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2022 Celebration of Undergraduate Research Poster Sessions

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PresenterTitleDepartmentCopresenter(s)SessionPoster #
Aakanksha GunduProposed Mechanisms of Function of Taf14-Containing Nuclear Complexes Involved in Transcriptional Regulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSchool of Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics2:00-2:45pm1
Aaron WeiWater quality testing inadequacies in eastern North Carolina are addressed through matrix-based evaluation of at-home testing solutionsEnvironmental Health Science4:00-4:45pm1
Aastha DubalDevelopmental vitamin D deficiency leads to altered adult liver energy metabolismNutrition3:00-3:45pm1
Abby WootenPatterns of Pellagra: Dorothea Dix Hospital and the Pellagra Epidemic of the Early 20th CenturyAmerican Studies4:00-4:45pm2
Adi PillaiA Data-Driven Analysis of the Relationship between Intra-national Conflicts & Spatial Monsoon Patterns in 1960-2004 IndiaGeography2:00-2:45pm2
Ahmed BelghithIn Vivo Gene Transduction via Lentiviral Retargeting SystemSchool of Medicine4:00-4:45pm3
Aidan ColvinAn Examination of the Relationship between Gambling Behavior and Obsessive-Compulsive SymptomsPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm4
Aiden PuccioVerbal Visibility: An Analysis of Queer Lexical Development in Digital Fan CommunitiesWomen's and Gender Studies2:00-2:45pm3
Ainesh JainThe Influence of Demographic Characteristics on Health Messaging EffectivenessPsychology and NeuroscienceTori Dewald, Manav Patel, Araceli Perez, Samantha Brosso2:00-2:45pm4
Alan WangA DNA-driven assembly strategy for a decodable biohybrid block copolymer libraryChemistry2:00-2:45pm5
Albert PanAnalysis of School Meal Charge Policies in North CarolinaNutrition4:00-4:45pm5
Alecia RajeshMolecular Dynamics of the Cell Cycle in Deciding and Arresting CellsBiochemistry and Biophysics3:00-3:45pm2
Alex HavenEffector Functions Drive Enhanced Protective Efficacy of Sustained Release Influenza Vaccine AdjuvantPharmacy3:00-3:45pm3
Alex LongoThe New Moon: Giant Impacts, Prolonged Magmagenesis, and Project ArtemisEarth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences (EMES)4:00-4:45pm6
Alexandra DomrongchaiPerforming Pad ThaiAmerican Studies2:00-2:45pm6
Alexis DumainImpact of history of childhood trauma on the association between eating expectancies and disordered eating characteristicsPsychology and Neuroscience, PsychiatryMelissa Munn-Chernoff, Laura Thornton3:00-3:45pm4
Alicia RobbinsExploring the Complexities of Sexual Identity through The Divine ComedyRomance Studies3:00-3:45pm5
Alisher AngarovImpacts of Vasco Da Gama’s Exploration on the World.Romance Studies-3:00-3:45pm6
Alleigh WiggsThe Effects of Diet and Exercise on Endogenous Estrogens and Subsequent Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal WomenNutrition4:00-4:45pm7
Allison PittmanHospital Volunteering: Motivations and Outcomes Across Racial Groups and Volunteer ProgramsGeneral Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine3:00-3:45pm7
Alyssa CooperThe Japanese Experience of Giving Birth in North CarolinaAnthropology2:00-2:45pm7
Amy LoUrban-Rural Differences in a Chain Supermarket’s Sales to SNAP Shoppers before and since COVID-19Nutrition3:00-3:45pm8
Anaïs d'OelsnitzSarcasm Used by Couples in the U.K. and U.S.: A Cultural ComparisonPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm9
Anabella SantosEffects of systemic inflammation on microglial activation in the substantia nigra and hippocampus of male MMTV-pyMT carriersPsychology and NeuroscienceCaroline Hinesly4:00-4:45pm8
Andrew DegelepH Acclimation of Tigriopus californicusBiologyDante Parkhurst4:00-4:45pm9
Anna CorneliusOccupation Attitudes amongst Women during the Great DepressionEnglishBri Alonzo-Vazquez3:00-3:45pm10
Anna GeibUnderstanding Nutrition Barriers in Stroke RecoveryDepartment of Nutrition, and UNC School of Medicine Department of Physical Therapy3:00-3:45pm11
Annette VargheseSex Differences in the Expression of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in Norepinephrine Projections of the Ventral Tegmental Area and Substantia NigraPsychology and NeuroscienceAmogh Nanjajjar, Banban Tan, Aldrin Mosqueda2:00-2:45pm8
Annette VargheseDecreased Cortical Thickness Associated with Higher Executive Functioning in Children as Seen through Longitudinal DevelopmentPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm10
Anushka MukerjiUV tolerance between latitudinal copepod populationsBiologyTala Jazairi, Haylee Frazier, Alyssa Rushing2:00-2:45pm9
