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Research Exposure Courses

Research-exposure courses introduce you to research on a particular topic or in a specific field, and will include at least one fully-realized research project as part of coursework. Many, but not all, Research Exposure Courses have a graduate student who serves as a consultant to help you with the research project. These “Graduate Research Consultants” (GRCs) are there to coach you in your research process.

You can search for recent Research-Exposure Courses using the tables below. Please consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major department if you have specific questions about courses that teach research methods.

Course # SemesterInstructor
ANTH 123Fall 2018Briggs
ANTH 427Fall 2018Slocum
ANTH 625Fall 2018Price
ARAB 453Fall 2018Yaqub
ARTH 151Fall 2018Douglas
ARTH 152Fall 2018Grady
ARTH 161Fall 2018Cao
ARTH 272Fall 2018Brachmann
ARTH 283Fall 2018Sherman
ARTH 360Fall 2018Brachmann
ARTH 370Fall 2018Desplanque
ARTS 104Fall 2018Little
ARTS 132Fall 2018Cox
ARTS 290Fall 2018Wuerfel
ARTS 305Fall 2018Wuerfel
ARTS 324Fall 2018Marzan
ARTS 59Fall 2018Hirschfield
ASIA 231Fall 2018Taj
ASIA 331Fall 2018Lothspeich
BIOL 395HFall 2018Shemer
BIOL 424Fall 2018Shank
BIOL 425Fall 2018Sekelsky, Copenhaver
BIOL 426HFall 2018Church
BIOL 452Fall 2018Hedrick, Servedio
BIOL 514HFall 2018Pfennig
BIOL 553Fall 2018Hedrick, Servedio
BMME 697Fall 2018Hubbard
CHIN 490Fall 2018Hsiao
CLAS 131HFall 2018Rives
CLAS 263HFall 2018Duncan
CLAS 362HFall 2018Baragwanath
CLAS 73HFall 2018Valladares
CMPL 277HFall 2018Legassie
COMM 131Fall 2018Coen
COMM 230Fall 2018Hondros
COMM 230Fall 2018Rankus
COMM 262HFall 2018Pollack
COMM 312Fall 2018Waltman
COMM 335Fall 2018Coen
COMM 364Fall 2018Hamilton
COMM 390Fall 2018Acosta
COMM 431Fall 2018Robinson
COMM 437Fall 2018Craft
COMM 450Fall 2018Nishimura
COMM 450Fall 2018Spielman
COMM 524Fall 2018Silva
COMM 525Fall 2018MAY
COMM 537Fall 2018Acosta
COMM 537.001Fall 2018ACOSTA
COMM 564Fall 2018Young
COMM 63Fall 2018Megel
COMM 654Fall 2018Rankus
COMM 73Fall 2018Blair
COMM 82Fall 2018Dempsey
COMM 88Fall 2018Palm
COMP 380Fall 2018Nicholas
COMP 550Fall 2018Snoeyink
DRAM 120Fall 2018Kable
DRAM 120Fall 2018Perry
DRAM 120HFall 2018Kable
DRAM 150Fall 2018Gates
DRAM 150Fall 2018Williams
DRAM 155Fall 2018Parks
DRAM 170Fall 2018Gibson
DRAM 231Fall 2018Craft
DRAM 245Fall 2018Dooley
DRAM 250Fall 2018Gibson
DRAM 277Fall 2018Coble
DRAM 279Fall 2018Haslett
DRAM 281Fall 2018Kable
DRAM 284Fall 2018King
DRAM 300Fall 2018Bersley
DRAM 488Fall 2018Versenyi
DRAM 79Fall 2018Perry
DRAM 80Fall 2018Owen
DRAM 81HFall 2018Kable
DRAM 83Fall 2018Navalinsky
DRAM 87HFall 2018Coble
ECON 510Fall 2018Li
ECON 510Fall 2018Parreiras
ECON 510Fall 2018Parreiras
ECON 511Fall 2018Parreiras
ECON 551Fall 2018Fruehwirth
ECON 560Fall 2018Conway
ECON 570Fall 2018Parke
ECON 570Fall 2018Parke
ECON 580Fall 2018Peter
ECON 586Fall 2018Turchi
ENGL 202Fall 2018Falzett
ENGL 310Fall 2018Falzett
ENGL 89Fall 2018Nguyen, Jack
EXSS 322Fall 2018Jensen
EXSS 410Fall 2018Ryan
FOLK 202Fall 2018Falzett
FOLK 310Fall 2018Falzett
FREN 260Fall 2018Ritter
FREN 331Fall 2018Tanner
FREN 370Fall 2018Heitsch
FREN 388Fall 2018Melehy
FREN 490Fall 2018Tanner
FREN 575Fall 2018Serrato
GEOL 074HFall 2018Coleman
HIST 174HFall 2018Aydin
HIST 175HFall 2018Burns
HIST 50Fall 2018Whalen
HIST 89Fall 2018Gellman
HIST 89Fall 2018Hof
HNUR 305Fall 2018Taj
ITAL 240Fall 2018Fritz-Morkin
ITAL 300Fall 2018Chambless
KOR 305Fall 2018Jo
KOR 327Fall 2018Jo
LATN 221Fall 2018Lye
LING 202Fall 2018Mora-marin
LING 444Fall 2018Roberge
LING 541Fall 2018Mora-marin
MASC 433Fall 2018Cable
MASC 470Fall 2018Alperin
MASC 490Fall 2018Rosman
MASC 503Fall 2018Rodriguez
MASC 506Fall 2018Bane
MASC 560Fall 2018Scotti
MASC 705Fall 2018Marchetti
MASC 706Fall 2018Marchetti
MASC 761Fall 2018Bane
MASC 884Fall 2018McKee
MASC 894Fall 2018Eidam
MASC 894Fall 2018Rodriguez
MASC 897Fall 2018Fodrie
MUSC 161Fall 2018Richmond
MUSC 239Fall 2018Weisert
MUSC 381Fall 2018Neal
MUSC 390HFall 2018Katz
MUSC 51Fall 2018Wissick, MacNeil
MUSC 89Fall 2018Ndaliko
PLCY 210Fall 2018Summerlin-Long
PLCY 210HFall 2018Hemelt
PLCY 220Fall 2018Smith
PLCY 220HFall 2018Kreitzer
PLCY 340HFall 2018MacKay
PLCY 349Fall 2018Summerlin-Long
PLCY 51Fall 2018Sasser
PORT 388Fall 2018Taylor
PSYC 245Fall 2018Ulku-Steiner
PSYC 260Fall 2018Buzinski
PSYC 434Fall 2018Chanon
PSYC 471Fall 2018Telzer
PSYC 504Fall 2018Gil
PSYC 54Fall 2018Cooper
PSYC 602Fall 2018Wiss
PSYC 62Fall 2018Fredrickson
PSYC 68Fall 2018Lindquist
RELI 420HFall 2018Cooper
RELI 438Fall 2018Smith
RELI 526Fall 2018Thornton
RELI 542HFall 2018Ariel
RELI 603Fall 2018Lambert
RELI 607Fall 2018Mendez
RELI 609Fall 2018Plese
RELI 697Fall 2018Ariel
RELI 73HFall 2018Ambros
SOCI 124Fall 2018Weisshaar
SOCI 429Fall 2018Pearce
SOCI 57HFall 2018Aldrich
SOCI 89HFall 2018Pearce
SPAN 255HFall 2018Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2018Bruno
SPAN 261Fall 2018Cruz
SPAN 261Fall 2018De Fays
SPAN 261Fall 2018De Leon
SPAN 261Fall 2018De Leon
SPAN 261Fall 2018Johnson
SPAN 261Fall 2018Lee
SPAN 261Fall 2018McAlister
SPAN 261Fall 2018Ortegui
SPAN 261Fall 2018Ortegui
SPAN 261Fall 2018Trexler
SPAN 267Fall 2018Sueldo
SPAN 301Fall 2018Carrasco
SPAN 340Fall 2018Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 344Fall 2018Escalante
SPAN 344Fall 2018Guajardo
SPAN 351Fall 2018Castro
SPAN 369Fall 2018Castro
SPAN 371Fall 2018Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 371Fall 2018Lindquist
SPAN 373Fall 2018Rivero
SPAN 381Fall 2018González-Espitia
SPAN 386Fall 2018Escalante
SPAN 387Fall 2018Estrada
ANTH 294Fall 2019Nonini
ANTH 318Fall 2019Sorensen
ANTH 390Fall 2019Smith-Nonini
ANTH 411Fall 2019Steponaitis
ANTH 411Fall 2019Steponaitis
ANTH 411LFall 2019Steponaitis
ANTH 411LFall 2019Steponaitis
ANTH 414Fall 2019Hutchinson
ANTH 414Fall 2019Hutchinson
ANTH 414LFall 2019Hutchinson
ANTH 414LFall 2019Hutchinson
ARTH 155Fall 2019Maples
ARTH 160Fall 2019Douglas
ARTH 270Fall 2019Wu
ARTH 277Fall 2019Douglas
ARTH 360Fall 2019Brachmann
ARTH 362Fall 2019Verkerk
ARTH 55HFall 2019String
ARTS 104Fall 2019Marzan
ARTS 208Fall 2019Grabowski
ARTS 213Fall 2019Nam
ARTS 214Fall 2019Marzan
ARTS 243Fall 2019Hirschfield
ARTS 313Fall 2019Nam
ARTS 405Fall 2019Wuerfel
ARTS 413Fall 2019Nam
ARTS 499Fall 2019Wuerfel
ARTS 82Fall 2019Perez-Mendez
ASIA 331Fall 2019Taj
ASIA 59Fall 2019Taj
BIOL 202HFall 2019Matson
BIOL 425Fall 2019Sekelsky, Copenhaver
BIOL 465Fall 2019Hurlbert
BIOL 553Fall 2019Hedrick, Servedio
CLAR 51HFall 2019Gates-Foster
CLAS 51Fall 2019Duncan
CMPL 227Fall 2019Legassie
CMPL 374Fall 2019Collins
COMM 131Fall 2019Coen
COMM 230Fall 2019Hondros
COMM 230Fall 2019Rankus
COMM 262HFall 2019Pollack
COMM 312Fall 2019Waltman
COMM 335Fall 2019Coen
COMM 337Fall 2019Acosta
COMM 390Fall 2019Craft
COMM 431Fall 2019Robinson
COMM 464Fall 2019Perucci
COMM 524Fall 2019Silva
COMM 525Fall 2019May
COMM 537Fall 2019Acosta
COMM 62Fall 2019Craft
COMM 654Fall 2019Rankus
COMM 82Fall 2019Dempsey
COMM 89Fall 2019Brown
COMM 89Fall 2019Monje
COMP 380Fall 2019Joseph-Nicholas
COMP 380HFall 2019Joseph-Nicholas
DRAM 120Fall 2019Kable
DRAM 120Fall 2019Lawton
DRAM 120Fall 2019Perry
DRAM 120HFall 2019Kable
DRAM 131Fall 2019Coen
DRAM 140Fall 2019James
DRAM 150Fall 2019Williams
DRAM 231Fall 2019Perry
DRAM 245Fall 2019Dooley
DRAM 245Fall 2019Dooley
DRAM 277Fall 2019Coble
DRAM 279Fall 2019Haslett
DRAM 281Fall 2019Kable
DRAM 288Fall 2019Lawton
DRAM 300Fall 2019Bersley
DRAM 350Fall 2019Cornell
DRAM 486Fall 2019Versenyi
DRAM 79Fall 2019Perry
DRAM 81HFall 2019Kable
DRAM 83Fall 2019Navalinsky
ECON 510Fall 2019Li
ECON 55HFall 2019Balaban
ECON 570Fall 2019Hill
ENGL 105IFall 2019Berland
ENGL 105IFall 2019Boyd
ENGL 105IFall 2019Cobb
ENGL 105IFall 2019Collins
ENGL 105IFall 2019Current
ENGL 105IFall 2019Current
ENGL 105IFall 2019Faison
ENGL 105IFall 2019Glass
ENGL 105IFall 2019Groff
ENGL 105IFall 2019Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105IFall 2019Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105IFall 2019Landers
ENGL 105IFall 2019Lithgow
ENGL 105IFall 2019O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105IFall 2019O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105IFall 2019Pinkerton
ENGL 105IFall 2019Ramirez
ENGL 105IFall 2019Ramirez
ENGL 105IFall 2019Rivard
ENGL 105IFall 2019Robinson
ENGL 105IFall 2019Schroeder
