrosimone (Exercise and Sports Science)

Sukriti Bagchi (Chemistry)
Title: Investigating the metastatic potential of GM-CSF and Rab27a in KRAS driven pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta (Department of Genetics)

Alison Bonner (Biology)
Title: Defining roles for the oncogenic kinase Abl and its substrate Crk in embryonic development
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Mark Peifer (Biology)

Stephanie Okonmah-Obazee (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: The Role of the Vagus Nerve in the Sleep States of Premature Infants
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Greg Lewis (Psychiatry)

Emily Peluso (Biology)
Title: Characterization of the diadenylate cyclase DisA in the bacterium Clostridium difficile
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Rita Tamayo (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)

Miranda Sullivan (Biology)
Title: Using Eyetracking to Evaluate Social Skills Treatment for Autism
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gabriel Dichter (Psychiatry; Psychology and Neuroscience; Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities)

Meredith Park (Chemistry)
Title: The relationship between health literacy and patient-physician communication on receipt and quality of discharge instructions prior to hospital discharge: a pilot study
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Amy Weil (Internal Medicine)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: None

Eugenia Luc (Chemistry)
Title: Palladium catalysed synthesis of stereodefined alkenyl boronate esters
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Simon Meek (Chemistry)

Megan Hale (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Mechanisms Leading to Catastrophic Sport Injury in Gymnastics
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Kristen Kucera (Exercise and Sport Science)

Jennifer Lyu (Nutrition)
Title: The facilitators and barriers to meal-planning strategies among type-1 diabetes patients in Beijing, China.
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Elizabeth Mayer-Davis (Nutrition )

Zain Syed (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Quadriceps/Hamstring Co-activation during walking following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Troy Blackburn (Exercise and Sports Science )

Sean Buitendorp (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Relationship Between Vibratory Perception Threshold, Joint Position Sense, and Loading Rate During Walking Gait in ACLR Individuals
Track:Health & Well-Being
Advisor: J. Troy Blackburn (Exercise and Sport Science)

Kathleen Morrisroe (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Effect of Headgear on Visual and Sensory Performance Outcomes in Female Lacrosse Players
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Jason Mihalik (Exercise and Sports Science)

Archita Chandra (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: C-SURF 2016: Emotional and Cognitive Predictors and Outcomes of Infant Sleep Quality at 3 Months of Age
Track:Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Cathi Propper (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Kathleen Connell (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Effects of Movement Profile on Biochemical Markers of Internal and External Training Load Response to Controlled High-Intensity Exercise in Young, Physically Active Females
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Darin Padua (Exercise and Sports Science)

Anika Khan (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title:Emotion Language Development in Young Children
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Kristen Lindquist (Psychology & Neuroscience)

Savannah Dennis (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Severe Cheerleading Injuries Seen in a Sample of United States Emergency Departments from 2003-2015
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Kristen Kucera (Exercise and Sport Science)

Sulgi Kim (Chemistry)
Title: Discovering Novel Chemosensitizing Drugs Targeting Dicer Protein
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Scott Hammond (UNC-School of Medicine Cell Biology and Physiology)

Samantha Hammock (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Association Between Peak Knee Adduction Moment and Medial Femoral Articular Cartilage Deformation Following Walking
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Pietrosimone (Exercise & Sport Science)

Kyle Riker (Chemistry)
Title: FKBP5 variant rs3800373 alters FKBP5 RNA secondary structure and prevents stress-induced miRNA-320a downregulation of FKBP5, resulting in glucocorticoid resistance and increased vulnerability to chronic posttraumatic pain
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor:Sarah Linnstaedt (Anesthesiology)

Ellie Scialabba (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: The Effects of Goal Progress and Means Variability on Goal Pursuit
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Steven Buzinski (Psychology & Neuroscience)

Eric Brandon Kelly (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Stress-enhanced fear learning: an animal model for studying post-traumatic stress disorder in male and female subjects
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Donald Lysle (Psychology and Neuroscience)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: n/a

Madison Butler (Biology)
Title: The Role of PIK3CA Mutations in Gliomagenesis and Response to Kinase Inhibitors
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: C. Ryan Miller (Pathology)

Chloe Bryen (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Relationships among Chronic Pain, Hypervigilance and Executive Function
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Mark Hollins (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Daniel Farrell (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: The Association Between Walking Biomechanics and Compartmental Femoral Cartilage Deformation
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Pietrosimone (Exercise and Sports Science)

Katherine Murdoch (Chemistry)
Title: Identification of Sweeteners in E-liquids by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Gary Glish (Chemistry)