Arjun ParmarThe effects of whole body vibration on landing biomechanics linked to secondary injury risk in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionExercise and Sport Science4:00-4:45pm11
Aryani PallerlaLong-acting injectable in-situ forming implant of EP055 for non-hormonal male contraceptionBiomedical Engineering2:00-2:45pm10
Autumn TuckerPersistent Effects of Alcohol Use on Alzheimer's Disease Tau PathologyPharmacology3:00-3:45pm12
Avery MatthewsEvaluating at-home E-Coli testing solutions to improve water quality testing in Eastern North Carolina- E ColiECUIPP Lab4:00-4:45pm12
Avery WallThe Impact of Metacognitive Beliefs on the Testing EffectPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm13
Avery WhiteDo Positive Emotions Lead to Greater Neural Integration? A Protocol for Testing the Broaden Hypothesis With a Dynamic Functional Connectivity ApproachPsychology and NeuroscienceMicah Long, Ana Gutierrez, Lily Dickinson, Jessica Ndukwe4:00-4:45pm14
Ayaka UeharaCharacterization of Taq UvrD Helicase ActivityChemistryChristopher Kong, Stephun Zhang, Lauren Lim2:00-2:45pm11
Banks CisneAssociation of Pre-Operative T1rho MRI of Tibiofemoral Cartilage and Activity 2 Months After ACL ReconstructionExercise and Sport Science2:00-2:45pm12
Benjamin CarterMinority Stress, Emotional Distress, and Family Conflict: Predicting LGBTQ+ Substance UsePsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm13
Benjamin GormanThe Effects of Phytocannabinoids and HIV-1 Tat on Animal Behavior and Microglia-Mediated NeurotoxicityDepartment of Psychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm15
Benjamin ReesCharacterization of Cortical Development in Mouse Models of Neurofibromatosis Type-1 and Elevated ERK/MAPK ActivityPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm16
Bowen Gu The role of activity & youth on the MKS ‚àíM‚àó relationPhysics and Astronomy4:00-4:45pm17
Bowen Gu Towards a Comprehensive AI Teaching Assistant Based on Forums for Small CoursesComputer Science4:00-4:45pm18
Bradley LauckAssociation Between Head Impact Kinematics and Physical Load Burden in Division-I Collegiate Football PlayersExercise and Sport Science3:00-3:45pm14
Briana AugustinCultural and Linguistic Effects on Diagnostic Testing in Spanish-Speaking Latin AmericaPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm15
Bridgett RiosIt Takes Two Tango: Gene Duplication in Burkholderia thailandensis Leads to Community BehaviorsMicrobiology and Immunology2:00-2:45pm13
Brittany HeikkeInternational Migration & Citizenship Trends: Key Developments and Challenges of the 2010sPolitical Science3:00-3:45pm16
Bryson CurtisSexual Dimorphism of Norepinephrine Neurons and Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Expression within the BNSTPsychology and NeuroscienceAlvin Dinh, Kathy Nguyen, Zander Pittman3:00-3:45pm17
Camryn IsemannInvestigating the Phosphorylation of HDAC6 in Protection Against Alzheimer’s DiseaseDepartment of Neurology2:00-2:45pm14
Cara KuuskvereOpportunities and Challenges for Implementing Circularity in Textile ProductionKenan Flagler Business School4:00-4:45pm19
Caroline CorvinSocial Disconnection and Substance Misuse During COVID-19Psychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm20
Cassie PamperinEffects of Social Evaluative Stress on Inflammation in Black AmericansPsychology and NeuroscienceSarah Barnes2:00-2:45pm15
Chelsea DeitelzweigDoes race or education level hold greater influence on the use of dialect in the life histories of the SLHP?EnglishEllie Fleming3:00-3:45pm18
Christian ChungNovel Sorbents for PFAS RemediationEnvironmental Science and Engineering, Chemistry3:00-3:45pm19
Christina SamodalEvaluating Filtration Performance of Face Masks Following Repeated Cycles of Decontamination TreatmentsEnvironmental Sciences and Engineering3:00-3:45pm20
Claire MinkProblematic Drinking Habits in Depressed College Students: A Study Through the Lens of Text Message AnalysisPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm16
Claire ShuDigging Up Memory: Using Seamus Heaney’s Poetry to Understand Celtic Tiger FictionEnglish and Comparative Literature4:00-4:45pm21
Colleen BeredaFunctional Analysis of Bloom Syndrome Helicase in Development and DNA RepairBiology4:00-4:45pm22
Colleen WhitenerThe impact of boat wake on submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) in Bogue Sound, NCEarth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences2:00-2:45pm17
Connor MagoonA Computational Analysis of Confined and Symmetry Breaking Faraday WavesMathematics4:00-4:45pm23
Cooper SchooneProperties of the Brunel OperatorMathematicsScott Hallyburton3:00-3:45pm21
Daniel ReichPolitical Identity Mediates the Effect of Big Five Personality Traits on Vaccine HesitancyPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm18