ENGL 105IFall 2019Shand
ENGL 105IFall 2019Weed-Buzinski
ENGL 202Fall 2019Falzett
ENGL 219Fall 2019Taylor
ENGL 221HFall 2019DeGuzman
ENGL 230Fall 2019Barbour
ENGL 249Fall 2019Moskal
ENGL 261Fall 2019Taylor
ENGL 89Fall 2019Falzett
ENGL 89Fall 2019Kingsolver, Wolfe
EXSS 322Fall 2019Smith
EXSS 410Fall 2019Ryan
FREN 260Fall 2019Moehlenpah
FREN 280Fall 2019Welch
FREN 310Fall 2019Pruvost
FREN 372Fall 2019Rudosky
FREN 375Fall 2019Serrato
FREN 576Fall 2019Serrato
GEOG 266Fall 2019Lentz
GEOG 470Fall 2019Curley
GERM 384Fall 2019Langston
IDST 190Fall 2019Page
ITAL 300Fall 2019Chambless
ITAL 370Fall 2019Fritz Morkin
ITAL 385Fall 2019Iovino
LING 525Fall 2019
LING 541Fall 2019
MUSC 120Fall 2019Garcia
MUSC 266Fall 2019Anderson
MUSC 286Fall 2019Oehler
MUSC 51Fall 2019Wissick
PHIL 220Fall 2019Kohl
PHIL 261Fall 2019Adam
PLCY 210Fall 2019Summerlin-Long
PLCY 210HFall 2019Durrance
PLCY 220Fall 2019Summerlin-Long
PLCY 340HFall 2019MacKay
PLCY 349Fall 2019Rubalcaba
PLCY 55Fall 2019Krome-Lukens
PLCY 76HFall 2019Meier
POLI 130Fall 2019Chan
POLI 130Fall 2019Crescenzi
POLI 130Fall 2019De La Cerda
POLI 130Fall 2019Warncke
POLI 130Fall 2019Warncke
POLI 150Fall 2019Blackington
POLI 150Fall 2019Ditmore
POLI 150Fall 2019Robinson
POLI 150Fall 2019Robinson
POLI 150HFall 2019Blackington
POLI 208Fall 2019Conover
POLI 208Fall 2019McGowan
POLI 208HFall 2019Chakraborty
POLI 209Fall 2019Hoyman
POLI 210Fall 2019Conover
POLI 211Fall 2019Reynolds
POLI 238Fall 2019Ryan
POLI 238Fall 2019Weidenfeld
POLI 421Fall 2019Bapat
POLI 442Fall 2019Roberts
POLI 443Fall 2019Huber
POLI 490HFall 2019Ballard-Rosa
POLI 54Fall 2019Mehlhaff
POLI 67Fall 2019Greenberger
POLI 75Fall 2019Greenberger
POLI 89Fall 2019Gunderson
POLI 90Fall 2019Greenberger
POLI 90Fall 2019Schmitt
PORT 385Fall 2019Vernon
PORT 398Fall 2019Carvalho
PORT 540Fall 2019Kunigami
PSYC 245Fall 2019Wojda
PSYC 432Fall 2019Arnold
PSYC 504Fall 2019Gil
PSYC 532Fall 2019Curran
PSYC 570Fall 2019Buzinski
PSYC 602Fall 2019Wiss
PWAD 220Fall 2019Summerlin-Long
RELI 429Fall 2019Hayward
RELI 441Fall 2019Bayne
RELI 448Fall 2019Bayne
RELI 480Fall 2019Choudury
RELI 583Fall 2019Ziad
SOCI 130Fall 2019Su
SOCI 429Fall 2019Hayward
SOCI 57HFall 2019Aldrich
SPAN 255HFall 2019Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2019Banda
SPAN 261Fall 2019Carrasco
SPAN 261Fall 2019Cruz
SPAN 261Fall 2019Harford
SPAN 261Fall 2019Johnson
SPAN 261Fall 2019Love
SPAN 261Fall 2019Otegui
SPAN 261Fall 2019Pozo
SPAN 261Fall 2019Rivero
SPAN 261Fall 2019Trexler
SPAN 261Fall 2019Valparis
SPAN 261HFall 2019De Fays
SPAN 261HFall 2019De Fays
SPAN 301Fall 2019Carrasco
SPAN 301Fall 2019Cruz
SPAN 301Fall 2019Estrada
SPAN 340Fall 2019Binotti
SPAN 340Fall 2019Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 344Fall 2019Escalante
SPAN 344Fall 2019Estrada
SPAN 351Fall 2019Castro
SPAN 369Fall 2019Castro
SPAN 371Fall 2019Lindquist
SPAN 373Fall 2019Perelmuter
SPAN 380Fall 2019Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 398Fall 2019Carvalho
SPAN 613Fall 2019Perelmuter
WGST 211Fall 2019Vigil
WGST 388Fall 2019Booth
WGST 68Fall 2019Page
AAAD 410Fall 2020Sahle
AAAD 485Fall 2020Caldwell
AAAD 487Fall 2020Clegg
AMST 101Fall 2020Douglas
AMST 248Fall 2020Randolph; Douglas; Robinson
AMST 317Fall 2020Sawin
AMST 352Fall 2020Douglas
AMST 460Fall 2020Willis
AMST 51Fall 2020Willis
ANTH 490Fall 2020West
ARTH272Fall 2020Brachmann
ARTH360Fall 2020Brachmann
ARTH383Fall 2020Bauer
ARTH445Fall 2020Douglas
ARTH55HFall 2020String
ARTS105Fall 2020Truong
ARTS115Fall 2020Wuerfel
ARTS214Fall 2020Marzan
ARTS324Fall 2020Cox
ARTS324Fall 2020Cox
ARTS364Fall 2020Marzan
ARTS409HFall 2020Grabowski
BIOL 202HFall 2020Matson
BIOL 272Fall 2020
BIOL 425Fall 2020Sekelsky & Copenhaver
BIOL 445Fall 2020Shemer
CLAS 133HFall 2020Lye
CLAS 59Fall 2020Lye
COMM 062.001Fall 2020Alexander Craft
COMM 131.001Fall 2020Coen
COMM 230.001Fall 2020Rankus
COMM 230.002Fall 2020Hondros
COMM 262.001Fall 2020Classen
COMM 312.001Fall 2020Waltman
COMM 335.001Fall 2020Coen
COMM 337.001Fall 2020Acosta
COMM 390.001Fall 2020Craft
COMM 431.001Fall 2020Robinson
COMM 450.001Fall 2020Nishimura
COMM 450.002Fall 2020Bills
COMM 464.001Fall 2020Perucci
COMM 537.001Fall 2020Acosta
COMM 654.001Fall 2020Rankus
COMP 380Fall 2020Joseph-Nicholas
COMP 590Fall 2020Chakraborty
COMP 786Fall 2020Bansal
DRAM 120.001Fall 2020Perry
DRAM 120.002Fall 2020Perry
DRAM 120.003Fall 2020Kable
DRAM 120.004Fall 2020Lawton
DRAM 131.001Fall 2020Coen
DRAM 140.001Fall 2020James
DRAM 140.002Fall 2020Schwinke
DRAM 150.001Fall 2020Williams
DRAM 170.001Fall 2020Gibson
DRAM 245. 001Fall 2020Dooley
DRAM 250.001Fall 2020Cornell
DRAM 277.001Fall 2020Coble
DRAM 277.002Fall 2020Chambers
DRAM 281.001Fall 2020Kable
DRAM 288.001Fall 2020Lawton
DRAM 300.001Fall 2020Bersley
DRAM 488.001Fall 2020Versenyi
DRAM 79Fall 2020Perry
DRAM 81HFall 2020Kable
DRAM 83Fall 2020Navalinsky
ECON 510Fall 2020Parreiras
ECON 510HFall 2020Woodward
ECON 55HFall 2020Balaban
ECON 590 001Fall 2020Rabinovich
ECON 590 003Fall 2020Mcduff
ENEC 698Fall 2020Nathan Hall
ENGL 127.001Fall 2020Moskal
ENGl 127.003Fall 2020Moskal
ENGL 261.001Fall 2020Taylor
ENGL 284.001Fall 2020Langbauer
ENGL 362H.001Fall 2020Kim
ENGL 57HFall 2020Taylor
EXSS 191Fall 2020Tatreau,Heather L
EXSS 322Fall 2020Smith
EXSS 410Fall 2020Aguilar
EXSS 410Fall 2020Arieta
EXSS 410Fall 2020Arieta
EXSS 410Fall 2020Giuliani
EXSS 493Fall 2020Smith
FOLK 202Fall 2020Sawin
FREN 262Fall 2020Melehy
FREN 285Fall 2020Tanner
FREN 310Fall 2020Pruvost
FREN 330Fall 2020Serrato
FREN 372Fall 2020Rudosky
FREN 390Fall 2020Serrato
FREN 437Fall 2020Tanner
FREN 562Fall 2020Melehy
GEOG 052Fall 2020Emch
GEOG 067Fall 2020Smith
GEOG 215Fall 2020Delamater
GEOG 254Fall 2020Kirsch
GEOG 266Fall 2020Lentz
GEOG 268Fall 2020Ndaliko
GEOG 423Fall 2020Ndaliko
GEOG 429Fall 2020Martin
GEOG 453Fall 2020Kirsch
GERM 380Fall 2020Trop
GREK 221Fall 2020Duncan
GREK 352Fall 2020Duncan
ITAL 241Fall 2020Mckenzie
ITAL 300Fall 2020Chambless
ITAL 320Fall 2020Iovino
LATN 223Fall 2020Babcock
LING 050Fall 2020
LING 202Fall 2020
LING 444Fall 2020
LING 530Fall 2020
LING 541Fall 2020
MUSC 188Fall 2020Fauser
MUSC 258Fall 2020Bohlman
MUSC 266Fall 2020Anderson
MUSC 291Fall 2020Bohlman
MUSC 309Fall 2020Feldman
MUSC 309Fall 2020Huff
MUSC 355Fall 2020Carter
MUSC 381Fall 2020Neal
MUSC 51Fall 2020Wissick
NSCI 222Fall 2020Jacobs
PHIL 220Fall 2020Kohl
PHIL 261Fall 2020Jenson
PHIL 272Fall 2020Marcoci
PHIL 272Fall 2020Marcoci
PHIL 272Fall 2020Quanbeck
PLCY 210.001Fall 2020Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220.001Fall 2020Kreitzer
PLCY 570Fall 2020Meier
PLCY 76H.001Fall 2020Meier
POLI 281Fall 2020Martin
POLI 281Fall 2020Porter
POLI 281Fall 2020Ryan
POLI 281Fall 2020Ryan
POLI 435Fall 2020Hartlyn
POLI 438Fall 2020Vachudova
POLI 57Fall 2020Hartlyn
POLI/PWAD 287Fall 2020Gent
POLI/PWAD 452Fall 2020Bapat
PORT 375Fall 2020Vernon
PSYC 101Fall 2020Adeyanju
PSYC 245Fall 2020Wojda
PSYC 260Fall 2020Buzinski
PSYC 467Fall 2020Adeyanju
PSYC 501Fall 2020Wiss
PSYC 504Fall 2020Gil
PSYC 570Fall 2020Buzinski
PSYC 602Fall 2020Wiss
RELI 424Fall 2020Henricksen
RELI 427Fall 2020Thornton
RELI 480Fall 2020Ernst
RELI 481Fall 2020Sheikholharam
RELI 515Fall 2020Mendez
RELI 542HFall 2020Ariel
RELI 580Fall 2020Carter
RELI 583Fall 2020Ziad
RELI 617Fall 2020Plese
RELI 697Fall 2020Bayne
ROML 89Fall 2020Rodriguez Ferriera
ROML 89Fall 2020Welch
SOCI 412Fall 2020Jenkins
SOCI 427Fall 2020Ravenelle
SOCI 433Fall 2020Hagan
SPAN 255HFall 2020de Fays
SPAN 255HFall 2020de Fays
SPAN 261Fall 2020Aaron
SPAN 261Fall 2020Booker
SPAN 261Fall 2020Clemente Rodrígalvarez
SPAN 261Fall 2020García Gutiérrez
SPAN 261Fall 2020Guerra Banda
SPAN 261Fall 2020Hueso Otegui
SPAN 261Fall 2020Krieg
SPAN 261Fall 2020Martin
SPAN 261Fall 2020McCallister
SPAN 261Fall 2020Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2020Nunez Rodríguez
SPAN 261HFall 2020de Fays
SPAN 261HFall 2020de Fays
SPAN 270Fall 2020del Valle Escalante
SPAN 301Fall 2020Booker
SPAN 301Fall 2020Brown
SPAN 301Fall 2020Carrasco
SPAN 301Fall 2020Chen Lopez
SPAN 301Fall 2020Perelmuter
SPAN 338Fall 2020de Fays
SPAN 340Fall 2020Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 340Fall 2020Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 344Fall 2020Brown
SPAN 351Fall 2020Cabrera Castro
SPAN 351Fall 2020Cabrera Castro
SPAN 369Fall 2020Cabrera Castro
SPAN 371Fall 2020Hsu
SPAN 371Fall 2020Lindquist
SPAN 373Fall 2020Gonzales Espitia
