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Kevin Gomez-Gonzalez


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because I wanted to explore topics that impacted by community beyond what I felt possible in my role as a student journalist. This process included consulting with fellow journalists and students, community leaders … Continued

Daniel Reich


How/Why Research? I have always been interested in why people make the decisions they do, and I learned that research is the best avenue for exploring that. I got involved in research through work-study positions and emailing professors. Research Experience: … Continued

Rami Darawsheh


How/Why Research? I was first introduced to research during my senior year of high school during an Honors Research program, through this program we became introduced to different research sectors, and I began to realize how broad this field was. … Continued

Annastasia Myers-Kiker


How/Why Research? I became involved in research due to several reasons: I am interested in attending a MD/PhD program and I wanted to see if I would enjoy working in the research realm, and I also enjoy learning more about … Continued

Maxfield Palmer


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because I found it incredibly interesting and I thoroughly enjoy working in a lab as well as in the field. I feel like through research I can more closely aid with research that … Continued

Anahita Gupta


How/Why Research? I was introduced to research in high school, and I immediately loved the idea of being able to study a specific topic in more detail and discover new information to add to the existing knowledge of that topic. … Continued

Aakanksha Gundu


How/Why Research? Coming into Carolina, I knew I wanted to be involved in laboratory research regarding DNA and contribute to something I am passionate about. I attended several research seminars and took IDST 184, both of which introduced me to … Continued

Reva Kodre


How/Why Research? I was inspired to conduct research in the area of immunology due to my brother’s severe allergic reactions and history of cancer in my family. Thus, I applied to a magnet STEM high school (Academy of Science) and … Continued

Hans Oh


How/Why Research? I decided to be involved in research after a high school research experience in organic chemistry. I got involved in research at UNC by reaching out to the professors and PIs whose research I was interested in. Whether it … Continued