David CullyThe Interactions of SGK-1 Gain of Function with Two Unique Mutations Causing TORC2 Loss of FunctionBiology3:00-3:45pm22
David PeeryShared Genetic Architecture Between Psychiatric and Substance-Use DisordersStatistics2:00-2:45pm19
Dedra MingExploring Relations Between Maternal Racial Stress and Child Affectivity in Black FamiliesPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm23
Elias MohammadThe Effects of Music On the Testing EffectPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm24
Elizabeth MortonQueer Student Experiences with Reproductive Health Care at UNC Campus HealthWomen's and Gender Studies4:00-4:45pm24
Elizabeth ReddingHigh Content Visualization Pipeline for Glioblastoma InvasionSchool of Pharmacy3:00-3:45pm25
Elizabeth ReganConnecting with a community's concern: Implementation of solar-powered fine particulate matter monitoring with remote access to data in Robeson County, NCEnvironmental Sciences and EngineeringVivian Campbell3:00-3:45pm26
Elizabeth RotchfordEffect of pronoun change on the aptitude of using they/them pronouns?Psychology and NeuroscienceErin Sun and Andrea Santiago2:00-2:45pm20
Elizabeth SmithyCompared Effects of LPS stimulation on Microglial Activation in the Hippocampus and Hypothalamus in MMTV-PyMT carrier mice.Psychology and NeuroscienceMacy Parmelle, Sanya Shah, Gaushik Mouleeswaran2:00-2:45pm21
Elizabeth StanleyPhotochemical Modulation of Hydrogel Scaffolds and Nanoindenter-based Stiffness QuantificationBiomedical Engineering2:00-2:45pm22
Emilie NorwoodOptimizing the Fabrication of Carbon-Fiber Microbiosensors for Simultaneous Detection of Glucose and Dopamine in Live Brain TissueChemistry4:00-4:45pm25
Emily BlandfordFlight Kinematics of Manduca sexta pre- and post-antennectomyBiology2:00-2:45pm23
Emily ErtmannCharacterization of the ATP-driven Helicase activity of T. Aquaticus UvrDBiochemistryMaia Vierengel, Wenya Jian, Heemaja Mewada3:00-3:45pm27
Emma RosentreterValidation of Ultrasound Molecular Imaging Agents for Diabetic Kidney DiseaseBiomedical Engineering2:00-2:45pm24
Emma ZhangHow does genetic divergence affect the success of hybrids colonizing a novel environment?Biology4:00-4:45pm26
Erica ZurbuchAn Analysis of Changes in WOMAC Function and Pain Scores and Sedentary Behavior in Knee Osteoarthritis PatientsExercise and Sport Science4:00-4:45pm27
Ethan McConnellDetector Efficiency of TUNL's Germanium Crystal DetectorsPhysics and Astronomy4:00-4:45pm28
Gabriela GoodmanThe Effects of Mental Health and Stressors on Academic Trajectories during the COVID-19 PandemicEconomics2:00-2:45pm25
Gabriella DayA Novel Study of Premature Sudden DeathSchool of Medicine - Cardiology4:00-4:45pm29
Gabrielle BlackContrast Between European and Japanese Women in the 16th CenturyRomance Studies2:00-2:45pm26
Garrett HubbardHelicase and ATPase Activity of Thermus Aquaticus UvrDChemistryNoel Archer, Rachel Weatherford, Jeshurun Luke3:00-3:45pm29
Gillian Arleth‚Äã‚ÄãThe Role of Central Amygdala Corticotropin-releasing Factor Receptor 1 (CRF1) Neurons in Anxiety-like Behavior and Alcohol ConsumptionPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm30
Graham CaronIdentifying and Manipulating Personality Characteristics in Pretrained Language ModelsComputer Science2:00-2:45pm27
Gregory MurrellDynamics of the Rapid Creation and Collapse of Dry Spot Regions in Fluid LayersApplied Math2:00-2:45pm28
Hadley McCormickNanoelectrochemistryChemistry4:00-4:45pm31
Hailey LewisEstablishing a Laboratory Culture of Hypsibius exemplaris for Use in Molecular StudiesChemistrySaher Mubarek3:00-3:45pm30
Hamzah AlgazaliInvestigating Norepinephrine and CGRP Co-expression in the Thalamus and HypothalamusPsychology and NeuroscienceAlexandra Katz, Ben Gorman3:00-3:45pm31
Hanlin LiuVolatility Spillover Across Commodity MarketsEconomics3:00-3:45pm32
Hanna NettlesHow Demographic Factors Moderate Intervention Outcomes in Autistic ChildrenPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm29
Hannah EvansAcute Stress Influences Decision-Making by Diminishing the Consideration of Long-Term RewardPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm33
Hannah JonesSocial Determinants of Rates of Resuscitation in Out-of-Hospital Sudden DeathSchool of Medicine - Cardiology2:00-2:45pm30
Harrison HockenberryInvestigating the Influence of TRIM9 in AlzheimersPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm34
Harrison ThomasBanking In North Carolina: A Statistical Analysis of Banking DesertsPublic Policy4:00-4:45pm32
Harshi MatadaAn Assessment of Mental Health Resources at UNCPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm35
