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Additional Undergraduate Research Programs and Fellowships at UNC-Chapel Hill

OUR is only one of many units across UNC-Chapel Hill provide opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research. This document summarizes programs offered by other units and is intended as a quick reference guide for administrators, faculty, and students. Programs are listed in alphabetical order by the administrative unit.

This page is updated quarterly so some programs or links may have changed. If you are aware of changes or additions that should be made in future versions, please email them to our@unc.edu.

Program Title: UNC’s Global Gap Year Fellowship
Web Link: http://campus-y.unc.edu/get-involved/global-programs/gap-year
Brief Description: The highly competitive, nine-month fellowship, housed in and administered by the Campus Y, awards a $7,500 stipend to high school graduates who have been accepted to UNC Early Action and want to defer admission for one year to blend volunteer service, work and international exploration.
Contact Email: susarah@email.unc.edu

Program Title:  Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants
Web Link: http://jewishstudies.unc.edu/grants/
Brief Description: With these grants, the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies supports undergraduate student research and travel that relates to the field of Jewish Studies. Grants can be used to reimburse travel costs pertaining to research projects and/or costs for materials required for research. They can also be used to support undergraduate study abroad.
Contact Email: grants_jewishstudies@unc.edu

Program Title: Davis Projects for Peace
Web Link:
Brief Description:
Davis Projects for Peace is open to all undergraduates at the 76 institutions (including UNC-Chapel Hill) that are part of the Davis United World College Scholars Program. Students are invited to design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer. Davis Projects for Peace selects 100 projects judged to be the most promising and feasible and funds them at $10,000 each.
Contact Email and Phone Number:
Center Administration: ccps@unc.edu or (919) 843-7568.

Program Title: Mingma Norbu Sherpa Fellowship
Web Link: http://ccps.unc.edu/awards-recognition/sherpa-fellowship/
Brief Description: The inaugural Mingma Norbu Sherpa Fellowship provides $1,750 to support undergraduate or graduate field study and engaged research in environmental areas at field sites, preferably abroad. Preference will be given to students in the Buckley Public Service Scholars program who are majoring in business, environmental or economics disciplines.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Center Administration: ccps@unc.edu or (919) 843-7568.

Program Title: Carolina for Kibera James and Florence Peacock Fellowship
Web Link: http://cfk.unc.edu/
Brief Description: The Carolina for Kibera Fellowship offers graduate and undergraduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill the opportunity to apply their skills and talents while engaging in grassroots participatory development in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.  This year-long fellowship begins in the spring, where students will work with CFK staff in the U.S. and Kenya to formulate projects and to prepare for traveling to Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa.  In the summer, students will spend eight to ten weeks in Kibera to implement their project.  Upon their return to the U.S., fellows will become involved on campus at UNC, teaching students about Kibera during the fall semester.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Fellowship administration: cfk@unc.edu (919) 962-6362

Program Title: Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program
Web Link: http://mcnair.web.unc.edu/
Brief Description: McNair Scholars Program is a two-year, research apprenticeship program for first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students at UNC Chapel Hill who are committed to earning a Ph.D. Students apply for the program in the spring of their sophomore year and stay committed to the program until graduation.  The program offers a $5000 stipend over two years, intensive academic and graduate school advising, and research preparation. Scholars participate in a rigorous research internship the summer between their junior and senior year. The program provides a support environment and necessary resources for students to navigate the academy and the graduate school process.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Derrick Kay dwkay@live.unc.edu (919) 962-1281

Program Title: Summer Undergraduate Internship Program
Web Link: https://www.cpc.unc.edu/training/undergraduate-internship-program/
Brief Description: The Carolina Population Center (CPC) at UNC-Chapel Hill invites applications from undergraduate students from underrepresented groups1,2 in the population, health, and spatial sciences for research internships focused on “population and health” during the Summer.
The summer internship program provides a research and professional development framework for undergraduate students interested in population focused graduate training and careers. Interns will work a maximum of 32 hours per week (at $11 per hour) for the period May – July.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Michelle Collins: mcc@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6145

Program Title: The CV Starr Scholarship
Web Link: http://cgi.unc.edu/awards/cv-starr
Brief Description: These awards are intended to support UNC students who demonstrate financial need to undertake an independent internationally-oriented experience, including research.
Contact Email and Phone Number: csuedkamp@unc.edu (919) 962 3094

Program Title: Fulbright U.S. Student Program
Web Link: http://cgi.unc.edu/fulbright
Brief Description: The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs to graduating seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students in more than 140 countries.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Lyman Ahmed lyman@unc.edu (919) 843-6842

