About OUR

About OUR

OUR Vision and Mission

At the Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR), we believe that students who experience inquiry and discovery during their college careers are better prepared to address future unsolved problems and to assume important roles as enlightened citizens and leaders.

This belief is a major inspiration for our vision, which is to expand the opportunities for our undergraduates to engage in innovative research, mentored scholarship, creative expression, and entrepreneurship.

A key aspect of fulfilling this vision rests in removing financial, social, and/or cultural barriers, so research can become a central feature of the undergraduate experience for all students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Therefore, our mission focuses on supporting undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and faculty involved in undergraduate research by administering programs that facilitate, fund, and recognize their undergraduate research efforts.

The opportunities to make undergraduate research a seamless part of the culture at UNC-Chapel Hill are plentiful and exciting. We welcome your continuing input, and encourage you to contact us at our@unc.edu.

OUR Strategies

In line with our vision and mission, we offer the following programs and services:

  • Mentored research programs: Stimulate and fund opportunities for UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates to engage in mentored research with faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill and around the world. See Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships and the Research Opportunities Database.
  • Instructional programs for undergraduates: Promote high quality undergraduate instruction to students through courses that expose undergraduates to different modes of inquiry (e.g. IDST 194IDST 184), and encourage the development of opportunities for undergraduate engagement in innovative research, creative expression, and entrepreneurial endeavors (e.g., GRCs). See Find Research Courses and Graduate Research Consultant Program.
  • Instructional Programs for Faculty, Graduate Students, and Post-Doctoral Scholars: Facilitate training of faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students in inquiry-based teaching methods and engaged research scholarship.  See Workshops.
  • Program Evaluation and Analysis: Analyze and synthesize current data on participation in undergraduate research across the university and present it in a user-friendly format. See Data and Publications.
  • Outreach: Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with faculty, staff and students throughout UNC-Chapel Hill and communicate results of research by undergraduates to the UNC-Chapel Hill and broader North Carolina communities. See OUR AmbassadorsOUR Department Liaisons, and Share Your Research.
  • Grant Development: Facilitate the development and administration of grants for faculty advisors to promote mentored research with undergraduates and inquiry-based teaching methods (e.g., GRCs, flipped classrooms). See Beckman Scholars Programs.