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Jake McGillion-Moore


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because it allowed me to be part of neuroscience in a way that advances the field as a whole while also furthering my knowledge of neuroscience. Once I was set on getting involved, … Continued

Haven Ross


How/Why Research? I got involved with research to connect all that I have learned to real world. Being able to apply what I have learned in school answered a lot of questions I had regarding the importance of my educational … Continued

Rohan Udeshi


How/Why Research? I really wanted to get involved in research through my interest in medical Ophthalmology. I wanted to discover how researchers learn and treat ocular diseases apart from how clinical Ophthalmologists treat. I got involved through scrolling through research … Continued

Paula Bravver


How/Why Research? I became involved in research to better understand the scientific process as well to gain the skills outside of a classroom environment to become a better scientist. I joined the lab in the spring of 2020 through browsing … Continued

Devanshi Raval


How/Why Research? I attended a Nutrition open house during my freshman year and learned about research work that students in the program accomplished. I was extremely fascinated by one student who worked with Dr.Carroll and the gut microbiome. After reading … Continued

Rami Darawsheh


How/Why Research? I was first introduced to research during my senior year of high school during an Honors Research program, through this program we became introduced to different research sectors, and I began to realize how broad this field was. … Continued

Alexander Tanas


How/Why Research? I got into research because I wanted to further explore topics I learned from the classes that excited me. I’m glad I did because undergraduate research is very distinct from graduate or doctoral level research and it can … Continued

Evan Rosenberg


How/Why Research? After tearing my ACL during my senior year of high school, I came to UNC and participated in many of the studies that the EXSS Department was conducting on knee injuries. I found this research extremely interesting and … Continued

Annastasia Myers-Kiker


How/Why Research? I became involved in research due to several reasons: I am interested in attending a MD/PhD program and I wanted to see if I would enjoy working in the research realm, and I also enjoy learning more about … Continued

Brendon Brown


How/Why Research? I wanted to get involved in research to explore my interests in chemistry outside of the classroom. I began my research journey when I attended a seminar my freshmen year about how to get involved in academic research, … Continued