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Anahita Gupta


How/Why Research? I was introduced to research in high school, and I immediately loved the idea of being able to study a specific topic in more detail and discover new information to add to the existing knowledge of that topic. … Continued

Divya Narayanan


How/Why Research? I was introduced to the various examples of neuroscience research and research techniques at UNC through my NSCI 175 class. My professor made sure to incorporate relevant research studies into each unit, one of which sparked my interest … Continued

Jessie Ma


How/Why Research? Research has always been highly prevalent in my life. I first got involved in research through taking initiative and participating in as many research/ science competitions as I can. I always sought after the help and expertise of … Continued

Sarah Tian


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because I wanted to be able to understand the research process and apply my learning to real-world problems. I first got involved in research in high school. I really enjoyed the experience, so … Continued

Colleen McCann


How/Why Research? I became involved with research in fall of 2020, after finding the open position on the OUR website’s opportunities database. After that, I emailed and interviewed with my current lab manager, and started working in the lab the … Continued

Jordan Kirby


How/Why Research? I got involved with research because I wanted to better understand and contribute to the creation of knowledge that is foundational to modern society. I was fortunate to meet an Exercise Science professor who was looking for undergraduate assistance … Continued

Julie Lee


How/Why Research? To be honest, I initially got involved in research out of the need to check off the “pre-health checklist”. I got involved in my lab after searching up certain research topics I was interested in, then cold-emailing my … Continued

Allie Boyer


How/Why Research? Research has made my experiences learning in class more valuable and relevant. I have had the opportunity to become involved in the applications of material and explore where my interests are. I was first involved in research with AP … Continued

Aakanksha Gundu


How/Why Research? Coming into Carolina, I knew I wanted to be involved in laboratory research regarding DNA and contribute to something I am passionate about. I attended several research seminars and took IDST 184, both of which introduced me to … Continued

Tarun Prakash


How/Why Research? I became interested in research because I viewed it as a way to exercise what I learnt in class in an impactful, meaningful way. Additionally, I saw research as a creative outlet where I could take charge of my … Continued