Celebration of Undergraduate Research 2016

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Thank you to all attendees, presenters, and moderators who helped make the 2016 Celebration of Undergraduate Research such a fantastic event. If you would like a copy of the program, please email us at our@unc.edu or download the pdf here.

Congratulations to the winners of the poster contest:

  • John Ogunkeye, Psychology & Neuroscience, “Peer Accusations of ‘Acting White’”
  • Shauna Rust, Health Policy & Management, “Tobacco Marketing at SNAP and WIC Retailers in the Continental US”
  • Kathryn Citrin, Biology, “Regulation of BMP-Dependent Angiogenesis”
  • Ian Tsun, Chemistry, “Determining the Role of BRD4 in the Cellular Response to Inhibitors”
  • Grace McLaughlin, Biology, “The Effects of Jellyfish Motion on Stratified Layers”
  • Callie Hood, Physics & Astronomy, “Faint Tidal Features Around Resolve Galaxies”
  • Olivia LaSpina-Williams, Psychology & Neuroscience, “The Importance of Socializing Gratitude from Parents to their Children”
  • Kaylyn Pogson, Biology, “Drug Delivery Methods for Resiquimod”

If you took photos, please send them to us at our@unc.edu (we are happy to credit the original photographer for each one).