Corryn Chaimowitz (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Alpha-1 Adrenergic Receptor Agonism in the Lateral Hypothalamus may Blunt Voluntary Binge-like Ethanol Consumption in Mice
Track:Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Todd Thiele (Psychology & Neuroscience )

Sofia Ocegueda (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Association of Friends and Family Support with Depression in Adolescents
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Dr. Tamera Coyne-Beasley (UNC General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Marni Krehnbrink, Beatriz Vega, Emilie Kahdem

April Hamer (Biology)
Title: Surgical Exposure of the External Carotid Artery for Potential Bypass with Progressive Exposures
Track:: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Adam Zanation and Corey Johnson ()

Ayushi Deshwal (Exercise & Sport Science)
Title: Increased mucus concentration reduces airflow-mediated clearance in an in vitro model of cough clearance
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Brian Button (Marisco Lung Institute )

Jonathan Lynn (Computer Science)
Title: Evaluation of Optimizations Achieved through Cloud-based Motion Planning
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Ron Alterovitz (Computer Science)

Luke Fernandez (Computer Science)
Title: Rendering an In-browser, 360-Degree Environment from Disjoint Live Camera Feeds
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Diane Pozefsky (Computer Science)

Dayton Ellwanger (Computer Science)
Title: An Architecture for Supporting Opportunistic Collaboration
Track: Education
Advisor: Prasun Dewan (Computer Science)

Moza Hamud (Biology)
Title: Shrimp Mislabeling on the North Carolina Coast
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Blaire Steinwand (Biology)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Rachel Peterson, Meredith McNairy

Erin Conn (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Searching for planetary transits with Evryscope and BLS
Track: Environment
Advisor: Nicholas Law (Physics and Astronomy)

Grace Tan (Biology)
Title: Are You Eating What You Think You’re Eating? Seafood Mislabeling in Chapel Hill-Carrboro
Track: Environment
Advisor: John Bruno (Biology)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Olivia Gorman, Allie Vansant

Mark Tierney (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Nearby (25 pc) Stellar Companion Search
Track: Education
Advisor: Nick Law (Physics/Astronomy)

Nathalie Eegholm (Biology)
Title: Quantifying Seafood Mislabeling in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Area
Track: Environment
Advisor:: Blaire Steinwand (biology)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Nick Badhwa

Paige Trexler (Biology)
Title: Comparison of Antioxidant Concentrations in Portulaca oleracea Between Two Growth Conditions
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Nita Eskew (Chemistry)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Paige Trexler, Madeline White, Jacob Stocks, Makala Moyer

Robert Stewart (Biology)
Title: Effects of corticosterone exposure on alcohol drinking in self-administration trained male vs. female rats
Track:: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Joyce Besheer, Ph.D. (Psychiatry)

Xuelan Wu (Chemistry)
Title: Discovery of novel antimicrobial peptides from medicinal herbs using PepSAVI-MS
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Leslie Hicks (Chemistry)

Jamie Rose (Chemistry)
Title: Antioxidant Activity in Various Parts of Portulaca oleracea
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Nita Eskew (Chemistry)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Annabel Chung, Haley Leazer, Mariah Moyer, and Jamie Rose

Rachel Barndt (Psychology & Neuroscience)
Title: Effects of food restriction on acquisition of alcohol self-administration
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Joyce Besheer (UNC School of Medicine)

Mallory Croley (Biology)
Title: Optimization of an antioxidant extraction procedure for Portulaca oleracea using ultrasonication
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Nita Eskew (Chemistry)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Madeline Cooke, Hannah Richey, Grant Pieples, Julia Shen

Kalynn Van Voorhies (Biology)
Title: Functional Role of the Insular Cortex and Nucleus Accumbens Core in Modulating Alcohol Self-Administration
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Joyce Besheer (Psychology)

Grace Guo (Biology)
Title: Evaluation of Antioxidant Levels of Red and Golden Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.)
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Nita Eskew (Chemistry)
Undergraduate Co-Authors: Andrea Anuel, Andrew Cesmat, Sarah Chyriwski, Nancy Diaderas

Cathleen Rueckeis (Biology)
Title: microRNA -19b acts as a sex-dependent regulatory hub for PTSD and chronic widespread pain development following trauma exposure
Track: Health & Well-Being
Advisor: Sarah Linnstaedt (Anesthesiology)

Andrew Tillett (Physics & Astronomy)
Title: Determination of Radiation in Environmental Samples Using ?? ?? Coincidence Spectrometry
Track: Environment
Advisor: Christian Iliadis (Department of Physics & Astronomy)