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Research Assistant: Impact of Black Lives Matter on Policing Reforms

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We are seeking a paid research assistant for work on the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on policing reforms. This Russel Sage Foundation-funded project aims to explore the ways police policies have changed in response to the BLM movement and how protest and activism shaped these policy responses.

RAs will develop skills in collecting data from newspapers and knowledge of contemporary protest movements. The project will also provide an opportunity to work on the early phases of a collaborative social science research.

RAs will search for media accounts of protests related to police brutality and collect data on crucial event attributes. The data will be aggregated into a publicly available dataset on protest events.

The position pays $15 an hour with an expectation that you will work five to ten hours a week. The work is remote this summer.

Interested students should submit a brief email detailing interest, potentially related coursework, and relevant qualifications, along with a resume.

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Neal Caren
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Neal Caren
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