SPAN 374Fall 2020Keme
SPAN 397Fall 2020Estigarribia
SPAN 398Fall 2020Perelmuter
SPAN 650Fall 2020Hsu
SPAN 678Fall 2020Graham
AMST 210Fall 2021Kotch
AMST 252Fall 2021Marr
AMST/FOLK 375Fall 2021Alexander
ANTH 454Fall 2021Agbe-Davies
ANTH 490Fall 2021Hilton
ANTH/FOLK 370Fall 2021Hinson
APPL 101Fall 2021Goldberg
APPL 101Fall 2021Nazockdast
ASIA/CMPL359Fall 2021Yaghoobi
ASTR 519Fall 2021Mann, (Wood)
BIOL 202HFall 2021Matson
BIOL 272Fall 2021Weakley
BIOL 425Fall 2021Skeleski
BIOL 448Fall 2021Ott
BIOL 464Fall 2021Evans
BIOL 465Fall 2021Hurlbert
BIOL 514HFall 2021Pfennig
BIOL 553/LFall 2021Hedrick
BIOL 553/LFall 2021Hedrick
CLAS 061Fall 2021Baragwanath
CMPL 280Fall 2021Warner
DRAM 81HFall 2021Kable
DRAM 120Fall 2021Kable
DRAM 120Fall 2021Lawton
DRAM 120Fall 2021Perry
DRAM 120Fall 2021Perry
DRAM 131Fall 2021Coen
DRAM 140Fall 2021James
DRAM 140Fall 2021Schwinke
DRAM 150Fall 2021Williams
DRAM 156Fall 2021Bersley
DRAM 245Fall 2021Dooley
DRAM 250Fall 2021Cornell
DRAM 277Fall 2021Chambers
DRAM 277Fall 2021Coble
DRAM 281Fall 2021Kable
DRAM 288Fall 2021Lawton
DRAM 300Fall 2021Williams
DRAM 79Fall 2021Perry
DRAM 83Fall 2021Navalinsky
ECON 055HFall 2021Balaban
ECON 055HFall 2021Balaban
ECON 520Fall 2021Hendricks
ECON 520Fall 2021Hendricks
ECON 522Fall 2021Rabinovich
ECON 522Fall 2021Rabinovich
ECON 570Fall 2021Hill
ECON 570Fall 2021Hill
ECON 573Fall 2021Babii
ECON 573Fall 2021Babii
ECON 590Fall 2021Cowell
ECON 590Fall 2021Cowell
ENGL 105IFall 2021Fletcher
ENGL 248Fall 2021Kim
ENGL 265Fall 2021Crystall
ENGL 384Fall 2021White
ENGL 680Fall 2021Warner
ENGL/MASC 473Fall 2021Simpson & McKee
EXSS 191Fall 2021Tatreau
EXSS 322Fall 2021Smith
EXSS 410Fall 2021Dewig
EXSS 410Fall 2021Dewig
EXSS 410Fall 2021Ryan
EXSS 493Fall 2021Smith
FOLK 476Fall 2021Berlinger
FREN 186Fall 2021Jessica Tanner
FREN 262Fall 2021Hassan Melehy
FREN 288Fall 2021Erika Serrato
FREN 310Fall 2021Valérie Pruvost
FREN 326Fall 2021Jessica Tanner
FREN 370Fall 2021Hassan Melehy
GEOG 125Fall 2021Olson
GEOG 254Fall 2021Kirsch
GEOG 370Fall 2021Vina-Vizcaino
GEOG 370Fall 2021Vina-Vizcaino
GEOG 435Fall 2021Havice
GEOG 453Fall 2021Kirsch
GEOG 456Fall 2021Arce-Nazario
GEOG 491Fall 2021Liang
GEOG 567Fall 2021Song
GEOG 592Fall 2021Liang
HNUR 592Fall 2021Taj
IDST 190-017Fall 2021Berlinger
ITAL 241Fall 2021Jennifer Mckenzie
ITAL 300Fall 2021Amy Chambless
ITAL 335Fall 2021Megan Fenrich
ITAL 388Fall 2021Serenella Iovino
LATN 332Fall 2021James
LING 200Fall 2021Moreton
LING 202Fall 2021Mora-Marín
LING 225Fall 2021Smith
LING 360Fall 2021Graham
LING 395Fall 2021Arnold
LING 520Fall 2021Moreton
LING 525Fall 2021Mora-Marin
LING 528Fall 2021Becker
LING 537Fall 2021Terry
LING 541Fall 2021Roberge
LING 545Fall 2021Pertsova
LING 578Fall 2021Graham
MUSC 286Fall 2021Figueroa
NSCI 222Fall 2021Jacobs
NSCI 423Fall 2021Robertson
NSCI 439Fall 2021Gaudier-Diaz
PHIL 421Fall 2021Nelson
PHIL/LING 445Fall 2021Pryor
PLCY 061HFall 2021Gitterman
PLCY 210Fall 2021Summerlin-Long
PLCY 210HFall 2021Addo
PLCY 220Fall 2021Kreitzer
PLCY 340HFall 2021Hanagan
PLCY 373Fall 2021Hsu
PLCY 485Fall 2021Handa
PLCY 570Fall 2021Meier
POLI 100Fall 2021Treul Roberts
POLI 100Fall 2021Treul Roberts
POLI 130Fall 2021Anderson
POLI 209Fall 2021Globetti
POLI 438Fall 2021Vachudova
POLI 57Fall 2021Hartlyn
POLI/PWAD 469Fall 2021Jenkins
PORT 370Fall 2021Richard Vernon
PSYC 245Fall 2021Wojda
PSYC 260Fall 2021Buzinski
PSYC 471Fall 2021Hussong
PSYC 501Fall 2021Wiss
PSYC 533Fall 2021Gates
PSYC 566Fall 2021Buzinski
PSYC 602Fall 2021Wiss
RELI 140Fall 2021Bayne
RELI 163Fall 2021Styers
RELI 233Fall 2021Henriksen
RELI 244HFall 2021Styers
RELI 424Fall 2021Henriksen
RELI 426HFall 2021Cooper
RELI 438Fall 2021Beddard
RELI 445Fall 2021Flodin-Ali
RELI 448Fall 2021Bayne
RELI 485Fall 2021Hammer
RELI 530Fall 2021Sheikholharam
RELI 581Fall 2021Ernst
RELI 583Fall 2021Ziad
RELI 603Fall 2021Lambert
RELI 617Fall 2021Plese
RELI 697Fall 2021Bayne
ROML 578Fall 2021Lamar Graham
ROML 89Fall 2021Chloe Hill
ROML 89Fall 2021Maggie Fritz-Morkin
RUSS 515Fall 2021Shvabrin
SOCI 112Fall 2021Davenport
SOCI 122Fall 2021Rosa-Lebron
SOCI 302Fall 2021Ravenelle
SOCI 318Fall 2021Duxbury
SOCI 427Fall 2021Ravenelle
SPAN 261Fall 2021Abel Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2021Andrés Porras Chaves
SPAN 261Fall 2021Elena Pena Argueso
SPAN 261Fall 2021Manuel Sanchez Cabrera
SPAN 261Fall 2021Pello Huesa
SPAN 261Fall 2021Sarah Blanton
SPAN 261Fall 2021Yaisy Rodriguez
SPAN 261HFall 2021Hélène de Fay
SPAN 301Fall 2021Irene Gomez-Castellano
SPAN 301Fall 2021Martin Sueldo
SPAN 301Fall 2021Rosa Perelmuter
SPAN 340Fall 2021Irene Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 340Fall 2021Martha Alexander
SPAN 344Fall 2021Oswaldo Estrada
SPAN 351Fall 2021Tamara Cabrera Castro
SPAN 361Fall 2021Abel Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 371Fall 2021Jo Lindquist
SPAN 373Fall 2021Emil Keme
SPAN 373Fall 2021Oswaldo Estrada
SPAN 374Fall 2021Emil Keme
SPAN 381Fall 2021Juan González Espitia
WGST 101Fall 2021Booth
WGST 101HFall 2021Booth
WGST 278Fall 2021Else-Quest
ANTH053HFall 2022Leslie
ANTH064Fall 2022Agbe-Davies
ANTH390Fall 2022
ANTH413/413LFall 2022Scarry
ANTH454Fall 2022
APPL 101Fall 2022Goldberg
APPL 101Fall 2022Nazockdast
APPL 101Fall 2022Goldberg
APPL 101Fall 2022Nazockdast
ARAB 453Fall 2022Yaqub
ARTH 282Fall 2022Sherman
ARTH 285HFall 2022Levine
ARTH 299Fall 2022Hunkins
ARTH 360Fall 2022Brachmann
ARTH 387Fall 2022Bowles
ARTH 490Fall 2022Bauer
ARTH 490Fall 2022Desplanque
ARTH 61Fall 2022Bowles
ASIA 163Fall 2022Taj
ASTR 519Fall 2022Cecil
BIOL 202HFall 2022Matson
BIOL 205HFall 2022Goldstein
BIOL 272Fall 2022Weakley
BIOL 425Fall 2022Skeleski
BIOL 445Fall 2022Shemer
BIOL 465Fall 2022Hurlbert
CLAS 051HFall 2022Duncan
CLAS 59Fall 2022Lye
DRAM 120Fall 2022Kable
DRAM 120Fall 2022Lawton
DRAM 120Fall 2022Lawton
DRAM 120Fall 2022Perry
DRAM 120Fall 2022Perry
DRAM 140Fall 2022James
DRAM 144Fall 2022Taskar
DRAM 150Fall 2022Gibson
DRAM 150Fall 2022Williams
DRAM 154Fall 2022Schwinke
DRAM 155Fall 2022Bersley
DRAM 170Fall 2022Gibson
DRAM 250Fall 2022Cornell
DRAM 277Fall 2022Coble
DRAM 281Fall 2022Kable
DRAM 300Fall 2022Williams
DRAM 79Fall 2022Perry
DRAM 81HFall 2022Kable
DRAM 83Fall 2022Navalinsky
ENEC 432Fall 2022Van Doren
EXSS 322Fall 2022Smith
EXSS 322Fall 2022Smith
EXSS 410Fall 2022Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Fall 2022Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Fall 2022Ryan
EXSS 493Fall 2022Smith
FREN 262Fall 2022Melehy
FREN 330Fall 2022Tanner
FREN388Fall 2022Melehy
GERM 349Fall 2022Nester
GREK 203Fall 2022Lye
HIST 220Fall 2022Andrews
HIST 236Fall 2022Sweet
HIST 278Fall 2022Lindsay
HIST/EURO 252Fall 2022Hagemann
ITAL 359Fall 2022Fritz-Morkin
ITAL300Fall 2022Chambless
ITAL320Fall 2022Iovino
LATN 335Fall 2022James
LING 145Fall 2022
LING 165Fall 2022
LING 200Fall 2022
LING 230Fall 2022
LING 360Fall 2022
LING 493Fall 2022
LING 520Fall 2022
LING 526Fall 2022
LING 530Fall 2022
LING 537Fall 2022
LING 540Fall 2022
LING 541Fall 2022
LING 545Fall 2022
LING 678Fall 2022
LING 70Fall 2022
LING 89Fall 2022
MUSC 089Fall 2022Weisert
NSCI 439Fall 2022Gaudier-Diaz
PHIL 426Fall 2022Kohl
PHIL 450Fall 2022Lange
PHIL 471Fall 2022Wolff
PHIL 480Fall 2022Kotzen
PLCY 055Fall 2022Krome-Lukens
PLCY 089Fall 2022Goldin
PLCY 210Fall 2022Summerlin-Long
PLCY 210HFall 2022Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220Fall 2022Kreitzer
PLCY 373Fall 2022Hsu
POLI 100Fall 2022Cottle
POLI 100Fall 2022Hetherington
POLI 100Fall 2022Roberts
POLI 209Fall 2022Globetti
POLI 233HFall 2022Anderson
POLI 235Fall 2022Robertson
POLI 238HFall 2022Huber
POLI 381Fall 2022Sahn
POLI 416Fall 2022Unah
POLI 421Fall 2022Baumgartner
POLI 422Fall 2022Clark
POLI 435Fall 2022Hartlyn
POLI 438Fall 2022Vachudova
POLI 438Fall 2022Vachudova
POLI 440Fall 2022Ballard-Rosa
POLI 452Fall 2022Bapat
POLI 469Fall 2022Jenkins
POLI 89Fall 2022Jenkins
PORT 385Fall 2022Vernon
PSYC 566Fall 2022Buzinski
PSYC 58Fall 2022Davis
PSYC531Fall 2022Gonzalez
SPAN261Fall 2022Banda
SPAN261Fall 2022Cabrera
SPAN261Fall 2022Huesa
SPAN261Fall 2022Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN261Fall 2022Pardo
SPAN261Fall 2022Pierce
SPAN261Fall 2022Rodriguez
SPAN261Fall 2022Tolman
SPAN301Fall 2022Gomez-Castellano
SPAN301Fall 2022Perelmuter
SPAN301Fall 2022Perelmuter
SPAN301Fall 2022Pozo
SPAN338Fall 2022De Fays
SPAN340Fall 2022Alexander
SPAN340Fall 2022Carrasco
