Attendee FAQ

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Is there a cost? Do I need to register?

There is no cost to attend the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and you are not required to register in advance. Please come to the lobby of the Great Hall in the Frank Porter Graham Student Union, where you will find a welcome table with programs and name tags. Students will be available to help you find specific projects.

Where can I park?

Please park in the visitor parking lot on Highway 54 (Raleigh Road next to Chapel Hill Friends Meeting House). It is located a short walk from the Student Union along a paved walkway. If you prefer, there is also metered parking on Raleigh Road, and also on Country Club Road. Please see the UNC Transportation and Parking website for more details.

How can I find out when/where someone I know is presenting?

Check the searchable program any time after March 3. You can search for presentations by presenter name, as well as by presentation topics. Posters are arranged in numerical order counting from the main door of the Great Hall. Panel presentations are assigned specific times and room numbers. Do not hesitate to ask Office for Undergraduate Research staff or the students wearing “host” name tags if you need help.

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