Benefits of Research

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By engaging in undergraduate research, you will learn to apply what you already know to new issues that interest you, and have the opportunity to influence others. Along the way, you are likely to develop new skills, meet others with similar interests, gain confidence, define your own style, deepen your connections to the Carolina community, and use your experiences to help you choose a future career path. You may also create new works that are appreciated by the campus community and beyond, experience the joys of scholarship and the thrill of discovery, and watch with pride as your ideas are adapted and implemented by others.

Here’s what some students have said:

  • …my abilities to work with a team for a common goal were improved.
  • There is no better teacher than experience.
  • Doing research is a great challenge, but the rewards that come from it are amazing. It pushes me to work hard, and interests me to no end. I have had a great summer in this program, and will be forever thankful that it helped me find something that I want to pursue for the rest of my life.
  • I learned that although I want to create art *for* the public, I don’t necessarily want to create it *with* the public.
  • It allowed me to research a topic that is so important to know about in today’s world, and also allowed me to shed stereotypes in my mind as well as the stereotypes in the minds of others.
  • I now view the world with a more analytical outlook and see myriad research opportunities in everyday life.
  • This is the best way to learn things hands-on and realize how the real world works.
  • I’ve learned… [to turn ideas] into a product, something with a place in the world and an effect.