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Christopher Arraya


How/Why Research? My research journey, driven by a passion for challenging unjust systems, began with my early exposure to technology and its potential for social good. My first involvement in research started the summer after my junior year of high … Read more

Aryaman Bana


How/Why Research? Gaining an understanding of fundamental molecular processes was always something that interested me. When I came to Carolina, I streamlined my interests, focusing on molecular biochemistry. I reached out to Dr. Erie, whose work in understanding DNA repair … Read more

Sophia Dhrolia


How/Why Research? After loving the research I did in high school, I started cold-emailing PIs of labs that I was interested in as soon as I got to UNC. Being heavily involved in EMS before starting undergrad, I knew that … Read more

Divya Aikat


How/Why Research? In college, I found my previous lab through the OUR Opportunities Database and my current lab through a cold email to my current PI. I found my internship through summer research listings. Research is a fun way to … Read more

Daniel Zhong


How/Why Research? I have always been passionate about research since the beginning of my Carolina journey. I was part of the UNC Young Innovators Program as a high schooler, and since then, I wanted to contribute to a larger cause … Read more

Sarah Albert


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because it is a great way to take what you learn in the classroom and see it applied in the real-world. I also love the problem-solving aspect of research. I have gotten both … Read more

Timothy Anderson


How/Why Research? I got involved with research because I was unsatisfied with the harsh division between art history and art practice. I wanted to bridge this gap and locate common ground by using art history as an informative framework and … Read more

Hannah-Marie Santos


How/Why Research? Since I enrolled in UNC, I knew I wanted to start in research as soon as possible. I wanted my first week of classes at UNC to also be my first week in a lab setting! I was … Read more

Jake McGillion-Moore


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because it allowed me to be part of neuroscience in a way that advances the field as a whole while also furthering my knowledge of neuroscience. Once I was set on getting involved, … Read more

Haven Ross


How/Why Research? I got involved with research to connect all that I have learned to real world. Being able to apply what I have learned in school answered a lot of questions I had regarding the importance of my educational … Read more