Program Title: Vimy Global Team Award
Web Link: http://cgi.unc.edu/vimy
Brief Description: Inspired by the adventures and pioneering spirit of UNC alumnus Peter McMillan ’81, the Vimy Award is given annually to one interdisciplinary team of students (Vimy Scholars) working collaboratively to pursue research or service projects outside the United States.  Made possible by the Global Education Fund, up to $15,000 is provided to fund a summer team project abroad.  Actual award amounts vary depending on the scope of the project and clarity of the proposed budget.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Katie Costanza katiec@unc.edu (919) 843-7546

Program Title: Latino Migration Research Awards
Web Link: https://migration.unc.edu/home/funding-employment/
Brief Description: Awards ranging between $500 and $1000 are available to UNC Chapel Hill students and faculty conducting research relating to Latin American/Latino migration.
Contact Email: Hannah Gill: hgill@email.unc.edu

Program Title: The Frances Ferris Hall Undergraduate Fellowship
Web Link: https://south.unc.edu/grants-fellowships/ 
Brief Description: The Frances Ferris Hall Fund supports research by UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates on women in the American South. The FFHF funding is provided within the standard SURF funding. Selected students will receive $2,000 at the start of the summer and the remainder of the award ($1,000) after they have submitted the required final materials and the materials are approved by OUR.

Contact Email and Phone Number: Boots Quimby: bquimby@email.unc.edu (919) 843-7761

Program Title: Frances L. Phillips Travel Award
Web Link: https://studentaffairs.unc.edu/students/phillipstravel
Brief Description: The Frances L. Phillips Travel Scholarship provides an opportunity for Juniors and Seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to engage in individual self designed and directed international travel experiences for periods ranging from two months to six months. US citizens who have attended a North Carolina high school and who have a major in the College of Arts and Sciences are encouraged to apply and approximately twenty Phillips Scholarships for up to $9,500 each are awarded every year on the basis of a competitive written application and committee interview.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Division of Student Affairs: dsa@unc.edu (919) 966-4045

Program Title: The Burch Fellowship
Web Link: http://honorscarolina.unc.edu/current-students/fellowships/burch-fellowships-2/
Brief Description: Designed for students who possess extraordinary ability, promise, and imagination, the Burch Fellows Program provides up to $6,000 to support self-designed, off-campus learning experiences like these: Working with NASA astrobiologists to answer questions about the possibility of life on other planets, or traveling to the Philippines to study how bamboo can mitigate the effects of climate change.
Contact Email: Gina Difino: HonorsBurch@unc.edu

Program Title: William D. Weir Honors Fellowships in Asian Studies
Web Link: http://honorscarolina.unc.edu/fellowships/weir-fellowships/
Brief Description: William D. Weir Honors Fellowships in Asian Studies offer Carolina undergraduates a unique opportunity to develop their language skills and gain practical, independent work experience in China. Up to three fellowships are awarded annually. Recipients spend the Spring semester in Beijing for intensive language study at the CET Chinese Language Center. They then devote eight weeks during the Summer to an unpaid internship in either Beijing or in Shanghai based at the new CET Shanghai Program center. Internships are available to match a broad range of student interests, from law and business to the arts, journalism, and health and human services. The Fellowships cover the majority of program expenses, including CET program fees, airfare, housing, textbooks, excursions, and medical insurance. Students contribute the equivalent of UNC tuition for one semester and cover their food and personal expenses.                                  Contact Email: Gina Difino: HonorsBurch@unc.edu

Program Title: The William W and Ida W. Taylor Honors Mentored Research Fellowship
Web Link: https://honorscarolina.unc.edu/fellowships/taylor-and-gold-fellowships/
Brief Description: The William W. and Ida W. Taylor Fellowship provides $4,000 grants for students working on a faculty-mentored research project during the summer. The fellowships provide opportunities for students to continue work they may already have begun with a faculty member, to get a head start on a senior honors thesis, or to travel to distant libraries, labs, or archives that might otherwise be beyond reach. Applications are encouraged from all disciplines. Applications are submitted through the Office for Undergraduate Research.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Boots Quimby: bquimby@email.unc.edu (919) 843-7761

Program Title: Class of 1938 Fellows Program
Web Link: https://cgi.unc.edu/funding-opp/class-of-1938/
Brief Description: The UNC-Chapel Hill Alumni Class of 1938 annually awards summer study abroad fellowships to U.S. students interested in pursuing independent career or personal projects outside the United States. This is a unique scholarship program because it provides financial assistance to students who could not perform independent projects abroad without the support of the Class of 1938 funding. Fellowships of $5000 each are awarded. The number and amount of the fellowships are subject to approval by the 1938 Endowment Committee board members.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Lyman Ahmed lyman@unc.edu (919) 843-6842

