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The 19th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research at UNC-Chapel Hill will be held April 12, 2018, from 1:15-4:30 at the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. Abstracts are due March 1.

The Celebration of Undergraduate Research is a research symposium held at UNC-Chapel Hill each April. The goal of the Celebration is to showcase and encourage meaningful research in all disciplines by undergraduates at the UNC-Chapel Hill. The Celebration is free, open to the public and registration is not required! Learn more by clicking here.


Call for Undergraduate Research Consultant Team (URCT) proposals: URCTs are small “strike teams” of students from multiple disciplines who will execute well-defined, one semester projects guided by a faculty advisor. Proposals are being accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday March 16th for awards of up to $5,000 per team to cover the costs of conducting the project (e.g. supplies, travel, etc.) and can be generated by faculty or students. Students will register for a 1-credit course (IDST 195) under the supervision of the faculty advisor as part of the award. Download the URCT application instructions.

Call for Research Related Skills (RRS) course proposals: Students enroll in independent research will register for a 1-credit recitation section that will meet weekly in setting similar to “journal club” or “research group” meetings. Course could be organized around a specific area of research or may be more general. The goals for student learning include critical analysis of scholarly literature, scholarly writing, and oral communication of research. Proposals are being accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday March 16th for awards of up to $3,000 in salary support for course instructors (i.e. overload for faculty or stipend support for postdoctoral fellows) that also attend a year-long faculty learning community. Download the RRS application instructions.

What is Undergraduate Research?

At Carolina, we define undergraduate research as mentored, self-directed work that enables individual students or small groups of students to explore an issue of interest to them, and communicate the results to others. The projects involve inquiry, design, investigation, research, scholarship, discovery, application, writing and/or performance to a greater or lesser degree depending on the topic. There is often an immediate connection to a local, national, or international issue, and an increasing appreciation of the value of multidisciplinary approaches.