SPAN340Fall 2022Gomez-Castellano
SPAN344Fall 2022Lee
SPAN344Fall 2022Rivero
SPAN351Fall 2022Lane
SPAN361Fall 2022Aaron
SPAN373Fall 2022Estrada
SPAN373Fall 2022Pardo
SPAN381Fall 2022Espitia
SPAN61HFall 2022De Fays
SPAN61HFall 2022De Fays
SPAN650Fall 2022Hsu
SPAN678Fall 2022Graham
WGST 101Fall 2022Else-Quest
WGST 278Fall 2022Else-Quest
WGST 68Fall 2022Page
WGST 695Fall 2022Bloesch
ASTS 519Fall 2023Mann
BIOL 272Fall 2023Weakley
BIOL 425Fall 2023Skeleski & Copenhaver
BIOL 448Fall 2023Ott
BIOL 465Fall 2023Hurlbert
BIOL 514HFall 2023Pfennig
CHEM 262LFall 2023Motley
CHEM 530LFall 2023McNulty
CHEM 550LFall 2023Gagne
COMM 131Fall 2023Craft
COMM 230Fall 2023Hondros
COMM 230Fall 2023Haslett
COMM 312Fall 2023Classen
COMM 337Fall 2023Acosta
COMM 337Fall 2023Acosta
COMM 431Fall 2023Robinson
COMM 450Fall 2023Taylor
COMM 450Fall 2023Pipprty
COMM 654Fall 2023Rosen
COMP 380/380HFall 2023Nicholas
COMP 590Fall 2023Szafir
COMP 590Fall 2023Marks
COMP 737Fall 2023Anderson
ECON 510Fall 2023Chen
ECON 520Fall 2023Hendricks
ECON 520Fall 2023Francis
ECON 573Fall 2023Babii
EXSS 322Fall 2023Smith
EXSS 322Fall 2023Smith
EXSS 410Fall 2023Ryan
EXSS 410Fall 2023Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Fall 2023Buoncristiani
EXSS 493Fall 2023Smith
FREN 280Fall 2023Ruel
FREN 370Fall 2023Melehy
HIST 125Fall 2023Brundage
HIST 220Fall 2023Andrews
HIST 236Fall 2023Sweet
HIST 248Fall 2023La Serna
IDST 129Fall 2023Taj
ITAL 300Fall 2023Graziuso
ITAL 335Fall 2023Fenrich
ITAL 382Fall 2023TBA
ITAL 388Fall 2023Iovino
KOR447/ CMPL547Fall 2023Jo
MUSC 188Fall 2023MacNeil
MUSC 291Fall 2023Hynes
MUSC 51Fall 2023Wissick/McNeil, L
MUSC 89Fall 2023MacNeil
NSCI 405Fall 2023Penton
NSCI 423Fall 2023Robertson
NSCI 424Fall 2023Penton
POLI 100Fall 2023Treul
POLI 100HFall 2023Roberts
POLI 233HFall 2023Anderson
POLI 252HFall 2023Jenkins
POLI 416Fall 2023Unah
POLI 432Fall 2023Searing
POLI 435Fall 2023Hartlyn
POLI 440Fall 2023Ballard-Rosa
POLI 452Fall 2023Bapat
POLI 459HFall 2023Jenkins
POLI 57Fall 2023Hartlyn
PORT 375Fall 2023Vernon
PSYC 471Fall 2023Hussong
PSYC 490Fall 2023Bollen
PSYC 531Fall 2023Gonzalez
PSYC 533HFall 2023Bauer
ROML 578Fall 2023Graham
ROML 89Fall 2023Ferreira
ROML 89Fall 2023Estigarribia
SOCI 101Fall 2023Holtkamp
SOCI 101Fall 2023Caren
SOCI 433Fall 2023Labovitz
SOCI 469Fall 2023Mitchell
SOCI 469Fall 2023Yang
SPAN 255Fall 2023Nicolas
SPAN 255Fall 2023Huesa
SPAN 261Fall 2023De Fays
SPAN 261Fall 2023Cabrera
SPAN 261Fall 2023Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2023Dick
SPAN 261Fall 2023Sueldo
SPAN 261Fall 2023Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Fall 2023Gesteira
SPAN 261Fall 2023Huesa
SPAN 261HFall 2023De Fays
SPAN 261HFall 2023De Fays
SPAN 267Fall 2023Pardo
SPAN 301Fall 2023Gomez-Castellano
SPAN 301Fall 2023Perelmuter
SPAN 301Fall 2023Espitia
SPAN 301Fall 2023Rivero
SPAN 338Fall 2023Gutierrez
SPAN 340Fall 2023Carrasco
SPAN 340Fall 2023Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 340Fall 2023Cohn
SPAN 344Fall 2023Lane
SPAN 351Fall 2023Slate
SPAN 369Fall 2023Aaron
SPAN 371Fall 2023Hsu
SPAN 373Fall 2023Perlemuter
SPAN 373Fall 2023Pardo
SPAN 375Fall 2023Campuzano
SPAN 398Fall 2023Gomez-Castellano
WGST 101Fall 2023Else-Quest
WGST 101HFall 2023Cabrera
WGST 253Fall 2023Hinderliter
WGST 330Fall 2023Hinderliter
WGST 68Fall 2023Page
ANTH 151Spring 2019Briggs
ANTH 535Spring 2019Hutchinson
ANTH 89Spring 2019Slocum
ARTH 151Spring 2019Guthrie
ARTH 159Spring 2019Bauer
ARTH 255Spring 2019Forbes
ARTH 274Spring 2019Brachmann
ARTH 279HSpring 2019String
ARTH 282Spring 2019Ozerkevich
ARTH 551Spring 2019Williams
ARTS 208Spring 2019Grabowski
ARTS 354Spring 2019Marzan
ARTS 500Spring 2019Hirschfield
ASIA 329Spring 2019Yaghoobi
ASIA 522Spring 2019Lothspeich
ASTR 519Spring 2019Mann
BIOL 202HSpring 2019Bloom, Kieber
BIOL 205HSpring 2019Goldstein, Maddox
BIOL 224HSpring 2019Servedio
BIOL 395HSpring 2019Shemer
BIOL 423Spring 2019Grant
BIOL 426HSpring 2019Church
BIOL 565HSpring 2019White
BMME 351Spring 2019Cartee
BMME 698Spring 2019Hubbard
CLAS 363HSpring 2019Rosenmeyer
CLAS 391Spring 2019Baragwanath
CLAS 51HSpring 2019Duncan
CLAS 61HSpring 2019Baragwanath
CLAS 89Spring 2019Lye
COMM 100Spring 2019Clancy
COMM 230Spring 2019Haslett
COMM 230Spring 2019Hondros
COMM 262Spring 2019Kelly
COMM 364Spring 2019Hamilton
COMM 431Spring 2019Robinson
COMM 433Spring 2019Coen
COMM 450Spring 2019Nishimura
COMM 450Spring 2019Spielman
COMM 464Spring 2019Perucci
COMM 466Spring 2019Megel
COMM 535Spring 2019Acosta
COMM 576Spring 2019Watts
COMM 624Spring 2019Waltman
COMM 654Spring 2019Rankus
COMM 661Spring 2019Medel
COMM 666Spring 2019Megel
COMM 89Spring 2019Medel
COMM 89Spring 2019Monje
COMP 185HSpring 2019Pozefsky
COMP 380Spring 2019Nicholas
COMP 380HSpring 2019Nicholas
COMP 550Spring 2019Frahm
COMP 585HSpring 2019Pozefsky
DRAM 120Spring 2019Perry
DRAM 120HSpring 2019Kable
DRAM 134Spring 2019Williams
DRAM 140Spring 2019James
DRAM 150Spring 2019Gates
DRAM 170Spring 2019Gibson
DRAM 231Spring 2019Craft
DRAM 250Spring 2019Cornell
DRAM 265Spring 2019Chambers
DRAM 277Spring 2019Coble
DRAM 282Spring 2019Kable
DRAM 285Spring 2019Kable
DRAM 286Spring 2019Abbenante
DRAM 292Spring 2019Kable
DRAM 294Spring 2019Versenyi
DRAM 300Spring 2019Snowden
DRAM 350Spring 2019Dooley
DRAM 83Spring 2019Navalinsky
DRAM 87HSpring 2019Coble
ECON 510Spring 2019Parreiras
ECON 510Spring 2019Woodward
ECON 511HSpring 2019Parreiras
ECON 525Spring 2019Aguilar
ECON 525Spring 2019Aguilar
ECON 545Spring 2019Williams
ECON 550Spring 2019Gilleskie
ECON 570Spring 2019Babii
ECON 570Spring 2019Kim
ECON 570Spring 2019Lich-Tyler
ECON 571Spring 2019Kim
ECON 575Spring 2019Hansen
ECON 586Spring 2019Turchi
ECON 590Spring 2019Peter
Econ520Spring 2019Rabinovich
Econ520Spring 2019Rabinovich
ENEC 490Spring 2019Van Doren
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Augustine
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Broadwell-Gulde
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Current
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Current
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Donnelly
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Epps-Robertson
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Epps-Robertson
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Faison
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Fertig
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Geiser
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Geiser
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Geiser
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Glass
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Groff
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Groff
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Gutierrez
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Gutierrez
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Hammer
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Hammer
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Holt
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Irons
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Isom
ENGL 105ISpring 2019King
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Lallier
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Lallier
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Lallier
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Larson
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Learner
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Lithgow
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Lithgow
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Murray
ENGL 105ISpring 2019O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105ISpring 2019O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105ISpring 2019O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Pinkerton
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Porter
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Ramirez
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Rivard
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Rivard
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Schroeder
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Schroeder
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Singer
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Singer
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Walker
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Walker
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Warner
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Werlinich
ENGL 105ISpring 2019Wetzel
ENGL 150Spring 2019DeGuzman
ENGL 150Spring 2019McGowan
ENGL 281Spring 2019Dore
ENGL 310Spring 2019Falzett
ENGL 340Spring 2019Moskal
ENGL 360Spring 2019Kim
ENGL 377Spring 2019Falzett
ENGL 89Spring 2019Lithgow, Bovens
EXSS 322Spring 2019Smith
EXSS 410Spring 2019Ryan
FOLK 310Spring 2019Falzett
FREN 286Spring 2019Tanner
FREN 374Spring 2019Rudosky
FREN 390Spring 2019Tanner
FREN 563Spring 2019Melehy
GEOL 304Spring 2019Glazner
GLBL 413Spring 2019Driscoll
HIST 311HSpring 2019Auerbach
HIST 53Spring 2019Kramer
HIST 72HSpring 2019Hagemann
HIST 76Spring 2019Burns
HNRS 355Spring 2019Kief
ITAL 340Spring 2019Veneri
ITAL 359Spring 2019Fritz-Morkin
KOR 306Spring 2019Jo
LATN 205Spring 2019Babcock
LING 333Spring 2019Moreton
LING 428Spring 2019Becker
LING 523Spring 2019Moreton
LING 527Spring 2019Pertsova
LING 530Spring 2019Hsu
LING 542Spring 2019Roberge
LING 563Spring 2019Smith
LING 573Spring 2019Mora-marin
LING 574Spring 2019Mora-marin
MASC 441Spring 2019Castillo
MASC 442Spring 2019Septer
MASC 450Spring 2019Martens
MASC 460Spring 2019White
MASC 504Spring 2019Marchetti
MASC 505Spring 2019Alperin
MASC 706Spring 2019Eidam
MASC 765Spring 2019Scotti
MUSC 261Spring 2019Richmond
MUSC 292Spring 2019Ndaliko
MUSC 355Spring 2019MacNeil
MUSC 390HSpring 2019Litwin
MUSC 65Spring 2019MacNeil
PHYS 481LSpring 2019Qin
PLCY 210Spring 2019Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220Spring 2019Kreitzer
PLCY 231Spring 2019Krome-Lukens
PLCY 395Spring 2019Gitterman
PLCY 395Spring 2019Lauen
PLCY 395Spring 2019Meier
PLCY 395HSpring 2019Hazen
PLCY 80Spring 2019Feldman
POLI 209Spring 2019Severenchuk
POLI 238Spring 2019Martinez-Gallardo
POLI 256Spring 2019Mosley
POLI 416Spring 2019Unah
POLI 421Spring 2019Baumgartner
POLI 431Spring 2019Martin
POLI 490Spring 2019Anderson
POLI 490Spring 2019McGuire
PORT 323Spring 2019Lima
PORT 370Spring 2019Vernon
PORT 540Spring 2019Pereira
PSYC 245Spring 2019Wojda
PSYC 261Spring 2019Buzinski
PSYC 432Spring 2019Arnold
PSYC 490Spring 2019Muscatell
PSYC 500Spring 2019Youngstrom
PSYC 501Spring 2019Wiss
PSYC 533HSpring 2019Gates
PSYC 566Spring 2019Buzinski
PSYC 568Spring 2019Lindquist
PSYC 602Spring 2019Wiss
PSYC 89Spring 2019Sathy
PSYC 89HSpring 2019Abramowitz
RELI 426HSpring 2019Cooper
RELI 427Spring 2019Thornton
RELI 503HSpring 2019Magness
RELI 584Spring 2019Ernst
RELI 602Spring 2019Lambert
RELI 617Spring 2019Plese
RELI 697Spring 2019Bayne
ROML 89Spring 2019Ellen Welch
SOCI 429Spring 2019Pearce
SPAN 255HSpring 2019Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2019Cruz
SPAN 261Spring 2019De Fays
SPAN 261Spring 2019De Fays
SPAN 261Spring 2019Guajardo
SPAN 261Spring 2019Harford
SPAN 261Spring 2019Johnson
SPAN 261Spring 2019Lee
SPAN 261Spring 2019McAlister
SPAN 261Spring 2019Noffsinger
SPAN 261Spring 2019Ortegui
SPAN 261Spring 2019Redick
SPAN 261Spring 2019Sims
SPAN 261Spring 2019Trexler
SPAN 301Spring 2019Carrasco
SPAN 301Spring 2019Cruz
SPAN 301Spring 2019Sims
SPAN 301Spring 2019Sueldo
SPAN 340Spring 2019Gomez-Catellano
SPAN 344Spring 2019Brown
SPAN 344Spring 2019Rivero
SPAN 351Spring 2019Castro
SPAN 369Spring 2019Castro
SPAN 371Spring 2019Lindquist
SPAN 373Spring 2019Guajardo
SPAN 373Spring 2019Rivero
SPAN 397Spring 2019Graham
SPAN 398Spring 2019González-Espitia
SPAN 678Spring 2019Graham
WGST 329Spring 2019Yaghoobi
AAAD 487Spring 2020Lambert
ANTH 142Spring 2020Middleton
ANTH 415Spring 2020Arbuckle
ANTH 415LSpring 2020Arbuckle
ANTH 461Spring 2020Middleton
Arab 434Spring 2020Yaqub
ARTH 200Spring 2020Rovine
ARTH 267Spring 2020Douglas
ARTH 274Spring 2020Brachmann
ARTH 287Spring 2020Bowles
ARTH 588Spring 2020Levine
ARTS 103Spring 2020Hirschfield
ARTS 213Spring 2020Nam
ARTS 324Spring 2020Marzan
ARTS 500Spring 2020Waddell
ASIA 89Spring 2020Yaqub
ASTR 519Spring 2020Mann
BIOL 205HSpring 2020Goldstein, Maddox
BIOL 214HSpring 2020Servedio
BIOL 402Spring 2020Duronio, Peifer
BIOL 423Spring 2020Grant
BIOL 426Spring 2020Church
BIOL 445Spring 2020Shemer
BIOL 447Spring 2020Jones, Maddox
CLAS 409HSpring 2020Baragwanath
CLAS 67Spring 2020Rosenmeyer
CMPL 232Spring 2020Kief
COMM 100Spring 2020Jing
COMM 230Spring 2020Haslett
COMM 230Spring 2020Hondros
COMM 262Spring 2020Kelly
COMM 364Spring 2020Hamilton
COMM 431Spring 2020Robinson
COMM 433Spring 2020Coen
COMM 450Spring 2020Bills
COMM 535Spring 2020Acosta
COMM 537Spring 2020Acosta
COMM 576Spring 2020Watts
COMM 624Spring 2020Waltman
COMM 654Spring 2020Rankus
COMM 666Spring 2020Megel
COMM 89Spring 2020Monje
COMP 380Spring 2020Joseph-Nicholas
COMP 380HSpring 2020Joseph-Nicholas
DRAM 120Spring 2020Lawton
DRAM 120Spring 2020Perry
DRAM 120Spring 2020Perry
DRAM 120HSpring 2020Kable
DRAM 140Spring 2020James
DRAM 150Spring 2020Cornell
DRAM 150Spring 2020Williams
DRAM 250Spring 2020Williams
DRAM 277Spring 2020Coble
DRAM 282Spring 2020Kable
DRAM 283Spring 2020Versenyi
DRAM 285Spring 2020Kable
DRAM 288Spring 2020Lawton
DRAM 292Spring 2020Kable
DRAM 300Spring 2020Bersley
DRAM 331Spring 2020Perry
DRAM 83Spring 2020Navalinsky
ECON 525Spring 2020Aguilar
ECON 545Spring 2020Williams
ECON 550Spring 2020Gilleskie
ECON 560Spring 2020Conway
ECON 570Spring 2020Hill
ECON 575Spring 2020Hansen
ECON 590Spring 2020Babii
ENEC 407Spring 2020Van Doren
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Augustine
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Boyd
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Boyd
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Collins
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Donnelly
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Duncan
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Farris
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Fertig
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Fletcher
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Fletcher
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Gualtieri-Reed
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Gutierrez
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Gutierrez
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Hammer
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Hammer
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Holt
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Howard
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Lewis
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Lewis
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Lithgow
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Maurer
ENGL 105ISpring 2020O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105ISpring 2020O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Pinkerton
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Ramirez
ENGL 105ISpring 2020Wetzel
ENGL 146Spring 2020Moskal
ENGL 149Spring 2020Easterbrook
ENGL 239Spring 2020Richards
ENGL 241Spring 2020Stern
ENGL 250Spring 2020Kim
ENGL 284Spring 2020Langbauer
ENGL 300ISpring 2020Current
ENGL 301Spring 2020Anderson
ENGL 302Spring 2020Lewis
ENGL 337HSpring 2020Viscomi
ENGL 369Spring 2020Fisher
ENGL 377Spring 2020Falzett
ENGL 381Spring 2020Larson
ENGL 57HSpring 2020Taylor
EXSS 322Spring 2020Jensen
EXSS 322Spring 2020Smith
EXSS 410Spring 2020Ryan
FREN 260Spring 2020Serrato
FREN 286Spring 2020Tanner
FREN 305Spring 2020Pruvost
FREN 370Spring 2020Heitsch
FREN 389Spring 2020Melehy
FREN 390Spring 2020Serrato
FREN 489Spring 2020Tanner
GEOG 121Spring 2020Lentz
GEOG 222Spring 2020Emch
GEOG 414Spring 2020Wise
GEOG 435Spring 2020Havice
GEOG 441Spring 2020Murray
GEOG 464Spring 2020Pickles
GEOG 544Spring 2020Emch
GEOG 577Spring 2020Song
GEOG 63Spring 2020Valdivia
GEOL 304Spring 2020Coleman
HIST 230Spring 2020Krome-Lukens
ITAL 240Spring 2020Fritz-Morkin
KOR 232Spring 2020Kief
LING 202Spring 2020
LING 203Spring 2020
LING 523Spring 2020
LING 527Spring 2020
LING 558Spring 2020
MASC 442Spring 2020Septer
MASC 450Spring 2020Martens
MUSC 166Spring 2020Anderson
MUSC 188Spring 2020Macneil
MUSC 234Spring 2020Garcia
MUSC 266Spring 2020Weisert
MUSC 286Spring 2020Katz
MUSC 309Spring 2020Kalam
MUSC 355Spring 2020Bohlman
MUSC 390HSpring 2020Litwin
MUSC 63Spring 2020Macneil
MUSC 676Spring 2020Weisert
MUSC 89Spring 2020Lain
NSCI 222HSpring 2020Thiele
NSCI 434Spring 2020Hopfinger
NSCI 571Spring 2020Muscatell
PHIL 220Spring 2020Kohl
PHIL 224HSpring 2020Kohl
PHIL 411Spring 2020Leunissen
PHYS 481LSpring 2020Qin
PLCY 210Spring 2020Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220Spring 2020Kreitzer
PLCY 231Spring 2020Krome-Lukens
PLCY 340HSpring 2020Meier
PLCY 395HSpring 2020Gitterman
PLCY 51Spring 2020Sasser
PLCY 80Spring 2020Feldman
POLI 130Spring 2020Chan
POLI 130Spring 2020De La Cerda
POLI 130Spring 2020Nitsova
POLI 130HSpring 2020Blackington
POLI 150Spring 2020Case-Ruchala
POLI 150Spring 2020Globetti
POLI 150Spring 2020Robinson
POLI 150Spring 2020Saroka
POLI 208Spring 2020Searing
POLI 208Spring 2020Sronce
POLI 212Spring 2020Roberts
POLI 213Spring 2020Roberts
POLI 238Spring 2020Weidenfeld
POLI 431Spring 2020Martinez-Gallardo
POLI 490Spring 2020Vachudova
POLI 57Spring 2020Gunderson
PORT 323Spring 2020Lima
PORT 388Spring 2020Kristine Taylor
PSYC 245Spring 2020Wojda
PSYC 260Spring 2020Buzinski
PSYC 433Spring 2020Li
PSYC 500Spring 2020Youngstrom
PSYC 501Spring 2020Wiss
PSYC 533HSpring 2020Gates
PSYC 566Spring 2020Buzinski
PSYC 602Spring 2020Wiss
PSYC 68Spring 2020Lindquist
PWAD 220Spring 2020Kreitzer
RELI 424Spring 2020Escalante
RELI 481Spring 2020Sheikholharam
ROML 89Spring 2020Iovino
ROML 89HSpring 2020Binotti
SOCI 130Spring 2020Su
SOCI 427Spring 2020Ravenelle
SOCI 89HSpring 2020Pearce
SPAN 255HSpring 2020Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2020Banda
SPAN 261Spring 2020Cabrera
SPAN 261Spring 2020Chaves
SPAN 261Spring 2020Cruz
SPAN 261Spring 2020Gonzalez-Fuentes
SPAN 261Spring 2020Lee
SPAN 261Spring 2020Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2020Otegui
SPAN 261Spring 2020Pozo
SPAN 261Spring 2020Valparis
SPAN 261HSpring 2020De Fays
SPAN 301Spring 2020Brown
SPAN 301Spring 2020Carrasco
SPAN 301Spring 2020Rivero
SPAN 301Spring 2020Sueldo
SPAN 340Spring 2020Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 344Spring 2020Carvalho
SPAN 344Spring 2020Johnson
SPAN 351Spring 2020Castro
SPAN 352Spring 2020Castro
SPAN 371Spring 2020Hsu
SPAN 371Spring 2020Lindquist
SPAN 373Spring 2020Escalante
SPAN 373Spring 2020Perelmuter
SPAN 389Spring 2020Perelmuter
WGST 230Spring 2020Page
WGST 232Spring 2020Page
AMST 101Spring 2021Douglas
AMST 317Spring 2021Sawin
AMST 352Spring 2021Douglas
AMST 51Spring 2021Willis
ANTH 419Spring 2021West
ARAB 337Spring 2021Yaqub
ARTH152Spring 2021Ozerkevich
ARTH255Spring 2021Rovine
ARTH267Spring 2021Douglas
ARTH271Spring 2021Guthrie
ARTH284Spring 2021Sherman
ARTH452Spring 2021Douglas
ARTH461Spring 2021Shea
ARTH476Spring 2021Valladares
ARTH54HSpring 2021Sherman
ARTS105Spring 2021Cox
ARTS202Spring 2021Emamialagha
ASTR 519Spring 2021Law
BIOL 202HSpring 2021Matson; Kieber
BIOL 272Spring 2021
BIOL 426HSpring 2021Church
BIOL 445Spring 2021Shemer; Duronio & Peifer
CLAS 243Spring 2021Lye
CLAS 391Spring 2021Rives
CMPL 240Spring 2021Pollmann
CMPL 89-001Spring 2021Collins
COMM 063.001Spring 2021Megel
COMM 082.001Spring 2021Dempsey
COMM 089.004Spring 2021Monje
COMM 100.990Spring 2021Jing
COMM 230.001Spring 2021Haslett
COMM 230.002Spring 2021Hondros
COMM 312.001Spring 2021Mattheis
COMM 364.001Spring 2021Hamilton
COMM 422.01MSpring 2021Silva
COMM 431.001Spring 2021Robinson
COMM 433.001Spring 2021Coen
COMM 450.002Spring 2021Bills
COMM 450.003Spring 2021Dilliplane
COMM 525.001Spring 2021May
COMM 535.001Spring 2021Acosta
COMM 576.001Spring 2021Watts
COMM 624.001Spring 2021WALTMAN
COMP 380Spring 2021Joseph-Nicholas
COMP 380HSpring 2021Joseph-Nicholas
COMP 590Spring 2021Chakraborty
DRAM 120. 002Spring 2021Perry
DRAM 120.001Spring 2021Perry
DRAM 120.003Spring 2021Kable
DRAM 120.004Spring 2021Lawton
DRAM 140.001Spring 2021James
DRAM 150.001Spring 2021Cornell
DRAM 150.002Spring 2021Williams
DRAM 231.001Spring 2021Perry
DRAM 277.001Spring 2021Coble
DRAM 282.001Spring 2021Kable
DRAM 284.001Spring 2021Versenyi
DRAM 285.001Spring 2021Kable
DRAM 287.001Spring 2021Williams
DRAM 288.001Spring 2021Lawton
DRAM 292.001Spring 2021Kable
DRAM 300.001Spring 2021Bersley
DRAM 350.001Spring 2021Cornell
DRAM 87H.001Spring 2021Coble
ECON 570Spring 2021Hill
ECON 575Spring 2021Francis
ECON 590 002Spring 2021Gong/Maini
ECON 590 004Spring 2021Mcduff
ENGL 127.001Spring 2021Moskal
ENGL 230.001Spring 2021Barbour
ENGL 241.001Spring 2021Stern
ENGL 250.001Spring 2021Kim
ENGL 269Spring 2021Weed
ENGL 269Spring 2021Weed
ENGL 284.001Spring 2021Langbauer
ENGL 89.002Spring 2021Richards
EXSS 410Spring 2021Giuliani
EXSS 410Spring 2021Giuliani
EXSS 410Spring 2021Ryan
EXSS 430Spring 2021Weight
FOLK 202Spring 2021Sawin
FREN 260Spring 2021Bruhn
FREN 286Spring 2021Tanner
FREN 386Spring 2021Melehy
FREN 390Spring 2021Tanner
FREN 675Spring 2021Welch
GEOG 052Spring 2021Emch
GEOG 232Spring 2021Ndaliko
GEOG 428Spring 2021Martin
GEOG 435Spring 2021Havice
GEOG 457Spring 2021Valdivia
GEOG 480Spring 2021Ndaliko
GEOG 577Spring 2021Song
GERM 281Spring 2021Langston
GERM 367Spring 2021Pollmann
GREK 222Spring 2021Lye
HIST 177HSpring 2021Whalen
ITAL 340Spring 2021Gemboni
ITAL 343Spring 2021Chambless
ITAL 398Spring 2021Mackenzie
KOR/CMPL 232Spring 2021Kief
LATN 224Spring 2021Babcock
LING 302Spring 2021
LING 333Spring 2021
LING 395Spring 2021
LING 401Spring 2021
LING 428Spring 2021
LING 460Spring 2021
LING 523Spring 2021
LING 542Spring 2021
LING 563Spring 2021
MASC 443Spring 2021Gifford
MASC504Spring 2021Marchetti
MUSC 166Spring 2021Anderson
MUSC 239Spring 2021Weisert
MUSC 286Spring 2021Bohlman
MUSC 289Spring 2021Litwin
MUSC 307Spring 2021Anderson
MUSC 390HSpring 2021Litwin
MUSC 89Spring 2021MacNeil
MUSC 89Spring 2021Weisert
NSCI 222Spring 2021Jacobs
NSCI 222Spring 2021Thiele
NSCI 434Spring 2021Hopfinger
PHYS 481LSpring 2021Lopez
PLCY 210.001Spring 2021Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220.001Spring 2021Kreitzer
PLCY 231.001Spring 2021Krome-Lukens
PLCY 340H.001Spring 2021Meier
PLCY 349.001Spring 2021Rubalcaba
PLCY 360.001Spring 2021Goldsmith
PLCY 390.002Spring 2021Hanagan
PLCY 395H.01SSpring 2021Gitterman
PLCY 565.001Spring 2021Meier
PLCY 71H.001Spring 2021MacKay
PLCY 80.001Spring 2021Feldman
PLCY 89.001Spring 2021Moulton
POLI 130Spring 2021Anderson
POLI 130Spring 2021Blackington
POLI 381Spring 2021Ryan
POLI 422Spring 2021Clark
POLI 429Spring 2021Maxwell
POLI 432Spring 2021Searing
POLI 435Spring 2021Hartlyn
POLI 438Spring 2021Vachudova
POLI 447Spring 2021Maxwell
PORT 323Spring 2021Ferriera
PORT 388Spring 2021Taylor
PSYC 101Spring 2021Adeyanju
PSYC 245Spring 2021Wojda
PSYC 260Spring 2021Buzinski
PSYC 260HSpring 2021Buzinski
PSYC 330Spring 2021Chanon
PSYC 471Spring 2021Hussong
PSYC 500Spring 2021Youngstrom
PSYC 531Spring 2021Gonzalez
PSYC 54Spring 2021Cooper
PSYC 568Spring 2021Lindquist
PSYC 602Spring 2021Wiss
RELI 413Spring 2021Plese
RELI 421Spring 2021Styers
RELI 423Spring 2021Carter
RELI 438Spring 2021Beddard
RELI 443Spring 2021Jumper
RELI 454Spring 2021Boon
RELI 482Spring 2021Muneeruddin
RELI 512Spring 2021Magness
RELI 515Spring 2021Mendez
RELI 581Spring 2021Ziad
RELI 582Spring 2021Ernst
RELI 620Spring 2021Hammer
RELI 697Spring 2021Marienberg
ROML 63Spring 2021de Fays
ROML 89Spring 2021Morkin
SPAN 255HSpring 2021Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2021de Fays
SPAN 261Spring 2021Guerra Banda
SPAN 261Spring 2021Huesa Otegui
SPAN 261Spring 2021Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2021Nunez Rodriguez
SPAN 261Spring 2021Nunez Rodriguez
SPAN 261Spring 2021Sanchez Cabrera
SPAN 261Spring 2021Smith
SPAN 261Spring 2021Tolman
SPAN 301Spring 2021Brown
SPAN 301Spring 2021Gonzales Espitia
SPAN 301Spring 2021Perelmuter
SPAN 301Spring 2021Sueldo
SPAN 301HSpring 2021Carrasco
SPAN 340Spring 2021Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 344Spring 2021Brown
SPAN 344Spring 2021Del Valle Escalante
SPAN 351Spring 2021Cabrera Castro
SPAN 352Spring 2021Cabrera Castro
SPAN 371Spring 2021Hsu
SPAN 371Spring 2021Lindquist
SPAN 373Spring 2021Cadena Pardo
SPAN 373Spring 2021Perelmuter
WGST 233Spring 2021Vigil
AAAD 387Spring 2022Boyd
AAAD 460Spring 2022Monroe
AAAD 89Spring 2022Boyd
AMST 291Spring 2022Marr
AMST 352/ASIA 350Spring 2022Douglas
AMST 89Spring 2022Randolph
AMST/FOLK 375Spring 2022Alexander
ANTH 298Spring 2022Hilton
ANTH 326Spring 2022King
ANTH 390Spring 2022Rivkin-Fish
ANTH 676Spring 2022Sorensen
ANTH326Spring 2022King
APPL 101Spring 2022Goldberg
ARTH 247Spring 2022Valladares
ARTH 262Spring 2022Shea
ARTH 271Spring 2022Wu
ARTH 280Spring 2022Magee
ARTH 287Spring 2022Bowles
ARTH 297Spring 2022Rovine
ARTH 363Spring 2022Verkerk
ARTH 368Spring 2022String
ARTH 370Spring 2022Desplanque
ASIA 231Spring 2022Taj
BIOL 205HSpring 2022Goldstein
BIOL 214HSpring 2022Servedio
BIOL 224HSpring 2022Servedio
BIOL 402Spring 2022Duronio
BIOL 426HSpring 2022Church
BIOL 445Spring 2022Shemer
BIOL 447/LSpring 2022Maddox
Chin 150Spring 2022Hsiao
CLAS 051HSpring 2022Duncan
CMPL/GERM/WGST 271Spring 2022Pollmann
DRAM 120Spring 2022Lawton
DRAM 120Spring 2022Perry
DRAM 120Spring 2022Perry
DRAM 134Spring 2022Williams
DRAM 140Spring 2022James
DRAM 150Spring 2022Gibson
DRAM 220Spring 2022Kable
DRAM 231Spring 2022Perry
DRAM 277Spring 2022Coble
DRAM 282Spring 2022Kable
DRAM 284Spring 2022Versenyi
DRAM 287Spring 2022Williams
DRAM 288Spring 2022Lawton
DRAM 292Spring 2022Kable
DRAM 300Spring 2022Snowden
DRAM 350Spring 2022Cornell
DRAM 83Spring 2022Navalinsky
ECON 510Spring 2022Parreiras
ECON 510Spring 2022Parreiras
ECON 510Spring 2022Parreiras
ECON 510Spring 2022Parreiras
ECON 511HSpring 2022Parreiras
ECON 511HSpring 2022Parreiras
ECON 520Spring 2022Francis
ECON 520Spring 2022Francis
ECON 522Spring 2022Rabinovich
ECON 522Spring 2022Rabinovich
ECON 552Spring 2022Maini
ECON 552Spring 2022Maini
ECON 573Spring 2022Babii
ECON 573Spring 2022Babii
ECON 575Spring 2022Hansen
ECON 575Spring 2022Hansen
ECON 590Spring 2022Cowell
ECON 590Spring 2022Cowell
ENGL 241Spring 2022Stern
ENGL 265Spring 2022Crystall
ENGL 384Spring 2022White
EXSS 410Spring 2022Dewig
EXSS 410Spring 2022Dewig
EXSS 410Spring 2022Ryan
EXSS 430Spring 2022Weight
FREN 260Spring 2022
FREN 280Spring 2022Ellen Welch
FREN 382Spring 2022Jessica Tanner
FREN 390Spring 2022Hassan Melehy
FREN 515Spring 2022Jessica Tanner
FREN 586Spring 2022Hassan Melehy
GEOG 370Spring 2022Vina-Vizcaino
GEOG 437Spring 2022Gray
GEOG 491Spring 2022Vina-Vizcaino
GEOG 555Spring 2022Arce-Nazario
GEOG 577Spring 2022Song
GEOG 592Spring 2022Liang
GERM 396Spring 2022Trop
GERM 655Spring 2022Layne
GREK 222/351Spring 2022Baragwanath
GSLL 251Spring 2022Langston
ITAL 382Spring 2022Jennifer Mackenzie
ITAL 385Spring 2022Serenella Iovino
KOR 447/CMPL 547Spring 2022Jo
LING 200Spring 2022Moreton
LING 201Spring 2022Hsu
LING 202Spring 2022Moreton
LING 260Spring 2022Butler
LING 302Spring 2022Mora-Marín
LING 335Spring 2022Terry
LING 360Spring 2022Estigarribia
LING 376Spring 2022Ruiz-Garcia
LING 395Spring 2022Arnold
LING 395Spring 2022Mora-Marin
LING 444Spring 2022Roberge
LING 523Spring 2022Smith
LING 530Spring 2022Hsu
LING 547Spring 2022Terry
LING 558Spring 2022Mora-Marín
LING 567Spring 2022Roberge
LING 89Spring 2022Smith
MUSC 146Spring 2022Figueroa
NSCI 222Spring 2022Jacobs
NSCI 222Spring 2022Thiele
PHIL 411Spring 2022Reeve
PHIL 423Spring 2022Kohl
PHIL 450Spring 2022Roberts
PHIL 462Spring 2022Worsnip
PHIL/LING 455Spring 2022Pryor
PHYS 481LSpring 2022Gorman, (Lopez), Yates
PLCY 210Spring 2022Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220Spring 2022Kreitzer
PLCY 231Spring 2022Krome-Lukens
PLCY 340HSpring 2022Meier
PLCY 349Spring 2022Rubalcaba
PLCY 365Spring 2022Kreitzer
PLCY 565Spring 2022Meier
POLI 130Spring 2022Anderson
POLI 209Spring 2022Ehlinger
POLI 236Spring 2022Warncke
POLI 276Spring 2022Schmitt
POLI 421Spring 2022Baumgartner
POLI 438Spring 2022Vachudova
POLI 440Spring 2022Ballard-Rosa
POLI 453Spring 2022Ballard-Rosa
POLI 631Spring 2022Vachudova
POLI/PWAD 459HSpring 2022Jenkins
PORT 323Spring 2022Chloe Hill
PORT 375Spring 2022Paulo Rodriguez Ferriera
PORT 382Spring 2022Parker Bookie
PSYC 260Spring 2022Buzinski
PSYC 330Spring 2022Chanon
PSYC 500Spring 2022Youngstrom
PSYC 570Spring 2022Buzinski
PSYC 572Spring 2022Gray
PSYC 602Spring 2022Wiss
RELI 413Spring 2022Plese
RELI 420Spring 2022Cooper
RELI 423Spring 2022Carter
RELI 424Spring 2022O'Brien
RELI 441Spring 2022Surratt
RELI 486Spring 2022Hammer
RELI 502Spring 2022Lam
RELI 697Spring 2022Ochoa
ROML 71Spring 2022Carmen Hsu
ROML 89Spring 2022Dorothea Heitsch
RUSS 516Spring 2022Shvabrin
SOCI 101Spring 2022Caren
SOCI 122Spring 2022Rosa-Lebron
SOCI 419Spring 2022Kurzman
SPAN 261Spring 2022Abel Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2022Elizabeth Tolman
SPAN 261Spring 2022Gosia Lee
SPAN 261Spring 2022Hélène de Fays
SPAN 261Spring 2022Juan González Espitia
SPAN 261Spring 2022Pello Huesa
SPAN 261Spring 2022Raquel Maqueda Jimenez
SPAN 261Spring 2022Staff
SPAN 261Spring 2022Staff
SPAN 261Spring 2022Staff
SPAN 301Spring 2022Alicia Rivero
SPAN 301Spring 2022Raul Brown
SPAN 301Spring 2022Staff
SPAN 301HSpring 2022Cristina Carrasco
SPAN 301HSpring 2022Cristina Carrasco
SPAN 340Spring 2022Abel Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 344Spring 2022Emil Keme
SPAN 344Spring 2022Francisco Chen-López
SPAN 344Spring 2022Juan González Espitia
SPAN 351Spring 2022Tamara Cabrera Castro
SPAN 352Spring 2022Tamara Cabrera Castro
SPAN 371Spring 2022Carmen Hsu
SPAN 371Spring 2022Josefa Lindquist
SPAN 373Spring 2022Martin Sueldo
SPAN 375Spring 2022Lucia Binotti
SPAN 385Spring 2022Alicia Rivero
WGST 101Spring 2022Else-Quest
WGST 230Spring 2022Page
WGST 68Spring 2022Page
AMST 220Spring 2023Holland
AMST 235Spring 2023Cobb
AMST 65Spring 2023Randolph
ANTH415/415LSpring 2023Arbuckle
ANTH419Spring 2023West
APPL 101Spring 2023Klotsa
APPL 101Spring 2023Klotsa
ARTH 242Spring 2023Gates-Foster
ARTH 247Spring 2023Valladares
ARTH 287Spring 2023Bowles
ARTH 297Spring 2023Rovine
ARTH 302Spring 2023Williams
ARTH 330Spring 2023Sherman
ARTH 451Spring 2023Ziegler
ARTH 452Spring 2023Douglas
BIOL 202HSpring 2023Matson
BIOL 205HSpring 2023Goldstein
BIOL 445Spring 2023Shemer
BIOL 465Spring 2023Hurlbert
BMME698Spring 2023Donnelly
BMME698Spring 2023Hubbard
CHIN 150Spring 2023Hsiao
CLAS 133HSpring 2023Lye
CLAS 243Spring 2023Lye
CLAS 409Spring 2023Baragwanath
CLAS 67Spring 2023Rosenmeyer
DRAM 120Spring 2023Lawton
DRAM 120Spring 2023Lawton
DRAM 120Spring 2023Perry
DRAM 120Spring 2023Perry
DRAM 140Spring 2023James
DRAM 150Spring 2023Gibson
DRAM 151Spring 2023Kable
DRAM 156Spring 2023Bersley
DRAM 220Spring 2023Kable
DRAM 231Spring 2023Perry
DRAM 277Spring 2023Navalinsky
DRAM 284Spring 2023Versenyi
DRAM 292Spring 2023Kable
DRAM 300Spring 2023Snowden
DRAM 350Spring 2023Cornell
DRAM 83Spring 2023Navalinsky
DRAM 87Spring 2023Coble
ENEC 481Spring 2023Weber
ENEC 548Spring 2023Kittner
ENGL 71HSpring 2023Weed-Buzinski,Kym
EXSS 322Spring 2023LaBennett
EXSS 410Spring 2023Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Spring 2023Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Spring 2023Ryan
EXSS 430Spring 2023Patterson
EXSS 493Spring 2023Smith
EXSS 493Spring 2023Smith
FOLK 202Spring 2023Sawin
FOLK 77Spring 2023Hinson
FOLK/AMST 375Spring 2023Alexander
FOLK/AMST 487Spring 2023Lovejoy
FOLK/ANTH 424Spring 2023Berlinger
FOLK/JWST 481Spring 2023Berlinger
FREN186Spring 2023Tanner
FREN260Spring 2023Tanner
FREN288Spring 2023Serrato
FREN375Spring 2023Matharoo
FREN389Spring 2023Melehy
FREN390Spring 2023Matharoo
FREN490Spring 2023Welch
FREN563Spring 2023Melehy
GEOG 254Spring 2023Kirsch
GEOG 453/PWADSpring 2023Purifoy
GEOG 577Spring 2023Song
GERM 247Spring 2023Nester
GERM 282Spring 2023Langston
GREK 222Spring 2023Baragwanath
HIST 585Spring 2023Andrews
IDST 112-001Spring 2023Kotch
ITAL241Spring 2023Veneri
ITAL340Spring 2023TBA
KOR/CMPL 232Spring 2023Kief
LATN 335Spring 2023O'Hara
LING 145Spring 2023
LING 165Spring 2023
LING 200Spring 2023
LING 201Spring 2023
LING 202Spring 2023
LING 260Spring 2023
LING 303Spring 2023
LING 333Spring 2023
LING 360Spring 2023
LING 376Spring 2023
LING 460Spring 2023
LING 542Spring 2023
LING 547Spring 2023
LING 561Spring 2023
PHIL 411Spring 2023Reeve
PHIL 432Spring 2023Nelson
PHIL/LING 455Spring 2023Roberts
PHYS 481LSpring 2023Lopez
PLCY 051Spring 2023Sasser
PLCY 061HSpring 2023Gitterman
PLCY 210Spring 2023Summerlin-Long
PLCY 220Spring 2023Kreitzer
PLCY 340HSpring 2023Meier
PLCY 349Spring 2023Rubalcaba
PLCY 365Spring 2023Kreitzer
PLCY 395HSpring 2023Gitterman
PLCY 570Spring 2023Meier
POLI 100Spring 2023Case
POLI 100Spring 2023Hetherington
POLI 130Spring 2023Blackington
POLI 421Spring 2023Baumgartner
POLI 432Spring 2023Searing
POLI 438Spring 2023Vachudova
POLI 459Spring 2023Jenkins
POLI 490Spring 2023Sahn
POLI 630Spring 2023Hooghe
POLI 631Spring 2023Vachudova
PORT323Spring 2023Hill
PORT388Spring 2023Hauskrecht
PSYC 330Spring 2023Chanon
PSYC 570Spring 2023Buzinski
ROML63Spring 2023De Fays
ROML89Spring 2023Heitsch
SOCI 121Spring 2023Li
SOCI 124Spring 2023Weisshaar
SPAN255Spring 2023Alvarez
SPAN255Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023De Fays
SPAN261Spring 2023Huesa
SPAN261Spring 2023Lee
SPAN261Spring 2023Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN261Spring 2023Rivero
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN261Spring 2023TBA
SPAN267Spring 2023Pardo
SPAN301Spring 2023Brown
SPAN301Spring 2023McAlister
SPAN301Spring 2023Perelmuter
SPAN301Spring 2023Perelmuter
SPAN301HSpring 2023Carrasco
SPAN301HSpring 2023Carrasco
SPAN344Spring 2023Aviles
SPAN344Spring 2023Brookie
SPAN344Spring 2023Rivero
SPAN351Spring 2023Lane
SPAN352Spring 2023Lane
SPAN361Spring 2023Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN369Spring 2023Aaron
SPAN373Spring 2023Sueldo
SPAN381Spring 2023TBA
WGST 101Spring 2023Else-Quest
WGST 573Spring 2023Else-Quest
WGST 68Spring 2023Page
ASIA 288Spring 2024Tamura
BIOL 214HSpring 2024Servedio
BIOL 220HSpring 2024Bloom
BIOL 240HSpring 2024Goldstein & Maddox
BIOL 402Spring 2024Peifer
BIOL 445Spring 2024Shemer
BIOL 447Spring 2024Maddox & Prunet
BMME 698Spring 2024Hubbard & Donnelly
CHEM 262LSpring 2024Motley
CHEM 520LSpring 2024Leibfarth
CHEM 530LSpring 2024McNulty
CHEM 541LSpring 2024Tiani
CHEM 550LSpring 2024Nevins
CHIN 463Spring 2024Visser
CHIN 476Spring 2024Bergeton
COMM 063Spring 2024Megel
COMM 230Spring 2024Barstow
COMM 230Spring 2024Barstow
COMM 312Spring 2024Waltman
COMM 431Spring 2024Robinson
COMM 433Spring 2024Goodwin
COMM 450Spring 2024Taylor
COMM 490Spring 2024Craft
COMM 535Spring 2024Acosta
COMM 624Spring 2024Waltman
COMM 666Spring 2024Wang & Megel
COMP 380/380HSpring 2024Nicholas
COMP 590Spring 2024Eskandarian
COMP 590Spring 2024Szafir
COMP 635Spring 2024Kaur
COMP 683Spring 2024Stanley
ECON 510Spring 2024Parreiras
ECON 510Spring 2024Parreiras
ECON 520Spring 2024Hendricks
ECON 522Spring 2024Rabinovich
ECON 525Spring 2024Roark
ECON 571Spring 2024Verdier
ECON 573Spring 2024Babii
ECON 575Spring 2024Hansen
EDUC 472Spring 2024Reilly
EXSS 322Spring 2024Pratt
EXSS 410Spring 2024Ryan
EXSS 410Spring 2024Buoncristiani
EXSS 410Spring 2024Buoncristiani
EXSS 430Spring 2024Patterson
EXSS 493Spring 2024Patterson
EXSS 493Spring 2024McDonnell
FREN 186Spring 2024Tanner
FREN 260Spring 2024TBA
FREN 386Spring 2024Melehy
FREN 390Spring 2024Matharoo
FREN 489Spring 2024Tanner
FREN 675Spring 2024Welch
HIST 566Spring 2024Sweet
HIST 585Spring 2024Andrews
ITAL 343Spring 2024TBA
ITAL 359Spring 2024Fritz-Morkin
KOR 327Spring 2024Jo
MATH 563Spring 2024Saenz
MUSC 137Spring 2024Neal
MUSC 188Spring 2024Radtke
MUSC 232Spring 2024Harcus
MUSC 234Spring 2024Garcia
MUSC 269Spring 2024Andre
MUSC 269Spring 2024Feldman
MUSC 286Spring 2024Gatdula
MUSC 287Spring 2024MacNeil
MUSC 390HSpring 2024Litwin
MUSC 63Spring 2024MacNeil
MUSC 89Spring 2024Katz
NSCI 405Spring 2024Penton
NSCI 419Spring 2024Gaudier-Diaz
PHYS 481LSpring 2024Lopez
POLI 100HSpring 2024Roberts
POLI 208Spring 2024Brew
POLI 381Spring 2024Ryan
POLI 412Spring 2024Globetti
POLI 416Spring 2024Unah
POLI 432Spring 2024Searing
POLI 435Spring 2024Hartlyn
POLI 438Spring 2024Vachudova
POLI 469HSpring 2024Jenkins
POLI 490Spring 2024Jenkins
POLI 57Spring 2024Hartlyn
POLI 89Spring 2024Jenkins
PORT 323Spring 2024Hill
PSYC 490HSpring 2024Hussong
PSYC 535Spring 2024Parikh
ROML 71Spring 2024Hsu
ROML 89Spring 2024Iovino
ROML 89Spring 2024Matharoo
SOCI 101Spring 2024Holtkamp
SOCI 124Spring 2024Weisshaar
SOCI 124Spring 2024Weisshaar
SOCI 419Spring 2024Kurzman
SOCI 469Spring 2024Mitchell
SPAN 255Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 255Spring 2024Alonso
SPAN 261Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 261Spring 2024Fernandez-Fontecha
SPAN 261Spring 2024Tolman
SPAN 261Spring 2024De Fays
SPAN 261Spring 2024Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 261Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 261Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 261Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 261Spring 2024Huesa
SPAN 261Spring 2024Sueldo
SPAN 267Spring 2024Pardo
SPAN 301Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 301Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 301Spring 2024Perlemuter
SPAN 301Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 301HSpring 2024Carrasco
SPAN 301HSpring 2024Carrasco
SPAN 338Spring 2024Pardo
SPAN 340Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 340Spring 2024Alexander
SPAN 344Spring 2024Lee
SPAN 344Spring 2024Espitia
SPAN 344Spring 2024Pozo
SPAN 352Spring 2024Lane
SPAN 361Spring 2024Munoz-Hermoso
SPAN 371Spring 2024Lindquist
SPAN 373Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 373Spring 2024Sueldo
SPAN 397Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 398Spring 2024Cohn
WGST 101Spring 2024Shields
WGST 253Spring 2024Hinderliter
WGST 330Spring 2024Hinderliter
ANTH 125Summer 2018Wiener
ARTH 254Summer 2018Calvin
ARTH 282Summer 2018Smith
ARTH 551Summer 2018Williams
COMM 100Summer 2018Hammond
COMM 249Summer 2018Rudinsky
COMM 422Summer 2018Silva
COMM 450Summer 2018Davis
DRAM 120Summer 2018Perry
DRAM 245Summer 2018Patrick
DRAM 287Summer 2018Williams
DRAM 292Summer 2018Kable
DRAM 300Summer 2018Bersley
ENEC 264Summer 2018Bell
EXSS 322Summer 2018Jensen
LING 302Summer 2018Mora-marin
POLI 130Summer 2018Hoellerbauer
POLI 150Summer 2018Bapat
POLI 150Summer 2018Mosley
POLI 208Summer 2018Williams
POLI 209Summer 2018Sentementes
SPAN 265Summer 2018Good
SPAN 265Summer 2018Knorr
SPAN 265Summer 2018Torres
SPAN 344Summer 2018Sueldo
SPAN 351Summer 2018Castro
ARTH 151Summer 2019Snow
ARTS 213Summer 2019Nam
ARTS 313Summer 2019Nam
COMM 249Summer 2019Rudinski
COMM 422Summer 2019Silva
COMM 450Summer 2019Clancy
COMM 450Summer 2019Davis
DRAM 120Summer 2019Perry
DRAM 245Summer 2019Snowden
DRAM 287Summer 2019Williams
DRAM 287Summer 2019Williams
DRAM 300Summer 2019Bersley
ECON 570Summer 2019Lich
EXSS 322Summer 2019Jensen
LING 302Summer 2019
MUSC 145Summer 2019Oehler
PHIL 272Summer 2019Adam
SPAN 344Summer 2019Sueldo
ARTH151Summer 2020Muhammad
ARTH488Summer 2020Dickey
ARTS132Summer 2020Cox
BIOL 272Summer 2020
COMM 249.990Summer 2020Rudinsky
ECON 570Summer 2020Hill
LING 302Summer 2020
SPAN 344Summer 2020Lee
SPAN 344Summer 2020Sueldo
WGST 101Summer 2020Shields
PLCY 371.01MSummer 2020 MaymesterJohnson
DRAM 120.990Summer 2020 Session IPerry
DRAM 245.001Summer 2020 Session ISnowden
DRAM 260.001Summer 2020 Session INavalinsky
DRAM 287.001Summer 2020 Session IWilliams
DRAM 300.001Summer 2020 Session IBersley
EXSS 430Summer 2020 Session IWeight
PLCY 220.001Summer 2020 Session ILangford
PLCY 220.002Summer 2020 Session IKane
DRAM 287.001Summer 2020 Session IIWilliams
DRAM 292.001Summer 2020 Session IIKable
EXSS 322Summer 2020 Session IIJensen
PLCY 210.001Summer 2020 Session IISummerlin-Long
BIOL 272Summer 2021Weakley
BIOL 425Summer 2021Skeleski
BIOL 464Summer 2021Evans
DRAM 287Summer 2021Williams
DRAM 292Summer 2021Kable
POLI 100Summer 2021Treul Roberts
POLI 100Summer 2021Treul Roberts
RELI 140Summer 2021Bayne
RELI 180Summer 2021Sheikholharam
SOCI 427Summer 2021Davenport
SPAN 344Summer 2021Alicia Rivero
SPAN 344Summer 2021Gosia Lee
SPAN 344Summer 2021Raul Brown
WGST 101Summer 2021Shields
ECON 570Summer 2021 Session IHill
ECON 570Summer 2021 Session IHill
Poli 100Summer 2021 Session IRoberts Treul
EXSS 322Summer 2021 Session IIJensen
EXSS 430Summer 2021 Session IIWeight
Poli 100Summer 2021 Session IICase
POLI 209Summer 2021 Session IIEhlinger
Poli 209Summer 2021 Session IIEhlinger
ASIA 228Summer 2022Taj
BIOL 272Summer 2022Weakley
BIOL 425Summer 2022Skeleski
BIOL 448Summer 2022Maddox
DRAM 260Summer 2022Navalinsky
DRAM 294Summer 2022Versenyi
DRAM 300Summer 2022Bersley
EXSS 493Summer 2022McDonnell
EXSS 493Summer 2022Popp
EXSS 493Summer 2022Smith
WGST 101Summer 2022Bloesch
EXSS 322Summer 2022 Session IIJensen
ASIA 228Summer 2023Taj
BIOL 272Summer 2023Weakley
CHEM 262LSummer 2023Zurcher
COMM 422Summer 2023Silva
COMM 450Summer 2023Le-Sweatman
EXSS 322Summer 2023Jensen
EXSS 493Summer 2023Smith
EXSS 493Summer 2023McDonnell
EXSS 493Summer 2023Patterson
MUSC 188Summer 2023Winter
MUSC 286Summer 2023Camp
POLI 100Summer 2023Treul
POLI 100Summer 2023Treul
POLI 208Summer 2023Brew
POLI 252HSummer 2023Jenkins
POLI 459HSummer 2023Jenkins