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2023 Celebration of Undergraduate Research

The 24th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, from 2:30-5pm in the Blue Zone of Kenan Stadium. The Celebration will consist of two sequential poster sessions starting at 2:30pm and 3:45pm, and it will be open to the public. A full list of the presenters and poster locations can be found here.

Details for presenters

All UNC-Chapel Hill undergrads who are currently enrolled may register to present their research. Undergraduates who wish to present their research must perform the following required steps before attending the April 26th Celebration:

Step 1: Registration

  • All participants must register to present at one of two poster sessions (at 2:30pm or 3:45pm) on, Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The registration deadline for participants is April 12, 2023. Presenters will be notified of their presentation time by April 14. Please scroll down to register as an undergraduate presenter, but please be sure to read all required steps before doing so.

Step 2: Before the Celebration

  • All registered presenters must upload a digital version of their abstract and poster to the OUR Celebration Database by Friday, April 21, 2023. Please click here to upload your abstract and poster, but please also be sure to register for the celebration below. 
  • We recommend that presenters register for one of our “Poster Design” workshops to help them make a helpful and informative poster on either March 28 (Zoom) or April 12 (in person).
  • All presenters are responsible for printing their own 48(W)” x 36″(H) inch posters [see tips and templates for effective posters, a great video on how to make an effective poster, and consider the UNC Print Shop as a great printing option]. Please be aware that printing can take up to three business days, so plan ahead for your printing. Note: the Office for Undergraduate Research is able to offer a discount to offset printing cost for Carolina Covenant Scholars.

Step 3: Day of the Celebration

  • All presenters should plan to arrive at Blue Zone of Kenan Stadium on April 26th Celebration at least 15 mins before their poster session. This will allow presenters to check in and set up their poster.
  • All attendees and presenters should scan the QR code at the entrance to check in and to get an online list of posters/presenters.
  • All presenters should pick up name tags at the table near the interior entrance.
  • There is no dress code, but we recommend business casual attire for presenters.

Details for attendees

Attendees are welcome to attend either one or both sessions at 2:30pm and 3:45pm on Wednesday, April 26th, in the Blue Zone of Kenan Stadium. No pre-registration is required for attendees who are not presenting at the event. Before the event we will add a link here with a full list of presenters, poster titles and session times, as well as a link to digital abstracts and posters.

Registration for Undergraduate Presenters at the 2023 Celebration of Undergraduate Research

Currently enrolled undergraduates at UNC-Chapel Hill who wish to present at the April 26, 2023 Celebration of Undergraduate Research must register here. Please only submit one registration per poster presentation.

Presenter Name(Required)
Please enter the department(s) in which the research was conducted, listing the primary department first.
April 26, 2022 Presentation Time Availability(Required)
Please indicate your availability to present your poster in-person at the Celebration (check all for which you are available -- but you will be assigned only one of the two presentation time slots).
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