Henry LeeGarcia da Orta’s Colloquies on the Simples and Drugs of India and the European Superiority Complex’s effect on the Perception of Asian Use of Opium Compared to European Use and the Future ConsequencesAsian Studies, Romance Languages4:00-4:45pm33
Henry LiEvaluating Low-Cost Nitrate Test Strips for Drinking Water Using Algorithm-Based Color Interpretations.Environmental Health Science2:00-2:45pm31
Henry NachmanTracking Dead-Layer Growth in Germanium DetectorsPhysics and Astronomy2:00-2:45pm32
Hiep TranDevelopment Of A Self-Actuating Hydrogel-Based Cardiac PatchApplied Physical Sciences3:00-3:45pm36
Isabella GamezCoordinated modulation of multiple processes through phase variation of a c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase in Clostridioides difficileMicrobiology and Immunology4:00-4:45pm34
James MettsA Novel Role for the Histone Methyltransferase SETD2 During Mitosis.UNC School of Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics4:00-4:45pm35
Jane BaurExamining hormone-mood sensitivity as a predictor of interpersonal conflict in peripubertal girls.Psychiatry2:00-2:45pm33
Janhvi KulkarniHumor and AAL in Twitter PostsPsychology and NeuroscienceBrenda Arellano-Onate, Cathy Choi, Kylie Chapman3:00-3:45pm37
Jayden HarrisGenerating an optimal mammalian expression system for the study of RNA virus multiplicationMicrobiology and Immunology4:00-4:45pm36
Jayne WillardComparing the Hydrological Behavior of Beaver and Stormwater Retention Ponds in Urban EnvironmentsGeography4:00-4:45pm37
Jennifer NorlandHow Shifting Consumers Trends is Affecting Swine Production in North CarolinaKenan-Flagler Business School3:00-3:45pm38
Jennifer ReganTargeting Inflammation Resolution in Obesity: Effects on Immune FunctionNutrition3:00-3:45pm39
Jennifer RubinFactors Impacting Emotional Reactivity and Regulation in Young ChildrenPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm40
Jessica NdukweDecreases in autonomic reactivity & interoceptive ability (in-lab) predict increases in self-reported emotional regulation across the life spanPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm41
Jessica ReidHow Local Governments Respond to and Communicate about Climate ChangeEnvironment, Ecology, and Energy2:00-2:45pm34
Jiangyuan YuanTreatment of Soil Bacteria with SweetenersBiologyMarcelo Garibaldi, Nicole Hernandez, Dezja Ishmeal4:00-4:45pm38
Jiaqi LiuOrder in Chaos: primary cilia in symmetrical pairs pyramidal neuron in human cerebral cortexPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm42
Jiayan LeExosome-Curcumin Loaded Auxetic Hydrogel Patches for Chronic Wound HealingPharmacoengineering and Molecular Pharmaceutics4:00-4:45pm39
Jillian WhitenerExamining the Relationship Between Teacher Turnover and Student Perception of School Safety and AggressionPsychology and NeuroscienceHannah Drury, Kiara Wilkerson, Sawyer Grizzard and Maddie Rader2:00-2:45pm35
Joey CarterAttenuation of Waves Across Living Shoreline SillsEnvironment, Ecology and Energy4:00-4:45pm40
John DongMicroglial Immunity: Differential Activation between Motor Cortex and Dentate GyrusPsychology and NeuroscienceHamzah Algazali, Manny Durojaiye, Lauren Haigney2:00-2:45pm36
Jordan JarvisThe Role of Microtubule Severing Proteins on Mitosis in PTK1 CellsBiologyTaylor Key, Cassie Halpin, Sedem Dzisi3:00-3:45pm43
Joshua PhillipsUnrest in AlgeriaPolitical Science2:00-2:45pm37
Juliana KorickeHow Climate Impacts the Supply ChainGeography2:00-2:45pm38
Juliet AlegriaGratitude as a Moderator for the Relation Between Relationship Quality and Social-Emotional Competence in Opportunity YouthPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm44
Kaitlyn InfanteCharacterization of cytoplasmic motor proteins dynein 1 heavy chain 1 and eg5BiologyConnor Young, Catherine Cedeno, Jacob Locklear3:00-3:45pm45
Kara BucciProbing the effects of peptide secondary structure on peptide-polymer amphiphile morphological landscapesChemistry4:00-4:45pm41
Kathryn CornetteStudent Interest in Introductory Geoscience Laboratories Across Three Universities.Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences3:00-3:45pm46
Kathryn KleinThe Effect of Adding Bacteria-Rich Samples on Colony Growth in SoilBiology Kathleen Ready, Michelle Pantaleon, Thao Nguyen2:00-2:45pm39
Kattia MataHippocampal Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: The Role of Parvalbumin-positive Inhibitory InterneuronsPsychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology4:00-4:45pm42
Ken LinThe Expression of SOX2 and NANOG During Differentiation Between Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Lung Progenitor Cells (LPCs)Genetics2:00-2:45pm40
Kenan SayersThe Role of High-Intensity Interval Training on Anxiety Sensitivity and Self-Efficacy: A Pilot Randomized Controlled TrialPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm41
Kendra RandleSex Differences in TH Expression within the BNST (subject to change)Psychology and NeuroscienceAlana Holder, Patrick Kramer, Kaitlyn Pierce3:00-3:45pm47
Kiran Kelly-RajanFunctional Activity of NLRP1 in Axon PruningSchool of Medicine, Biology4:00-4:45pm43
Kyle SorensenSpatiotemporal Estimation of Radon Exposures for Epidemiologic Risk AssessmentStatistics and Operations Research, Gillings' School of Public Health3:00-3:45pm48
Kylie ShowalterDetermining genes involved in interbacterial killing in Hawaiian bobtail squid reproductive symbiontsEarth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesDaniela Zarate Arias3:00-3:45pm49
Lailah LigonsRapid Detection of Glucose and Lactate Fluctuations in Rat Dorsal StriatumBiomedical Engineering4:00-4:45pm44
Laith SawaqedSchizophrenia and Norepinephrine diversityPsychology and NeuroscienceKelly Lin, Caitlin Huguely, Raj Dutta3:00-3:45pm50
Laurel ThomasUnwinding the Helicase Activity of Thermus aquaticus UvrDChemistryBryan Kistner, Scott Connelly, Juhi Salunke2:00-2:45pm42
Lauren BurkeThe Impact of Nutrient Availability on Hypoxia Tolerance in Tigriopus CalifornicusBiologySofia Saiz2:00-2:45pm43
Lauren McSheaLow cost, at-home incubation systems to culture Escherichia coli bacteria for water quality testing in North CarolinaEnvironmental Health Sciences, ECUIPP Lab3:00-3:45pm51
Lauren SatkowiakCURE CHEM 520L: Chemical Upcycling of Mixed Polylactide Plastic WasteChemistryAlan Wang, Kathryn Workman, Fiona Gable 2:00-2:45pm44
Lauren SidelingerDay-to-Day Individual Alpha Frequency Stability Measured by a Mobile EEG Device Relates to Anxiety and InhibitionPsychology and Neuroscience, Department of Psychiatry2:00-2:45pm45
Lauren SotellComparison of changes in US anterior femoral articular cartilage cross-sectional area between high- and normal loading conditions post-ACLRExercise and Sports Science2:00-2:45pm46
Lawson GarnerFarmer-Herder Conflicts in the Sondre Region of Burkina FasoAnthropology4:00-4:45pm45
Leah PeloffThe Effectiveness of Integrative Group Medical Visits on Patients With Chronic PainExercise and Sport Science3:00-3:45pm52
Lily AlomariIdentifying Predictors of COVID-19 Related Anxiety between Genders ad Behavioral OutcomesPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm53
Lyann LeCatastrophic Soccer Injuries among High School and CollegeExercise Science4:00-4:45pm46
Lynx YuanMatteo Ricci's Policy of AccommodationRomance Studies4:00-4:45pm47
Maddy StrattonHow the Velocity Distribution Function of Dark Matter Affects its Matter Power SpectrumPhysics and AstronomyN/A3:00-3:45pm54
Madi MitchellUnzipping the Secrets of Taq UvrD HelicaseChemistryAshton Hines, Katie Characklis, Madison Williamson3:00-3:45pm55
Madison GrigsbyThe Effect of Caffeine on Soil Bacteria ProliferationBiologyElizabeth Teka, MacKenzie Inman, Siobhan Morris4:00-4:45pm48
Maggie HostetterBody Composition Tracking on D1 NCAA AthletesExercise and Sport Science4:00-4:45pm49
Mahlon BradyInfant Temperament, Maternal Socially Aversive Traits, and Maternal MindfulnessPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm47
Maleah CarterThe Impact of Language on Cross-cultural Emotion Perception: An fMRI StudyPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm56
Marielle RathPK-Cast: An Online Tool for Triaging Compounds with Undesired Pharmacokinetic Properties from Chemical LibrariesChemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, Eshelman2:00-2:45pm48
MaryAn HawksSex Differences in Tyrosine Hydroxylase Expression in the A1 and A2 Nuclei of MicePsychology and NeuroscienceTala Farah, Mikayla Allen, Sean Alewine2:00-2:45pm49
Matthew DavisEffect of Peripheral Inflammation on Microglia in the Dentate Gyrus and Motor Cortex of MMTV-PyMT Carrier MicePsychology and NeuroscienceLauren Bedard, Regan Shoemaker, Analise Ney, Ogugua Nwaezeigwe3:00-3:45pm57
Matthew ManchesterImpact of Rising Temperatures on Venus Flytrap Reaction SpeedBiologyKameron Hall, Lillian Prince4:00-4:45pm50
Max Feliu MerceHistorical Significance of Lope de Vega's Los M√°rtires de JaponAsian Studies
Maxfield PalmerEffects of Chitin synthesis inhibition on t. Californicus stress conditionsBiologyAddie Campbell, Victoria Tran, Eli Barnett3:00-3:45pm58
McCauley PalmerWorking From Wherever, Whenever: Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic That are Shaping the Future of WorkBusiness Administration4:00-4:45pm52
Megan ButlerThe role of histone H4K20 methylation in recruiting L(3)mbt to chromatinBiology3:00-3:45pm59
Meghana SankaranEnergy Optimization of Wastewater TreatmentPhysics4:00-4:45pm53
Melanie SemcesenThe Effects of Venous Pooling During Prolonged Sitting on Central Arterial StiffnessExercise and Sports Science4:00-4:45pm54
Melissa KisslingOptimizing Applied Magnetic Force in Adhesion AssayPhysics and Astronomy2:00-2:45pm50
Melissa YuExploring the Protein-Like Folding Capabilities of Biomimetic PolymersChemistry3:00-3:45pm60
Melissa YuCharacterization of the Helicase Activity of Taq UvrDChemistryRachel Patterson, Alexis Jean Morales4:00-4:45pm55
Mia FoglesongUpward Spiral Theory of Lifestyle Change on Positive health Behaviors of Eating Fruits and VegetablesPsychology and NeuroscienceLandry Kuehn, Dheya Madhani2:00-2:45pm51
Michael MaizelA Different Approach to Treating Liver Disease PatientsHealth Policy and Management3:00-3:45pm61
Minh BuiCharacterizing DNA unwinding function of Taq UvrDChemistryFaith Boody, Ben Thompson, Jade Hardwick2:00-2:45pm52
Miranda BlackIndividual differences in how parents and children discuss future conceptsSchool of EducationNadin Abu Khalaf2:00-2:45pm53
Monica Sanchez AnguloInvestigation into Tyrosine Hydroxylase Expression in the Locus Coeruleus as it Relates to Neurodegenerative DiseaseNeuroscienceGabriella Hesse, Bennett Jones, Lily Al'Omari4:00-4:45pm56
Naomi GliddenAn Analysis of Sex Differences in CGRP in Area A7 Using ImmunohistochemistryPsychology and NeuroscienceKendall Ward, Kam Onyemeh3:00-3:45pm62
Natalie HusseinBiculturalism, Identity, and Wellbeing among Middle Eastern/North African Young AdultsPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm54
Nathaniel BadgettDevelopment of Calibration System for NuDot: Demonstrating event reconstruction in Large Liquid ScintillatorsPhysics and Astronomy2:00-2:45pm55
Nicholas LaPlantIdentification of Phospho-tyrosine Biomarkers for Hepatocellular CarcinomaCell Biology and Physiology4:00-4:45pm57
Nico RotundoCompetition and Labor Market Discrimination: A Case Study of European FootballEconomics2:00-2:45pm56
Nivetha RamasamyParacrine adipocyte signaling promotes colorectal cancer growth in vitroNutritionElaine M. Glenny, Qing Shi, Stephen D. Hursting3:00-3:45pm63
Noah BellUsing Organotypic Brain Slices to Generate Optimized Glioblastoma Models and TreatmentsBiomedical Engineering4:00-4:45pm58
Parker ShoafThe Role of SPC24 in Chromatin SegregationBiologyKara Bucci, Sam Tennant, Aman Mengistalem3:00-3:45pm64
Patrick SmithEffects of Whole Body Vibration on Dynamic Stability in Individuals with Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionExercise and Sport Science4:00-4:45pm59
Paul ButtlesCorrelating Wettability with Dielectric and Conductive Changes during Water Adsorption in Mixed-Wettability Granular SystemsPhysics and Astronomy3:00-3:45pm65
Paula BravverInvestigating the Effects of Environmental Stressors on Chlamydia MuridarumPediatric Infectious Diseases2:00-2:45pm57
Peyton KellyExamining Mediators of the Relation Between Self-Concept Clarity and Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered EatingPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm66
Peyton MiyaresExperiences of Adversity and Resilience Among LBGTQ+ Young AdultsPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm58
Priya PatelFunctional characterization of de novo SPTBN2 variants associated with infantile-onset spinocerebellar ataxia 5 and cognitive deficitsCell Biology and PhysiologySruthi Dontu3:00-3:45pm67
Rachael FisherAdolescent Binge Ethanol Exposure Accelerates Alzheimer’s Disease-associated Basal Forebrain NeuropathologyNeuroscience, UNC School of Medicine2:00-2:45pm59
Rachel BoulterThe 2020 Sparta Earthquake: A Seismic Hazard AnalysisEarth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences2:00-2:45pm60
Ralph AlbertoChemokine ENA-78/CXCL5 is Produced by OA Synovial Fibroblasts in Response to a Matrix Damage Stimulus and is Found in Synovial Fluid Collected from Patients After ACL InjuryThurston Arthritis Research Center3:00-3:45pm68
Rebecca WeisbergerFriendliness Rating of Text Messages Based on Use of "Y'all" versus "You guys"Psychology and NeuroscienceGrace Blake4:00-4:45pm60
Regan CurtisA Study of the Effectiveness of an Empowerment-Based Approach to Sexual Health Education in Santa María de Jesús, GuatemalaRomance Studies3:00-3:45pm69
Ria KhetanSchooled aged children and exposure to school bus diesel exhaustEnvironmental Sciences and Engineering4:00-4:45pm61
Rishita ChamarthiTargeting the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway as a Therapy for MedulloblastomaPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm61
Rishita ChamarthiCharacterization of Microglia in the Hippocampus and Amygdala in Response to a Peripheral Immune ChallengePsychology and NeuroscienceDavid Sun, Mohit Bhalani, Claire Nolan4:00-4:45pm62
