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  1. How do I sign up for the CRS Program?
    It’s easy. Just fill out the short, online CRS Program registration form. This initial registration form will let us know that you are interested in the program. We will add your name to a mailing list so you can receive announcements of workshops, lectures and other program and OUR opportunities. Later, when you have completed all of the requirements, you will submit the CRS Application for Transcript Designation Form.
  2. Are there special events to honor students who have completed the CRS Program requirements?
    Yes, all students who will complete the CRS Program requirements by the end of the academic year will be honored at the Awards Ceremony during the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research. The Celebration is held each year from 1-3 on the last Friday of the semester (link to Celebration). We hope you will invite your friends and family to attend.
  3. Are there special opportunities for students in the CRS Program?
    The university and OUR want to encourage undergraduates to become part of the UNC research community with faculty and graduate students. We also  help form a community of undergraduate researchers. We welcome your suggestions for events you would find valuable.
  4. How might the program help me after graduation?
    Students use research experiences to help choose a future career path. Along the way, students appreciate opportunities to develop new skills, meet others with similar interests, define their own styles, deepen their connections to the Carolina community, and gain confidence that they can undertake original work of significance to society.
  5. Do I have to be registered for the CRS Program to participate in other OUR programs like the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships or the Celebration of Undergraduate Research?
    No, we welcome all undergraduates to learn about and participate in the programs we offer.
  6. May I count a course that meets the definition of a research intensive course but is not in the OUR database?
    With assistance from departments, we regularly update our course database as we identify courses that meet the definition of a research intensive course: an undergraduate course in which over half of the course is devoted to students conducting original research and presenting research conclusions. If you are taking or have taken a course that meets this definition and the course is not in the database, please email and include the name of the instructor, the department, number and title of the course, the course section and the year/semester in which you took or are taking the course. We will communicate with the instructor to confirm if the course can be counted and will notify you.
  7. May I count a research-intensive course that is not in my major?
    Yes, you may take and count a research intensive course from any department.
  8. May I count any of the requirements I met before I registered for CRS Program?
    Yes, you may count all of the requirements you have completed, both before and after you registered to be a Carolina Research Scholar.
  9. May I count courses I took at another university?
    No, the CRS Program is a UNC-CH program and you may only count courses that you took here.
  10. When will the CRS notation appear on my transcript?
    If you submit the CRS Application for Transcript Designation Form by the appropriate deadline, and if you have completed the requirements, you will receive the notation on your transcript early in the following semester. If you complete the requirements during the semester that you graduate, you will receive the notation on your transcript shortly after graduation.
  11. What if I register to be a Carolina Research Scholar and then decide I don't want to complete the requirements?
    That’s o.k. If you register for the CRS Program, we will put your name on a mailing list to receive information about events we are sponsoring. You may still participate in any events you find interesting even if you don’t complete the program requirements. However, only students who have completed the requirements for the program and submit the CRS Application for Transcript Designation Form with those details will be eligible to receive the transcript notation and to participate in the Carolina Research Scholar awards ceremony.