Beckman Scholars Program

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Beckman Scholars received $16,000 for research in Biology, Chemistry or Physics & Astronomy with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research for two summers ($6,000/summer) and one academic year ($4,000). In addition, each scholar received funds to travel to scientific meetings and funds for research supplies (up to $3,300). Beckman Scholars and their mentors agreed to submit research progress reports as required by the Beckman Foundation. Students could not apply to become Beckman Scholars but instead were nominated by their faculty research advisors and selected by a faculty committee. The Beckman Scholars program is not currently active.


Katie Deigan (Chemistry)

Sung Taek Kim (Biology and Biochemistry)


Abigail Knight (Chemistry)

Adele Ricciardi (Chemistry and Biology)


Surojit Biswas (Biology)

  • Faculty Research Advisor: Jeffery Dangl
  • Summer Research: Changes in cultivar-specific virulence and avirulence as related to allelic
    variation in HopF
  • Press

UNC alumnus awarded 2014-2015 Churchill Scholarship

Adam Hill (Chemistry)

  • Faculty Research Advisor: Marcey Waters
  • Summer Research: Using Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry to Find and Exclusive Receptor for