Rivers AndrewsCatastrophic Injury in Organized and Recreational SoftballExercise and Sport Science2:00-2:45pm62
Robert HarlanColonoscopic Findings of Multitarget Stool DNA Test Positive Patients in Community PracticeSchool of Medicine4:00-4:45pm63
Robert RampaniInvestigating Dengue Vaccine Efficiency with Revelations about FurinChemistry and Microbiology & Immunology2:00-2:45pm63
Roger YuEffect of MUC5AC and MUC5B mucin on airway clearance by simulated coughSchool of Medicine, Biochemistry and BioPhysics4:00-4:45pm64
Rose LeekFall leave change and tourism on the Blue Ridge ParkwayGeography4:00-4:45pm65
Ross DoylePredicting ADHD Through Machine LearningPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm66
Ryan KemperARID1A-mutated bladder cancer cells are sensitized to BET protein inhibition with OTX-015Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics (Pharmacy)2:00-2:45pm64
Ryan MerrittThermal Imaging of C. elegans AgingBiology3:00-3:45pm70
Sabian MartinezCharacterization of Microglia in the Hypothalamus and Amygdala of Male MMTV-PyMT CarriersPsychology and NeuroscienceDhatri Kakarla, Angelina Ross, Lauren Sidelinger4:00-4:45pm67
Sabrina RehmanThe Prevalence of Impaired Glucose and its Association with Diet in Gal√°pagos, EcuadorNutrition2:00-2:45pm65
Safiatou BambaWhat You Hear Is Not Always What You Say: An Investigation of Loanword Pitch Accent in Tokyo JapaneseLinguistics4:00-4:45pm68
Samantha CerdaInorganic nutrient dynamics in microbial ecocosms inform NRE biogeochemical cyclingEarth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences3:00-3:45pm71
Samanyu KunchanapalliExploration of Spectral Parameters in EEG Data Across Tasks and Group ConditionsPsychiatry2:00-2:45pm66
Sammie KimBrainMAP : Exploring High-Risk Precursors of ADHDPsychology and Neuroscience2:00-2:45pm67
Samuel WallaceKing James VI: Defender of the True Faith Against the AntichristEnglish and Comparative Literature4:00-4:45pm69
Sandhya Sundar RajanMolecular Sex Differences in CGRP-Expressing NorAdrenergic Neurons in the Mouse SubCD, SubCV and LC.Psychology and NeuroscienceAlekhya Majety, David Cowan, Sandhya Sundar, JaneGrace Lowther4:00-4:45pm70
Sara NafeesALS-associated p62 mutations alter TDP-43 solubility and localization in a cell culture model of diseaseSchool of Medicine -Neurology4:00-4:45pm71
Sarah BarnesEffects of a Mild Inflammatory Challenge on Social ProcessesPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm72
Sarah TorzoneNanoparticle Delivery of Antioxidant-Response Activating Drug to Atherosclerotic PlaqueCell Biology and Physiology, Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery, Department of Surgery2:00-2:45pm68
Sarah TorzoneMolecular and Tissue-Specific Regulation of Growth and Lipid Metabolism by MAP Kinase Signaling in C. elegansCell Biology and Physiology, School of MedicineKendra Honey3:00-3:45pm73
Sarah VickersMagnetic Shielding Design and Optimization for NuDotPhysics and Astronomy4:00-4:45pm72
Saratu GarbaThe Association of Pregnancy and Lactation With Maternal Weight Change In Cebu PhilippinesNutrition3:00-3:45pm74
Sarrah AnkenyCURE courses foster project ownership, autonomy, and confidence in research abilities regardless of high or low project constraintsPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm75
Sawyer GrizzardMaternal Stress and Distress Tolerance as Predictors of Infant Sleep QualityPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm76
Selma SabraThe Effect of Maternal Prenatal Stress on Toddler Language Development, Testing Breastfeeding as a ModeratorPsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm77
Shivam BhargavaAn Analysis of Microglia Morphology between the Amygdala and ThalamusPsychology and NeuroscienceChloe Newbill, Harshini Matada, Parth Patel2:00-2:45pm69
Shivam BhargavaInvestigating the Underlying Mechanisms of Cortical Surface Area Overgrowth in Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsPsychology and Neuroscience, School of Medicine4:00-4:45pm73
Sierra ParkerVisualizing The Invisible: Characterizing Marine Microbial Communities And Carbon Flux With High-Throughput MicroscopyEarth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences2:00-2:45pm70
Sneha MakhijaniRisk factors for Plasmodium falciparum infection during lymphoma treatment in Malawi: a case control studySchool of Medicine4:00-4:45pm74
Sontia GaitherCURE CHEM 520L: Chemical Upcycling of Mixed Polylactide Plastic WasteChemistryRan Gao, Sabeeka Malick, Marley McCarroll4:00-4:45pm75
Sophia NavarreNovel, Multilayered Hydrogel for the Treatment of GlioblastomaBiomedical EngineeringDrew Caddell, Cameron Schmitt4:00-4:45pm76
Sophia TaraboiKineMouse Wheel: A standardized turn-key open-source behavioral tracking system for head fixed rodentsBiomedical Engineering2:00-2:45pm71
