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Virtual Celebration of Undergraduate Research 2020

Due to our inability to have an in-person Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Making Expo this spring, we are moving the Celebration online! Please use the table below to browse dozens of abstracts and posters showcasing innovative research from Carolina’s undergraduates.

Korzik, MorganEvaluation of Physical Developer for Latent PrintsPosterBiology
Boyd, Angel; Guerra Chavez, Maria Paula; Ge, Yi Villa AdrianaPosterRomance Languages
Atisa, MatthewDeep Learning with Specialized Training for Fast Computer Generated HolographyPosterApplied Sciences
Plazas, CinthyasDetermining how Placental Epigenetic Machinery Expression is Impacted by Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesPosterHealth Environmental Science & Engineering
Ni, RobinOver-the-counter Medication Use in a Community-based Sample of Preschool-age ChildrenPosterDentistry
Gauger, NatalieHow Land-Use Efficiency Affects Nitrogen Loading in NC WatershedsPosterGeography
Binion, ChaseCharacterizing a Genetic Variant with High Risk of Osteoarthritis Using Knockout Mice and Engineered CartilagePosterBiomedical Engineering
Cheng, LindaWithout Identity, Voice, or Society? The Power of Student Perceptions in the 1989 Tiananmen Square ProtestsPosterHistory
Sethi, ArmaanLearning the Complete Shape of Concentric Tube RobotsPosterComputer Science
Avula, VennelaEffects of Inorganic Arsenic on the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, Migration, and Invasion of Placental CellsPosterHealth Environmental Science & Engineering
Marginean, ValentinaPhysical and Psychosocial Changes during the Menopause Transition among Latinas: A Narrative ReviewPosterNursing
Lu, KayleneProteolysis Targeting Chimaeras Induce the Degradation of EpidermalGrowth Factor Receptor in Lung CancerPosterBiology
Bobrowski, TesiaAre Kinases Double-Agents?: Host Kinase Overexpression as a Guide for Antiviral Drug DevelopmentPosterPharmacy
Joseph, Sophie; Russel, El; Catalos, VictorEffects of Academic Stress on Cognitive Ability & Working Memory PosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Lane, Antony; Mehra, Rahul; Netschytailo, Hannah
Perceived Stress and Sense of Belongingness in First-Generation College StudentsPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Wang, EmilyNetwork Structure of Psychopathology Symptoms in a Community Sample of YouthPosterNursing
Armstrong, ElyseHow North Carolinian Nonprofit Organizations Foster Public Education Equity for Hispanic/Latinx YouthPosterGlobal Studies
Huber, Emily; Musa, Rachel; Matada, HarshiThe Impact of Acute Stress on Emotional Experiences and Histamine ReactivityPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Stewart, AshleyInvestigation of Methylation at Site K117 in KRAS Protein PosterBiology
Thaker, Ishan; Young, Catherine; Li, XueyangInvestigating How Socioeconomic Status Influences Response to Acute StressPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Herron, RyanEntrepreneurship as Empowerment: Economic Mobility in the United StatesPosterBusiness Administration
Arnold, Emily Promising Practices for Workforce Housing: Implications for Colleges and UniversitiesPosterBusiness Administration
Modini, BrodiePerformance Enhancing Strategies Used by Elite AthletesPosterExercise & Sport Science
Herman, Kristyna; Torres, Gabriela; Yokoyama, Keita; Gallippi, CaterinaElastically Anisotropic Phantoms Constructed from 3D-printed PLA FibersPosterBiomedical Engineering
Mahesh, DivyaThe Relationship Between DNA Damage Response and Accumulation of DNA Damage in LRRK2 G2019S Parkinson's DiseasePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Smith IV, Curtis; Moore, KathleenDeterminants of Case Outcomes in Family Dependency Treatment CourtPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Zitkus, OliviaMarket Effects of Court Decisions: A Case Study of Antiquities at Auction in New York and London
Xu, ZiqianChildhood Trauma’s Modifying Effect on Reward and Punishment Sensitivities’ Associations with Eating Disorder SymptomsPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Baffoe-Bonnie, Adwoa
Assessing Maternal Knowledge of Newborn Danger Signs and Optimal Breast Feeding Practices in Kumasi, GhanaPosterPublic Policy