Program Title: Increasing Diversity and Enhancing Academia (IDEA) Carolina Undergraduate Research Experience at UNC-Chapel Hill
Web Link: https://ie.unc.edu/idea-undergraduate/
Brief Description: IDEA provides paid geoscience research opportunities and graduate school preparation at UNC-Chapel Hill to full-time undergraduate students during both the summer and academic year. Our goal is to increase the participation of underrepresented minority students in the geosciences and provide the support and training necessary to pursue a graduate degree. To do this we provide opportunities for students to: (1) Conduct lab and field research with UNC faculty, (2) Earn a $4500 stipend, (3) Participate in graduate school preparation seminars, (4) Attend informal gatherings with fellow undergraduate research assistants and faculty and mentors in this field, (5) Present your work at regional or national conferences, and (6) in some cases find a continued academic year research.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Megan Hughes: meganhughes@unc.edu (919) 966-2463

Program Title: Chancellor’s Science Scholars
Web Link: https://chancellorssciencescholars.unc.edu/
Brief Description: The Chancellor’s Science Scholars Program provides a pathway to success for highly able students who aspire to become leading PhD and MD/PhD scientists in our increasingly interdisciplinary world. Aiming to increase the diversity among future science leaders, the Chancellor’s Science Scholars Program provides a head start for superb students, allowing them to succeed in math, science and engineering at the highest level. Science Scholars conduct independent research projects under the guidance of a mentoring circle, composed of faculty, graduate students, and professionals on campus. The program begins with an accelerated six-week residential experience the summer before their first year.
Contact Email and Phone Number: ScienceScholars@unc.edu (919) 445-0833

Program Title: Science and Math Achievement and Resourcefulness Track Program (SMART)
Web Link: http://www.unc.edu/depts/our/students/fellowship_supp/smart.html
Brief Description: All currently enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate students in good academic standing who have completed no more than two semesters of academic work are eligible to apply. 10 selected rising sophomore students will spend eight weeks during the summer doing 30 hours of research per week with a faculty advisor in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Computer Science, Biology, or Geology. They may also work with a postdoctoral or graduate student mentor. Students may also enroll in one 3 hour course for each of UNC’s two sessions of Summer School.
Contact Email: Gidi Shemer bishemer@email.unc.edu

Program Title: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)
Web Link: https://our.unc.edu/surf
Brief Description: All currently enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate students in good academic standing who will graduate after November and who wish to engage in undergraduate research, scholarship or performance for at least 9 weeks, with a minimum 20 hours/week, between May 13 and August 16 are eligible to apply. Students must be enrolled the semester before (spring) and the semester after (fall) completion of the SURF. The projects must be carried out under the supervision of a UNC-Chapel Hill faculty research advisor, and additional collaboration with a postdoctoral fellow or graduate student mentor is encouraged. Selected students will receive at least $3,000. Honors students selected for the The William W. and Ida W. Taylor Fellowship receive $4000.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Boots Quimby bquimby@email.unc.edu (919) 843-7761

Program Title: Travel Award
Web Link: https://our.unc.edu/students/funding-opportunities/conference-travel-award/
Brief Description: The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) announces the availability of awards (up to $500) to UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate students to defray the cost of travel to present results of their research or creative performance at a professional conference in their field. The travel awards are made possible by a generous gift from the McGee Family Undergraduate Research Fund. Since these funds are used for registration and travel expenses, this award is sometimes referred to as the “Travel Award.” Successful applicants will be reimbursed for up to $500 of their travel and/or meeting registration expenses. While financial need is a consideration for selection, it is not the only criterion. We welcome applications that reflect presentations from diverse disciplines as represented in the arts and humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the professional schools. We also encourage applications from diverse student populations such as first-time and experienced presenters.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Boots Quimby bquimby@email.unc.edu (919) 843-7761

Program Title: The Bernard Boyd Memorial Fellowship
Web Link: https://religion.unc.edu/undergraduate/awards-and-honors/
Brief Description: The Boyd Fellowship is a $11,000 fellowship given annually to a major or double major in the Department of Religious Studies who plans to pursue either graduate or professional education in religion. Current majors, as well as those who graduated the preceding year but did not immediately enter graduate or professional school in religion, are eligible. All currently enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill Honors students in good academic standing who will graduate after November and wish to engage in undergraduate research or artistic projects for at least six (6) weeks between May 10 and August 22 are eligible to apply. The projects must be carried out under the supervision of a UNC-Chapel Hill faculty mentor. Applicants may work on projects of their own design or participate in their faculty mentors’ ongoing research efforts. Applications are welcome from students in all majors and disciplines.
Contact Email and Phone Number: David Lambert: dalambe@email.unc.edu (919) 843-9117

