Celebration of Undergraduate Research

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The Eighteenth Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research at UNC-Chapel Hill will be held April 27, 2017, from 1:15-4:30 at the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. The Celebration is free, open to the public and registration is not required. Attendees can find more details here.

The Celebration of Undergraduate Research is a research symposium held at UNC-Chapel Hill each April. The goal of the Celebration is to showcase and encourage meaningful research in all disciplines by undergraduates at the UNC-Chapel Hill.

Undergraduate students present research in all disciplines in concurrent poster and panel sessions. Students can also use the Celebration as an opportunity to meet potential faculty advisors and find out about research opportunities at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The 2017 schedule is now available! You can search for a specific presentation or poster by going to the searchable listing. You can also view a listing of all the posters and the oral presentations. You can also view or download a PDF of the complete program.

At 3:45, all are invited to the Student Union Auditorium to honor the Carolina Research Scholars and the winners of the awards for best poster.


Abstracts of research presented in previous years can be searched here. This database includes more than 800 abstracts, along with information about faculty advisors and other mentors.

The Celebration is sponsored by the Office for Undergraduate Research and co-sponsored by The Roosevelt Institute.

Attendees and presenters can look up 2016 presentations and posters by student name, advisor, major, and other details here. The complete panel session program and poster session program from past years are also available.


There will be concurrent oral presentations, poster sessions, and performance sessions. Session I runs from 1:15-2:15 pm and Session II is from 2:30-3:30 pm. Presenters are expected to stay for their entire session.

Many of the poster and panel sessions will be organized around special topics. These topics include:

  • Health & Well-Being: This session encompasses subjects relating to the biomedical and socio-cultural determinants and consequences of health and illness. This includes all stages of research on the human body; cell, molecular, and developmental biology; environmental determinants of disease; and diagnostics, therapies and treatments.
  • Diversity & Equity: This platform session will include research that relates to issues of access, fairness, and inclusion for all groups of people.
  • Environment: Does your research consider the physical world and/or how we relate to it? This panel will consider research relating to both the environment itself, including geology, zoology, botany, and similar research, as well as to human impact.
  • Fine Arts: Have you done research on dance, music, theater or art? This platform session will consider performance from a variety of places, times and cultures, as well as research that examines the creative arts.
  • Education: This platform discussion will focus on topics relating to education, including issues of access, organization and administration of school systems, achievement gaps, best practices in teaching, evaluation and assessment, and all aspects of learning.
  • The US & Foreign Relations: Are you studying how the United States interacts with other countries at a governmental or individual level? This platform session will include research on countries as well as international policy making. It also includes research that looks at US citizens in other countries or foreign citizens in the US, historically or now.