Eckard, Caelan; Lehman, StefanChronic Ankle Instability URCT: Design Team 2019-2020PosterExercise & Sport Science
Chen, Pinyu; Kennedy, KatieThe Influence of Isometric Strength Specificity on Functional Task AbilitiesPosterExercise & Sport Science
Hoch, CarolineNeurocognitive Heterogeneity within ADHD and Typically Developing Children
PosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Twomey, ChloeInvestigating the molecular mechanisms that govern stemness versus differentiation in salivary mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Hobgood, TaylorThe Relationship Between Prenatal Economic Strain and Infant Irritability at 6 Months of AgePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Clapper, HaleyMicrobial and genetic determinants of Listeria monocytogenes colonization of A. thaliana roots
Diaz, Gabriela; Patel, Rima; Bhatti, Sameer; Vytla, Nikhil
Development of the Electronics for a Gait Retraining DevicePosterExercise & Sport Science
Chaudhry, EzanThe Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Influenza Vaccination and Host MetabolismPosterNutrition
Pitsinger, TaylorEnergy Absorption of Lower Extremity Joints During a Drop Vertical Jump Task in Healthy IndividualsPosterExercise & Sport Science
Mueller, ColeVibration based Feedback For Gait Training In Those With Chronic Ankle InstabilityPosterExercise & Sport Science
Sukhramani, Anushka; Rader, Abby
Sex Differences in Sucrose Sensitivity in Drosophila melanogasterPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Williams, AbigailUse of a Canine Gastrointestinal Olfactory Stimulant in a Shelter SettingPosterBiology
Fatima, SarahThe Association between Patient-Reported Outcomes and a Heart Failure Risk Predication Tool in the Emergency DepartmentPosterNutrition
Noble, JackMedicaid Work Requirements: The Impact on Payer Mix, Operating Margins, and Uncompensated Care Costs of Disproportionate-Share Hospitals in North Carolina
PosterBusiness Administration
Stewart, NehemiahEvaluating the Variability of Gas Transfer Velocity in Mountain Streams as a Function of Stream Kinematics and CO2 Mass BalancePosterGeography
Karras, ChristopherShould you should others: Sustainable marketing's impact on brand perception and green sportswear consumptionPosterBusiness Administration
McDonald, JoannaEngineering Microvascular Networks for MechanotransductionPosterBiomedical Engineering
Kostov, AnthonyVascular Function Following a Mental Stressor Among Fit versus Non-fit Young AdultsPosterExercise & Sport Science
Gerlach, LauraWomen in Male-Dominated Careers: Interactions Between Early Career Experiences of Tokenism and Future Career TrajectoriesPosterBusiness Administration
Nguyen, JulieAssessing the Early Stage Acceptability of Good Bowls among Corner Store Customers in Warren County, NCPosterHealth Policy & Management
Nandi, Anwesha
Thailand’s Policy Response to HIV Among Sex Workers: A Look Through A Gendered LensPosterPublic Policy
Herrero, LucianaStrategic Learning in Young Unimpaired AdultsPosterBiomedical Engineering
Ankeny, Sarrah; Arzt, Cami; Baffoe-Bonnie, Adwoa; Borchlewicz, Mia; Harrison, Jae'Lon Makai Molecular sex differences in CGRP-expressing noradrenergic neurons in the mouse SubCV and A5PosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Forester, KatieThe Recovery of Dma1,2Δ S. cerevisae on phleomycinPosterBiology
Wang, WenzhongDynamics of Reduced El Nino ModelsPosterMathematics
Naude, AllisonFear Learning Predicts PTSD Symptoms in Children After Hurricane FlorencePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Ramsey, Megan; Janampalli, Mrinaj; Pfeiler, Emma; Snider, Michael; Borchlewicz, MiaExploration of CGRP co-expression in the LC and SubCD noradrenergic subpopulations of male and female micePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Suchy, Ashley; Abdallah, Eman; Ajit, Aditi; Eaker, Alex;3D Modeling Downstream Effects of Aripiprazole Binding to the D2 Dopamine ReceptorPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Daniel, Brittany;
Rubalcava, Dillon; DePoalo, Matt
3D-model structure of the D2 dopamine receptor bound to the atypical antipsychotic drug risperidonePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Tunau-Spencer, Khalid
Effects of surface interaction on c-di-GMP regulation in Clostridioides difficilePosterBiology
Edwards, ZacharyThe Effect of Patent Expiration on Pharmaceutical Firms' R&DPosterEconomics
