Faculty Research Advisors

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A Faculty Research Advisor must be a full-time UNC-Chapel Hill faculty member, who holds a faculty appointment in a department or curriculum at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Full-time faculty appointments include all tenured, tenure-track, and fixed-term faculty with voting rights in a department or curriculum at UNC-Chapel Hill:

  • Professor; Clinical Professor; Research Professor
  • Associate Professor; Clinical Associate Professor; Research Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor; Clinical Assistant Professor; Research Assistant Professor
  • Professor of the Practice
  • Teaching Associate Professor
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Instructor

Special Note for the SURF Program:
Faculty members must be available to advise you throughout the SURF process: proposal writing and review, the IRB process, project implementation, and final reporting in the fall.

This Faculty Research Advisor is the person who writes the recommendation letter to accompany your SURF proposal and formally approves your research report at the end of the summer. You may also want to consult with Postdoctoral Fellows, graduate students, research associates or others with expertise as co-advisors, and we encourage you to do this, but your primary research advisor must be a faculty member.