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Fall 2023 MakerFest and Other Great BeAM Opportunities


Fall 2023 MakerFest (Tuesday, December 5th – 4:30pm to 6pm): 

UNC Makers and supporters are invited to participate in Carolina’s Fall 2023 BeAM MakerFest! Show off your creations from class or personal projects, or share your ideas and prototypes from research or entrepreneurial efforts. There will be prizes, maker competitions, mini-events, hands-on maker challenges, as well as refreshments. No matter your experience level or reason for making, or even if you just want to support makers and check it out, everyone is welcome.

Sign up to attend or exhibit here:

UNC Staff and Faculty Trainings (Monday, December 11th – multiple sessions throughout the day):

BeAM will host a training day for UNC staff and faculty on Monday, December 11th in the Murray makerspace. Those interested are encouraged to sign up in advance, but walk-ins are also welcome. This is a great time to knock out 2-3 trainings, which you must complete in Canvas prior to arrival in Murray for in-person sessions/practice projects. Get started with the online portion of BeAM 101 so you’ll be ready on 12/11. In addition to in-person training sessions, we will have a few extra staff in the space to assist with practice projects for completion of other tool trainings (e.g. 3D printer, laser cutter, desktop embroidery, etc.)

Register for trainings in Murray Hall:

Register for trainings in Carmichael Hall:


Makerspace Meet and Eat: BeAM Faculty Luncheon (Wednesday, December 13th – 12pm to 2pm)

Faculty and course instructors, do you need a break from exam week? Join us for the BeAM Faculty Luncheon, an informal gathering with good food, maker activities, and great conversation. This workshop takes place inside the makerspace on the 1st floor of Murray Hall. For more detailed instructions, check out the BeAM locations page here:

Register Here:

Teaching and Learning in Makerspaces (Thursday, December 14th – multiple sessions from 4:15pm to 7pm):

Makerspaces are creative learning environments where you can use different tools to design and make projects. This semester, the BeAM Makerspace Network at UNC-Chapel Hill has teamed up with the NSCI 424: Hands-On Neuroscience course to explore the use of makerspace technology to create tools for teaching and learning. Join us for this exciting event, which features two main activities to choose from:

  • A gallery walk Poster Session where you can chat with NSCI 424 students about their final projects, view posters describing their design-and-making process, and learn about how their work is being used in the field
  • A small-group Workshop with BeAM staff to brainstorm designing and making hands-on activities that can be used at community outreach events (e.g. Morehead Planetarium’s Science Expo, etc.)

Register for either event, or both events back-to-back: