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University Research Week

University Research Week is a semi-annual, campus-wide event designed to improve awareness of what it means to be a research university, align the University’s missions of producing world-class research and providing a world-class undergraduate education, and promote opportunities for students to discover and engage in research and scholarship. In support of this weeklong effort, departments are encouraged to coordinate department-specific activities such as research interest group meetings; workshops for faculty and students to network and foster new research opportunities; symposia highlighting faculty and student research and scholarship; and tours of laboratories and other research facilities. In addition, faculty are encouraged to take 15-20 minutes during a class that week to discuss their own research with undergraduate students.

The inaugural University Research Week occurred last spring and was a great success. University Research Week 2018 will be held November 5 – 9, 2018.

Click here for the University Research Week 2018 Schedule.

If you’re interested in using social media to promote University Research Week, please use the following prompts for the selected hashtags, which are #URWUNC and #WhyResearchUNC.

Purpose: To be inclusive of all members of campus
Prompt: Share activities, events, and what is happening by using #URWUNC hashtag.
Any medium welcomed.

Purpose: To be Inclusive of all members of campus and the those served by UNC.
Prompt: Share your ideas, thoughts, personal motivation, and pride for your school, work, and life by using #WhyResearchUNC hashtag.
Any medium welcomed.

Please contact Boots Quimby at bquimby@email.unc.edu, if you have ideas or questions regarding sponsoring activities or events during the week of November 5th.