Sophie TherberExtreme Weather and COVID-19: Disaster Response within Migrant Farmworker CommunitiesHuman Development and Family Studies2:00-2:45pm72
Sree GogineniSocial and Affect JudgmentPsychology and NeuroscienceAslıhan İmamoğlu2:00-2:45pm73
Sruthi DontuCharacterization and Comparison of Microglia within the Hypothalamus and Amygdala in LPS-exposed MicePsychology and NeuroscienceYashvi Vardhan, Vishanth Palanivel, Vanessa Mesmer3:00-3:45pm78
Stephanie ForlemuMicroglia Immunoreactivity: The Regional Heterogeneity of Microglia Cell Responses to a Peripheral Immune ChallengePsychology and NeuroscienceAlex Reed, Jerald Whitley, Kattia Mata2:00-2:45pm74
Steven TioVasco da Gama’s Voyage around AfricaAsian Studies, Romance Languages4:00-4:45pm77
Sunnie LiEvaluating the Role of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Long-chain Acyl-CoA Synthetase Isoform 4 (ACSL4) ExpressionNutrition3:00-3:45pm79
Tammy YuThe Effect of a Calcium Blocker on Venus Flytrap Gland ActivityBiologyElla Howie, Jonas Ambjörnsson2:00-2:45pm75
Tate JonesEffects of intermittent hypoxia on T. californicus developmentBiologyGabrielle Miller2:00-2:45pm76
Tershona BranchExamining the Effects of Identity on Adolescent and Current Alcohol MisusePsychology and Neuroscience3:00-3:45pm80
Tessa StarkweatherComparative Analysis of Spc24 Isoforms in PTK1 CellsBiologyMakalah Saunders, David Westrom, Hiba Alnaqshabandi3:00-3:45pm81
Trace McCallVenus flytrap Response to Nitrogenous FertilizerBiologySienna Halterman, Torin O'Brien4:00-4:45pm78
Trevor PharrIdentification of Interactors of Ankyrin-B and their Effects on Cellular Metabolic DysfunctionCell Biology and Physiology UNC School of Medicine2:00-2:45pm77
Troy HallWorker Migration Patterns and Industry Switching in Response to International Trade and Exchange Rate MovementEconomics2:00-2:45pm78
Tyler XiaSmartphone cameras allow for development of low-cost turbidity meters through computer vision machine learningGillings School of Public Health ECUIPP LabHamza Ishaque2:00-2:45pm79
Tyra SilaphetInfluence of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) on A1 and A2Psychology and NeuroscienceUrvi Patel, Elliot Evans, Farah Naser4:00-4:45pm79
Vaibhav BhaskarVasco de Gama exploration of IndiaRomance Studies4:00-4:45pm80
Varun PotlapalliPurification and Characterization of Thermus Aquaticus UvrD ActivityChemistryYolanda Simpson, Kayla Blades, Breannah Keys2:00-2:45pm80
Vasilisa IumatovaHungry bacteria: do common kitchen ingredients select biofilm inducers?BiologySammi Jiang4:00-4:45pm81
Violet EvansEmpowering Singleton Girls: An Anthropological Study on the Unintended Consequences of China's One Child PolicyAsian and Middle Eastern Studies4:00-4:45pm82
Vittal BhatDesign and Optimization of Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reagents for Polyolefin FunctionalizationChemistry2:00-2:45pm81
Vittal BhatCURE CHEM 520L: Chemical Upcycling of Mixed Polylactide Plastic WasteChemistryElizabeth Choi, Alisha Desai, Drew Desalvo, Kate Nicholson 3:00-3:45pm82
Wenbo LiuNavigating nanoparticles through mazes using computer-generated holographyComputer Science and Allied Physical Sciences2:00-2:45pm82
Wenya JianDiscovery of smORF encoded peptides from Enterococcus faecalisChemistry3:00-3:45pm83
William ZahrtThe Effect of Mendes Pinto's Background on His WritingAsian Studies3:00-3:45pm84
Yifeng PengFinite element method simulations of gas flow dynamics in a small animal ventilatorPhysics4:00-4:45pm83
Yinuo HuSETSum: Summarization and Visualization of Student Evaluations of TeachingDepartment of Computer Science4:00-4:45pm85
Yunshu YuJudgment of peers’ social media posts relating to social justice: How adolescents are making the decisionPsychology and NeurosciencePenelope Chirolde3:00-3:45pm85
Yunzhe QianSingle-cell Multi-omics analysis reveals Gene Regulatory Network at Single-cell Level during Early Stage of Direct Cardiac ReprogrammingBiostatistics3:00-3:45pm86
Zachary MangelDevelopment and Evaluation of Low-Cost E. Coli IncubatorEnvironmental Health ScienceEmily Concepcion2:00-2:45pm84
Zhongrui ChenNumerical Methods for Learning Physical Constraints and their ApplicationsComputer Science4:00-4:45pm86
Ziyi ZhouHow Do Parenting Practices Influence Chinese Students' College Major Choice?Sociology2:00-2:45pm85
Zoe AtkinsonIndividual's Dialect and it's Impact on the Perception of Relationship ClosenessPsychology and Neuroscience4:00-4:45pm87
Zoe SessionsCheminformatics-driven discovery of microglia and astrocyte modulators as potential agents to treat Alzheimer’s DiseaseChemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry2:00-2:45pm86