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Tina Samodal


How/Why Research? I was always interested in water systems and how they can affect human health. After taking several biology and environmental health classes, I was looking for an opportunity to apply class knowledge to real situations and be able … Continued

Jessica Chlebowski


How/Why Research? I found research to be one of the more daunting aspects of the medical school application process and initially felt that it was not going to be for me. By directly contacting people about positions instead of relying on … Continued

Rachael Fisher


How/Why Research? I got involved in research my sophomore year in a Virology lab at UNC School of Medicine through a work study position. Then, after deciding to take a gap year due to coronavirus and reading a very interesting paper … Continued

Glorimel Rodriguez


How/Why Research? Since I took my first psychology course in high school, I knew I wanted to study psychology as a future career. I wanted to learn more about topics related to neuroscience and social psychology, so I joined Dr. Telzer’s … Continued

Avery Wall


How/Why Research? I discovered my passion for both cognitive psychology and research in high school when I took an independent research class and studied the Google Effect – the phenomenon where you are more likely to forget information you know … Continued

Sneha Makhijani


How/Why Research?I am passionate about research because I enjoy the application of science in analytical and hands-on settings! I first became involved with research when I participated in Amity University’s Biotechnology program. At UNC, I was fortunate to obtain my … Continued