Program Title: Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship
Web Link: https://carolinaasiacenter.unc.edu/scholarships/the-mahatma-gandhi-fellowship/
Brief Description: This fellowship awards two summer grants of up to $3,000 each to develop and implement civic engagement projects that employ innovative, sustainable approaches to complex social needs in one of the eight South Asian countries. Projects are to be carried out in the summer months. Any returning, full-time undergraduate or graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill is eligible to apply.
Contact Email: Fellowship administration: uncmgf@gmail.com

Program Title: The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE-REU)
Web Link: http://www.med.unc.edu/oge/stad/sure/
Brief Description: (SURE-REU) Program in Molecular Biosciences at UNC-Chapel Hill provides talented undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out independent research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors in the following areas: biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, cellular biophysics, structural biology, computational biology, genetics, genomics, and proteomics. For 10 weeks during the summer, undergraduate students are immersed in the SURE-REU (REU program in Molecular Biosciences) experience; they work side-by-side with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty who serve as role models and as mentors.
Contact Email: Program Administration: sure@med.unc.edu

Program Title: Summer of Learning and Research (SOLAR)
Web Link: http://www.med.unc.edu/oge/stad/solar
Brief Description: UNC’s Summer of Learning and Research (SOLAR) Program is an intensive 10-week experience designed to prepare under represented minority students for graduate research and careers in science.  The program is open to rising juniors and seniors from underrepresentated populations.  Our goal is to provide undergraduate students interested in careers in biomolecular research with an opportunity to carry out independent research projects under the guidance of a UNC faculty mentor. This intense summer research experience will introduce you to cutting-edge research and will provide you with a realistic view of graduate school and biomedical research careers. You will be immersed in the research process, including the design of a research project, methods for conducting controlled experiments, data collection, data analysis, and team-work. We will help you develop strong scientific communication skills and you will have the opportunity to present your work in the cross-campus summer research poster session at the end of the summer.
Contact Email: Program Administration: solar@unc.edu 

Program Title: Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation
Web Link: https://nursing.unc.edu/academic-programs/
Brief Description: Each year, six undergraduate nursing students will enter the Hillman Scholars Program, which puts them on an academic path that culminates in a PhD in nursing. After finishing the BSN requirements, the Scholars can complete the PhD program in approximately three to four years. By integrating the nursing education traditionally associated with the BSN program with advanced study as nurse scientists and innovative leaders, the program prepares scholars to influence health care beginning early in their careers. Hillman Scholars Program applications are typically due in the fall of each year.
Contact Email: Program Administration: hillman@unc.edu

Program Title: The Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP)
Web Link: http://murap.unc.edu/
Brief Description: The Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP) is a graduate-level research experience for highly talented students from diverse backgrounds. MURAP aims at fostering the entrance of students into graduate school and faculty positions in academia. Each summer, the program brings a cohort of 18-22 undergraduates (rising juniors and seniors) to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus for an intensive, ten-week research experience.
Contact Email and Phone Number: MURAP administration: murap@unc.edu (919) 962-6811

Program Title: Carolina Southeast Asia Summer Program (SEAS)
Web Link: http://studyabroad.unc.edu/Singapore/contact/index.html
Brief Description: Carolina Southeast Asia Summer Program (SEAS) is an eight -week experience in Southeast Asia that is offered 25 students during the summer following their first year at Carolina The first half will be based at the National University of Singapore and will include a long-weekend excursion to Brunei, while the students will spend the last part of the program in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by Mahidol University International College.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Director Bob Miles bob.miles@unc.edu (919) 843-6299.

Program Title: The Phillips Ambassadors Program
Web Link: http://phillips.studyabroad.unc.edu/page/overview
Brief Description: Recipients will receive a financial scholarship of up to $5,000 to go toward the costs of the study abroad program in Asia. All UNC students in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0, and who are accepted to a UNC-approved study abroad program in Asia, other than the SEAS and the Weir Honors Fellowship in Asian Studies programs, are eligible to apply to become Phillips Ambassadors.
Contact Email and Phone Number: Program Manager, Dori Brady: dori.brady@unc.edu (919)-843-7522

Program Title: Various Programs
Web Link: http://studyabroad.unc.edu
Brief Description: Many of the 320 approved summer, semester, and year-long study abroad programs offer opportunities for UNC undergraduates to participate in research alongside coursework abroad.  In some cases the research is a formal credit bearing opportunity, and in other cases students initiate a research opportunity by connecting with a professor at one of UNC’s partner universities.
Contact Email: abroad@unc.edu