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Disease Ecology Research Field/Lab Technician

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Assist with research on plant disease ecology in field and lab settings. The research technician will work on a grant-funded project examining the role of the plant microbiome in pathogen transmission. Specific duties include extensive vegetation surveys of foliar fungal pathogens, management of data collected from surveys, collection of plant and fungal samples from the field, culturing and archiving of fungal pathogens from infected plant material, working on greenhouse inoculation protocols, potentially extracting DNA from cultured fungal samples, and occasionally assisting other lab members with additional projects. The research technician should be able to 1) work independently under minimal supervision and with other team members, 2) work accurately and efficiently, and 3) maintain exceptional communication skills with the research team over the course of daily activities.

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Faculty Advisor
Charles Mitchell
Research Supervisor
Isabelle Stiver
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