Estacio-Manning, Anayancy

Analyzing Effectiveness of Payment Ecosystem Services in Ecuador from an Environmental and Socioeconomic PerspectivePosterGeography
Levin, Sally; Lavigne, TylerCampus Free Expression and Student Self-Silencing: Why Students Don’t Feel Comfortable Expressing Their ViewsPosterJournalism & Mass Communication
Morris, EvelynHealth and Risk PreferencesPosterEconomics
Morris, Evelyn; Arun, Ashikha; Catalan, Victor; Chenard, Matt; Borchlewicz, MiaSex Differences in Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide expression in Norepinephrine subpopulation A7 in micePosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Mory, JessicaInterindividual Differences in Cell Type Proportions During Human Cortical NeurogenesisPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Colby, EvanA Phonetic Investigation of Greek PalatalsPosterLinguistics
Chung, Ji HeonDetermining Phrike (Phrke) Phenotype Causing Mutation through Micro-array Assay AnalysisPosterBiology
Dodge, MaryJudicious Judges? Analyzing the Effects of Judicial Discretion and Crime Type on Sentencing OutcomesPosterEconomics
Onnink, Carly; Jenkins, Parker; Milligan, Emma; Tart, Seth3D Model of Crystallized Human Cannabinoid ReceptorsPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Rabinowitz, LouisMolecular Dynamics Simulations of CollagenPosterPhysics & Astronomy
Giffin, KateEffectiveness of antismoking ads across the socioeconomic spectrumPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Sutton, KelseyRural-Urban Disparities in Adolescent Girl Suicidal Ideation and Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Friendship QualityPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Karakash, WilliamThe Effect of Vibration-Based Feedback on Gait Biomechanics in those with Chronic Ankle InstabilityPosterExercise & Sport Science
Milanovic, Silvija; Jarvis, Chase; LaGarde, Hadden; Thomas, Josh; Borchlewicz, Mia Sex Differences in the Expression of CGRP in C2/A2 Norepinephrine NeuronsPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Gorman, Benjamin; Huynh, Susan; Hargraves, Luke; Parker, Sarah; Wiafe, BrittanyTransitions: A Study of College Life and Well-BeingPosterEconomics
Scales, Sinclaire
The Effects of Race-Related Rejection Sensitivity on Detection of Emotion in FacesPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Evans, Felix; McGeady, EmiThe Accuracy of Drones in Forest Structure Analysis: Determining Height and DBH of Canopy TreesPosterEnvironmental Science
Aiello, ClaudiaDeveloping an invitro model for immune mediated podocyte injury in Nephrotic SyndromePosterBiology
Alanis, Leslie; Brooks, Florence; Cline, Katelyn; McMahon, Katie; Smith, Isabelle; Tammi, Alexis
Sustainability in the UNC Food SystemPosterInterdisciplinary Studies
Kanakanui, KendallComparison of nutrition, body composition, and perceived quality of health in adults with low or moderate perceived stressPosterExercise & Sport Science
Churiwal, Mehal; Alicardi, Annika; Feinsilber, Hannah; McCormick, Lauren; Nsehti, NaijhaUnderstanding the Issue of Open Defecation in Bokaro, Jharkhand, IndiaPosterHealth Environmental Science & Engineering
Paydarfar, Daniel
Stochastic Methods Can Resolve the Dilemma of Emergency Stroke TransportPosterMathematics
Cardoso, AlexaGround Reaction Force Variables Differ Between Dominant and Non-Dominant Limbs During a Drop Vertical Jump TaskPosterExercise & Sport Science
Schmidt, StephenImproved Methods for Ground-Based Follow-Up of Young Stars and Planets from the ZEIT SurveyPosterPhysics & Astronomy
Koricke, CarolineSea Turtle Response to Airborne Sargassum OdorsPosterBiology
Dixon, DelaneObstetric Fistula in Ethiopia and Limited Health FunctionsPosterAfrican & African American Studies
Scott-Hearn, Nicholas
Dynamic Price Discrimination in Airline Markets Among Strategic ConsumersPosterEconomics
Costley, PatrickSelecting an Optimal Figure Skating Judging SystemPosterEconomics
Mantione, Chase; Weinberg, Ben; Evans, Josh
Naloxone’s Binding Sites on the μ-Opioid ReceptorPosterPsychology & Neuroscience
Brown, GrantViability of 3D Alginate Encapsulation Isolated and Aggregated Rat Hepatocytes Through 8-days of Roller Bottle CulturePosterBiomedical Engineering
Kapoor, IshaniA New Nutritional Effector of Autophagy in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaePosterBiology