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Kaathya Kashyap


How/Why Research? It’s always been such an intense passion of mine to become a doctor but I knew very little about research. Upon entering university, I knew I wanted to pursue research and these additional aspects of scientific exploration but … Continued

Hans Oh


How/Why Research? I decided to be involved in research after a high school research experience in organic chemistry. I got involved in research at UNC by reaching out to the professors and PIs whose research I was interested in. Whether it … Continued

Alex Reulbach


How/Why Research? As an avid scuba diver and wildlife enthusiast from a young age, marine research has always been something I was interested in. Marine research became a passion of mine during high school after I conducted marine research on invasive … Continued

Rachael Fisher


How/Why Research? I got involved in research my sophomore year in a Virology lab at UNC School of Medicine through a work study position. Then, after deciding to take a gap year due to coronavirus and reading a very interesting paper … Continued

Sarah Torzone


How/Why Research:I find research to be an exciting way to explore topics you are curious about, and I particularly like to connect pathologies I see in my patients as a paramedic with molecular mechanisms of biology/disease and novel therapeutics that … Continued

Prisca Lim


How/Why Research? My research interests lie in marine ecology and conservation. I am fascinated by the marine environment and desire to understand the factors that drive various ecological patterns. I spent my first semester emailing a number of professors in the … Continued

Emily Wang


How/Why Research? I became involved in research during high school as a way to explore my interests outside of the classroom. Fortunately, I was able to participate in a Research in Computational Science program that greatly expanded upon my knowledge … Continued

Nivi Ramasamy


How/Why Research? After a high school research experience studying how Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects the rat cerebellum, I wanted to get involved in research as much as possible in college. I found the Frohlich Lab at a Psychology and Neuroscience … Continued

Phoebe Pak


How/Why Research? Curiosity. I have always wondered why some populations are more susceptible to neurological disorders and have much more barriers to access/use of healthcare – and why our society hasn’t resolved these root causes. I got involved in research … Continued