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Chancellor Folt Addresses Undergraduate Research award recipients

Carolina faculty members have many opportunities to help undergraduate students engage in research during class and in mentored projects. Students often get their first exposure to research through coursework or from hearing about faculty members’ own research projects.

If you’re a faculty member at UNC-Chapel Hill and you’re interested in working research projects into classes, these links may help you get started.

Offering a Research Exposure Course, with or without the help of a Graduate Research Consultant, provides a first research experience to students at an early stage. Research experiences can be worked into any course through Inquiry-Based Teaching.

You might also consider posting a Research Opportunity for undergraduates to work on one of your research projects in our database of research opportunities. If you’ve already posted a research opportunity, you can edit it here.

Faculty who will be working with students one-on-one in a Research-Intensive course with a course number ending in *95 (i.e., 295, 395) in any department may apply for a Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses. The award will cover in-state tuition for one three-hour course. Although the award is granted to the student, the faculty member must submit the application.

Other useful links for faculty members: