Getting Published

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Looking for a place to publish your research as an undergraduate?

Consider publishing in UNC’s own undergraduate research journal, UNC JOURney. Submissions are usually accepted and reviewed early in the Spring semester. More information can be found on JOURney‘s website.

The links below will lead you to more information about peer-reviewed research journals focusing on undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work. Just click on a particular discipline to see more information about related journals.

Are you interested in writing about the research of others? Carolina Scientific is an undergraduate student organization whose mission is to produce a news magazine focusing on the exciting innovations and research that are going on at UNC-Chapel Hill in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. Ultimately, our goal is to educate and inform students on the different research labs at UNC while helping students become more involved in undergraduate research. **Important: you do not have to be currently involved in undergraduate research to write for Carolina Scientific! For more information on how to become a staff writer or how to get involved with production and layout, please email

General Science
English and Creative Writing
Global Affairs
  • The Internationalist; rolling submissions. Also has opportunities for UNC students to participate in editing.
Political Science
Women and Gender Studies